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My First Sex Party

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A description of my first male sex party/ orgy


In my last post I described how I had finally sucked a cock to completion and swallowed the creamy man cum.. It makes me hard just thinking of it..Well I continued to see men at random in the park etc and with the Internet I branched out..Finally when I was 40 I moved to San Jose and lived alone. Now I could really surf the net though it was not as today.I found some interesting bi male and more groups on yahoo.
I met a few guys from there and I found a guy that hosted parties..I read of one he was hosting some Saturday at a place near me and with no charge at all..It started at 11 but I was not able to get there until a bit after 12. As I walked in the house five or six guys were sitting in a room and one exclaimed that the first wave was over!! There were like three or four other men standing around with clothes on..I figured it was time to take matters into my own hand. I approached a guy said hello and proceeded to undo his zipper as I did mine..He was of same mind as me and he did not object as I then began to jerk his splendid cock!! I was jerking mine at the same time..I noticed a few others got the same idea...

We all moved into the next room and now everyone was taking off there clothes and I was probably one of the most eager to do so. Knowing everyone was of same mind sure does get me excited..I looked at the guy who I had jerked on and lay next to him on the large bed..I reached for his cock and then lowered myself to it and in fact reversed my body so we were now in a 69. I was enjoying his sucking of my cock as I sucked his..Nothing better than this... I let him take a break from my cock after a few minutes and I went to work on his cock..I love to tongue the head of a cock as I jerk it and then if I can I take it all in my mouth as I did. I will jerk as I suck and for most this gets it flowing..I tasted some of his precum and I could hear he was turned on..I then redoubled my efforts as I wanted that blast of cum in my hungry mouth. What can I say I love when a man shoots his load in my mouth or on my face. Well after a few more sucks I felt his balls tighten and he shot his load..some of it I did not swallow as I let it dribble on my chin. I wanted the others to see that I had just taken a load!!

I looked over and there were two Chinese guys..One I learned later was mixed race and he was gorgeous with a nice sized cock..They motioned to me and the one I just mentioned aimed his cock at my mouth and I sucked it..He then brought his buddy over and said suck his cock too..I managed for a bit to have both cocks in my mouth at once..One was bigger than the other but they fit soo nice..Well after a bit I had to concentrate on one and I chose my new friend with his gorgeous cock..I actually stopped sucking and rose up to him and we exchanged a hot kiss..I do enjoy kissing men as in some ways it seems nastier than even jerking or sucking cock. He was clean shaven and younger and it felt good. He might have even tasted my last partners cum!!

In any event I returned to his cock and began to suck it slowly..It was uncut and had a bit of skin and a beautiful head..I used the skin to help me jerk it as I tongued and sucked on the head. His friend was to the side jacking as I sucked. I kept on his cock and again jacked it and sucked and tongued until I could see he was really excited..His friend saw this and he began to really jerk his cock and in fact aimed it at my cheek!! Again the balls tightened after a bit of precum and he then shot his load..I took most in my mouth and some on my lips..His friend apparently was too far gone to get his cock in my greedy mouth (greedy for cum that is..) and he shot his load on my right cheek!! At this point I rose up again and snowballed my new friend who seemed to enjoy tasting his load..I find that some gay guys do enjoy this though most bi do not..As I discovered later he was gay and in fact we were to meet a few times later..

At this point I had gotten three loads and my own cock was ready to shoot a large load..I was standing up and some guy about my age or so was sitting and I could see he wanted to suck. He first jerked my cock then he proceeded to vacuum it into his mouth..I can get verbal and now that my mouth was no longer filled with cock I told him to suck it cock sucker which I could see excited him..He was an expert at sucking cock and I felt that wonderful feeling..Plus I was looking around and there were another four guys who had paired up sucking and being sucked..I did not see anyone have anal sex(not at this party but that story will cum) but the sight of men on men enjoying each other as only men can and cocks going in and out of mouths and cum flying was too much for me to bear and I cried out i am cumming and the greedy cock sucker took it all..Hmmm as I write this my cock is so hard and I might just jack it off!!!

I was done and got dressed but I exchanged phone number etc with my hot new asian friend who expressed the desire to fuck me someday...



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