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Caught by Brother and His Friend

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My first time seeing a guy naked was one of the most embarrassing (and stimulating) moments in my life.


When I was 15, I had a huge crush on my brother's best friend. They were both 16, ran track, and had great muscular (but not TOO muscular) bodies. Andrew (the friend) was much taller than Ryan (my brother). He loved to play basketball, and would often hang around our house shirtless when their friends were playing basketball.

Seeing him topless and sweaty always got my panties soaked. I'd barely be able to speak around him and would always rush to my room as soon as he left to finger myself.

What was even better was that we were Facebook friends, so I would spend evenings lying on my bed, diddling myself to his hottest pics.

After school, I would usually meet up with Ryan to take some of his stuff home on the bus with me, as he would stick around for track practice and didn't want to leave his bags where they could be stolen. One day, just as I was picking up his stuff and about to leave, I overheard two girls talking with Andrew. 'Hey Andrew, I put those pics of us on the beach on Facebook!'

My eyes widened. Sexy new shirtless pics! I could feel my pussy dampen right then and there. The whole bus ride home I was anxious to get onto Facebook and pleasure myself to those new pictures. I squeezed my legs together to avoid anyone seeing my arousal (I was wearing a skirt) and dashed home as soon as I stepped off.

I rushed right into my room and opened up my laptop. Within seconds, my panties were around my ankles and I had two fingers inside my sopping wet snatch. The new pics were so hot! His damp chest glistened in most of the shots. There were even a few where he appeared to have a bit of a tent in his trunks, probably from the girls in bikinis all around him.

My parents were both at work, and Ryan wouldn't be done at practice for another hour and a half, so I didn't even attempt to keep quiet. I was moaning like crazy as my fingers explored my dripping vagina. My skirt was scrunched up as high as possible to avoid staining it with my juices.

I was going slowly. I had all the time in the world, so I didn't want to cum too quickly. I hadn't even so much as brushed my fingers against my clit yet, when I suddenly heard a cough.

I freaked out. I grabbed my skirt and tugged it over my exposed crotch as I flipped into a sitting position. Now facing out into the hallway, I was horrified to see Ryan and Andrew standing just outside my bedroom. 'Crap!' I thought. 'Practice must have been canceled!'

Ryan was grinning, almost satanically. Andrew was bright red and looked as shocked as I was. Both had tents in their gym shorts. Andrew's was bigger.

I stammered as I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation for my actions. Ryan was beginning to laugh. 'Aww, Sam, why'd you stop?'

Not wanting to talk to him right now, I got up to close the door. As if the situation wasn't bad enough, I immediately tripped, having forgotten about my panties around my ankles. I was on the verge of crying as I struggled to get back on my feet. 'Go away!!!'

I could see that Andrew was really flustered. His eyes were focused on me, but I could tell it was more out of instinct than glee as my brother's gaze was. My eyes moved down to the bulge in his crotch, which seemed to be growing by the second.

Finally, Andrew spoke up. 'Dude, we should leave her alone. She obviously doesn't like us watching.'

Ryan started laughing again. 'Nah. I bet she imagines you watching her every single day. Look.' He pointed at my bed. Horrified, I turned to find that my laptop was still on one of Andrew's pics. The one where he seemed to have the biggest bulge. Though it wasn't anywhere near the size of his current tent.

My eyes were watering as I finally got back on my feet. My panties had slipped off my legs during the fall, and despite my anger and embarrassment, I was even hornier than before. I could feel my juices running down my legs from under my skirt.

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. 'Get the fuck out!!!'

Andrew started to turn away, but Ryan grabbed him by the arm. 'Come on now. If we leave, you'll never get a good look at this.' At first, both Andrew and I were bewildered by his comment. But then, my brother reached down and grabbed the bulge in his friend's shorts. Andrew gasped at the sudden action, his face turning an even darker shade of red.

'Dude! Not in front of her!' Andrew grabbed my brother's hand and tried to force it away, but Ryan held on tight. Without taking his eyes away from me, he began to jack his friend's dick through his shorts. Andrew couldn't help but groan a bit as his dick was stroked.

I was speechless. I had never seen a guy touch himself in person before, let alone one guy touch another. My hand instinctively moved back to my crotch and pressed my skirt against my vagina, staining it with arousal.

Ryan was clearly pleased by my reaction. 'Tell you what, if you keep going and let us watch you cum, you can watch Andrew blow his load.'

At that point, Andrew casually punched him in the shoulder. 'Shut up dude! If I'm doing this, then you have to do it too!'

I'm quite my jaw was hanging open at this point, and my vagina was probably a waterfall.

Andrew stammered. 'That is, if Sam wants to do it!'

