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my friend and I

Posted by: Age: 16 at the time Posted on: 2 comments
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We still jerk off together every now and then but we used to a lot more. Here's one memorable time.


When I was 16 one of my best friends and I lived near each other and slept over at each others houses all the time. We both lived near our high school so we could just crash whenever even if it was a school night. We had jerked next to each other in the dark before just watching porn and stuff. 

But one specific time I remember I was over at his house one evening and he had just gotten out of the shower. We were not shy about being naked around each other for some reason. I was in his room in just my basketball shorts playing xbox or something and he came in naked and put on shorts and a t shirt. We started playing some game and just talking and I was telling him about my gf at the time and how recently after school one day me and her had driven to a near by park to hang out and she given me head in the car in the parking lot. 

My friend had never gotten a bj before so I was just telling him how good it feels. At some point I don't remember why but he was making a joke of waving around his boner through his loose basketball shorts. So from the desk in his room I grabbed this 'claw grabber' desk toy thing he had and jokingly grabbed and stroked his boner from a few feet away, just through his shorts. Somehow this led to him saying something about how he had never had his dick touched because he hadn't ever actually gotten a handjob from his gf. They had just made out and felt each other up and so he had never really gotten his dick touched by anyone but himself.

A little later we were just jerking it to some porn in his room and I had hand lotion next to me that we were using as lube. He was like "let me get some of that lotion" so I put some in my hand and reached over and rubbed it all over his dick. He was surprised but since he had never had an hj before he didn't stop me and I just started jerking him off. We repositioned so that we could jerk each other off while watching porn. 

I felt him stop jerking me and his hand was just still on my dick and he was like "oh shit, im gonna cum" so I finished him off and he blew all over his stomach. I was hard AF and super close to cumming so just I wiped his cum off my hand and finished myself off. Then we just threw our basketball shorts back on and played xbox until we went to sleep. I think it was cool how we didn't really make a big deal of it, and I think it was good for our friendship. I'm almost 19 now and later I'll probably post the story of how me and him had a threesome with my current gf. Stay tuned (:



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