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Careful What You Wish For

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Carrying on with Chrissie and Marcel with Amanda.


Chrissie took advantage of Marcel and Amanda’s absence to rifle thru her knicker drawer. There were the French cut panties Marcel had worn and had now found their way into his girlfriend’s collection. ‘I wonder how she had used and abused them.. ‘Chrissie mused and toyed with the notion of wearing them again, bringing back memories of Marcel’s stiffening cock as he forced his way inside his willing arsehole. The way he had spunked uncontrollably into them, staining the ivory silk wet with come which Amanda must have found later. Instead he selected a black satin pair, open behind in an ‘O’ and strapped by a narrow bank of silk. Pulling them up over his hips and snug over his pert bottom, Chrissie sported an immediate erection, the silk tight across his swollen balls. Oh how he would have loved Marcel to empty his load over his panty covered balls right now.. he couldn’t resist caressing his straining cock thru the silky material. Before he knew it he was on the edge of coming, not caring if he stained Amanda’s black panties, when he heard her and Marcel coming through the door of their flat. Torn between wish fulfillment and embarrassment, there was no time to disguise what he was doing other than to grab Amanda’s silk robe and slip it on over her panties. He tried to go to the bathroom ahead but Amanda, with Marcel behind confronted him at the entrance to their bedroom.

“What the fuck are you doing in my robe! Get it off. Now.”

Chrissie was left with no option but to let it drop to the floor leaving him standing there in Amanda’s black panties, his erection now wilting under his shame.

“Those are my fucking favorite panties. Get them off.”

Chrissie turned round in embarrassment, revealing his pert bottom strapped by her cut out panties.

“Stop right there. Actually you look kinda cute haha..wanna get fucked in them Nancy boy?”

With that Amanda pushed the smirking Marcel in his direction.

“Bend over the bed” she commanded.

Chrissie dare not disobey, he knew what was coming next as shaking now he spread himself over the edge of the bed and non too reluctantly parted his thighs, revealing the black satin crotch of her panties passing between his buttocks and over the bulge of his balls.

“Now fuck the arse off him Marcel, if that’s what he wants so much, let him have it..”

Amanda’s breath was heaving now with pent up anger and arousal, her breasts rising and falling under her tight blouse.

Marcel did as he was told and opened his flies pulling out his already erect cock. Pushing Chrissie down into the mattress with one hand, he pulled aside his girlfriends panties with the other, slipping down to cup Chrissie’s satin covered balls, and spat on his own cock. He didn’t spare him but forced a deep groan out of Chrissie as he put him to shame, the shiny purple head of his cock forced into his arse.

Amanda stood gloating at the sight of Chrissie’s humiliation. Her fingers reached up under her skirt to frig herself. Soon it was bunched up around her waist, her fingers jammed down her panty house and under her thong. Marcel was going at it hammer and tongs, his boxers round his ankles and evening out shirt flapping. She couldn’t resist reaching under her boyfriend’s thrusting cock to join his hand rubbing Christie’s tight balls, in HER panties. Strangely it felt like she was touching another woman. Chrissie was groaning in the excitement of his mounting orgasm as Marcel thrust deeper into his empty hole. 

“Don’t you dare make a mess of my knickers Panty Boy” she mocked, giving his aching balls a firmer squeeze, tracing her fingernail back over where his cunt hole should be and finding the sweet spot. That did it for Chrissie, “oh fucking shit” he murmured, and with that ejaculated into the forbidden panties. His arsehole spasmed around Marcel’s cock, but Marcel held back. He had better places to dump his load. Pulling out and leaving Chrissie wetting the rumpled up duvet through Amanda’s now ruined panties, he flipped his frigging girlfriend over the bed next to him and ripping a hole in her pantyhose in just the right place ignored her sopping wet cunt and shoved his cock straight up her arse. Amanda’s expression changed from triumphant to humiliated as she knew what was coming next, and all this in front of her boyfriends best mate.



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