By now, I figured there was no point in arguing. My legs were streaked with my arousal and they had already seen me fingering myself with my butt up in the air for a good five minutes. Defeated, I sat back on my bed and scrunched my skirt back up, again exposing my pussy.

'I'm not starting until you take your shorts off.'

Andrew had begun to slip his shorts off when Ryan stopped him again. 'No way. We're not doing anything until you strip naked.'

I put my arms over by chest and grimaced. 'That's no fair! You never said anything about that!'

Ryan laughed again and stroked his cock a bit. 'I said you could watch him cum. I didn't say he'd be taking his clothes off. Now either you show us your tits, or all you get to see is a stain form in his shorts.'

I stammered for a bit, trying to come up with an argument. Unfortunately, he had gotten me. Pouting, I unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall off my feet. I quickly pulled my t-shirt over my head, leaving myself in nothing but a pink bra. Reluctantly, I reached back to undo the clasp. Just before letting it fall, I childishly stuck my tongue out at my dick of a brother. My bra dropped to the floor, and the two boys took a good long look at my smallish B-cups.

Ryan continued to smile as Andrew's shocked expression once again overtook his face.

Feeling a bit more daring now that I had nothing to hide, I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving them an uninhibited look at my bare pussy.

Ryan laughed again at my shamelessness. 'Wow, I didn't think you'd actually do it!' As he expressed his amazement, he lifted his t-shirt over his head, exposing his admittedly sexy chest. Andrew followed his example, peeling away his own sweaty tee, followed by both of them stepping out of their loose gym shorts.

Now they were standing in nothing but their socks and plaid boxers. My brother was quick to drag his red and block pair to the floor, giving me my first look at his six-and-a-half-inch boner. The swollen mushroom cap was already glistening with precum, and he jacked it a bit as he nudged his boxer-clad friend with his elbow. 'Come on man. You agreed too!'

Andrew swallowed hard, then closed his eyes and dragged his blue and green plaids all the way down. As the waistband reached his head, his massive seven-and-a-half-incher sprang upwards and then bobbed up and down until he gripped it with his left hand. The tip was swollen and deep purple. Even better, the entire shaft was coated in precum.

Clearly as embarrassed as I was, Andrew began fapping as quickly as possible. 'Let's just get this over with.' Ryan shrugged and started to pump his own shaft.

I was amazed at how different their cocks looked. Ryan's was shorter but much thicker. The head was pinkish and stuck out from the shaft like the top of a mushroom. The whole thing curved upward. Andrew's was long and a little thinner. The head was purple and swollen, but looked about the same thickness as the rest of his cock. It stuck out almost perfectly perpendicular to his body. Both had pubes, but my brother had a much fuller bush.

'Hey, touch yourself already!' My brother's complaint snapped me back to reality, and I dug my fingers back into my snatch. Despite doing the exact same motions as earlier with my laptop, masturbating somehow felt ten times better while watching two guys stroke their members.

Seeing how horny Andrew looked, I decided to put on a show. With my free hand, I began to pinch one of my nipples, making my small tit bounce a bit. Two of my fingers already deep inside, I rubbed my middle finger against the tip of my clit, eliciting a deep moan. This clearly had an effect on Andrew, as he began pumping even faster.

Ryan was going at a much slower pace, clearly savoring the experience. 'Jeeze, slow down man! You never rush like this in the locker room!'

I couldn't believe my ears. The two of them had jacked off together before? And in school?! With this new image in my head, I couldn't hold back any longer. I put all of my strength into rubbing my clit until I reached the point of no return. I threw my head back as my entire body shook with pleasure. My whole hand was coated in juice, and I knew there must have been a puddle on the edge of my bed.

Seeing me orgasm must have been too much for Andrew, as he lost control only a couple of seconds later. He let out a deep groan as his cock began pulsating. Four thick ropes of cum fired out of his swollen head, two landing on my bedsheets, one on the floor, and the fourth flying the furthest, leaving a streak of hot jizz on my thigh.

Ryan sighed as he continued pumping at his steady pace. 'You two are hopeless.'

As I recovered from my orgasm, I traced my finger through Andrew's mess. Though I was a little hesitant, I brought it to my lips and licked it all off. 'Eww, salty!'

Ryan laughed at my comment as Andrew blushed again, his spent member already beginning to stiffen again.

I giggled a bit and that seemed to calm Andrew down. 'Wanna get some snacks?' I rose to my feet and walked up to my naked crush. 'We can do this again later.' Not really giving him a chance to answer, I gave his sticky cock a quick stroke and then dragged him by the arm down the hallway. 'And then maybe you can tell me what Ryan meant by 'in the locker room?'

Ryan ended up finishing himself off using my computer and pics of the bikini-clad girl who took those pictures. Since then, the three of us have masturbated together after school after day they don't have practice.

I've also learned everything about the locker room. But I'll let my brother tell that one someday.



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