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Caught During a House Viewing (Twice).

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I lived in a rented property and near the end of the lease, the estate agent would bring potential new tenants around to view the flat. Normally, they would notify us but this time they didn't.


I love masturbating, simple as. I do it at least once a day and I usually like to 'treat' myself. So normally I get fully naked, porn on, tissues at hand etc but sometimes I like to raise the stakes like leave my room door open or turn the porn up a tad too laud do maybe others can hear. Despite the 'risks' I take, I normally do it so that the risk is minimal but still there.

On this particular day I decided to follow a ritual I normally follow. I put some Lesbian porn on the computer full screen and with the volume at 70%. Very loud in my room and you would have a fair idea what I was watching from anywhere in the flat. I also got naked and lay down on the floor facing my open room door. I also decided to use my fleshlight as well.

Why take the 'risk'? My flat mates work full time and I only work part time so I would often find myself in the flat alone for hours with a guarantee that no one would interrupt. I started my laying down and stroking myself with my hand to get things started. Once hard and throbbing a little, I applied lubricant in preparation of the fleshlight. I like to use too much lub so it creates a nice smacking sound as I use the fleshlight. Once lubed up, I opened the fleshlight and slipped it over my cock. I started lowly at first, enjoying the sensations of the ribs moving over my now tender and sensitive head. At this point I closed my eyes and continued pumping, listening intently to the smacking sound.

I like to enjoy myself for as long as possible when I get these situations and I like to stroke slowly, edge and generally drag the whole experience out. I was 15 minutes into this session when all of a sudden I heard a female voice go "Oh my god, what are you doing?" along with a few gasps and giggles.

Turns out that in my enjoyment of the sensations I was feeling, I failed to hear the estate agent come into the flat, come down the corridor to where my room was and the due to the nature of the layout of my room, they were in my room by the time they saw me. Worst of all, the tenants she was showing around were 18 year old girls looking for a flat to rent when they started University next semester. To top it ll off, two of the tenants had brought their mothers.

I had failed to hear the footfalls of 6 women and now they were all staring at me, a 24 year old male, naked on the floor, fleshlight over his penis and very graphic lesbian porn playing in the background. Safe to say I was surprised and as soon as I heard the first words come out of the estate agents mouth I leaped up, threw the fleshlight to one side and in my panic and shock, I began having my orgasm and ejaculating. It was a powerful one, one of the best ever and I don't think I have ever shot a bigger load but due to the fact that I was jumping up, looking around for something to cover myself whilst stammering apologies and excuses a stream of cum flew off my penis and landed on the bare sandaled foot of an 18 year old potential tenant.

They weren't happy and a few started shouting protests over what they were seeing and the two mothers were particularly offended. I stopped trying to hide and standing there, erect and dripping cum onto the carpet I simply asked the 6 women to leave whilst I cleaned up and I would come out to them after.

By the time I had cleaned up and dressed, the three potential tenants and their mothers had left saving me having to face them again but that did leave the female estate agent (rather attractive one might I add). She stayed behind to have a 'talk' with me. She started talking about how inappropriate it was etc but I stopped her in her tracks. Being a renting tenant for the past 6 years, I knew my rights and told her that whilst I apologise for her and the others seeing what they did, I am not sorry for doing it. I pay for the use of the property and they are legally bound to notify me 24 hours prior to a visit and they hadn't. She then started apologising and left.

Due to the nature of the events and the pace at which it happened, it was only when I was on my own again that I realised what had happened. Six women had just seen me ejaculate whilst using a sex toy and watching porn. At first I was embarrassed and worried about it getting around but the more I thought about it the hornier I got.

So, 20 minutes after, I found myself naked, lubed up and holding my fleshlight. Where? On my room floor with the door closed and porn on silent? No. I was in the living room with the porn on my laptop. I guessed that it was a few hours until my flat mates came home so why not. And then the most unfortunate thing happened. The living room door opened and it was the same estate agent again. She was on her own this time and immediately said something along the lines of "Are you fucking kidding me?" I didn't care at this point and continued to pump my cock with the fleshlight and simply asked her "What do you want now, can't you see I'm busy?" She was shocked that I reacted this way and you could see her face getting red. She stammered that she had forgotten a notepad or something which was on the table on the other side of the seat I was masturbating on. I think she expected me to stop, cover up and maybe hand her the notepad but I just said, "Well? Go get it." She did and left but not before I ejaculated into the fleshlight. It was intense.

That was the first and only time I have been caught and I have done some risky things over the years, some of which I will be sharing here. However, writing this has taken longer than expected as I have stopped every few words to stroke my now throbbing penis. Reliving this in detail has brought it all back. Time to go finish off.



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