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Sexy Girl

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A dream girl for me.


She was so fucking sexy, I swear!. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to fuck her and eat her pussy. I wanted to pleasure her so bad. Her name was Pascale and she was my classmate. We were close friends in High School and I talked to her a lot. Little did she know that every night I would imagine myself penetrating her pussy and giving her an orgasm. I was pretty sure she was a virgin so I imagined myself giving her, her first sexual encounter, thus breaking her hymen.

She was a Caucasian girl who was tallish for a girl. She was roughly 5 feet 9, which was just shorter than me. She was lean and muscular whilst having decent sized boob. She had a killer body, which made me want to fuck her all the more. Her face was unbelievably beautiful as well. Her smile was dazzling and whenever she smiled, I couldn't help but blush. She had wonderful brown hair that accentuated her face perfectly, making her look divine. Although she was still a virgin, she was still into boys and I had my speculations about her being an avid masturbation fan like myself. She sometimes had a flushed face much like the ones girl who had just sex in movies had. I had visions and fantasies about her pumping a vibrator in and out of her throbbing clit and pussy. I had hoped that if she did masturbate, that she did so while thinking about me.

One day, I saw her in school and she was wearing the sexiest little outfit ever. She was wearing short tights that barely went past her thighs with a short blue skirt that was even shorter. She wore a pink top that exposed a bit of her sexy rock hard flat stomach. Once I saw her, I instantly had a boner. My stomach began to feel funny as I became so horny. I decided to go to the male toilet to relieve myself of this sexual desire. I entered an empty cubicle and I pulled my pants down to unleash a beast of a boner. My penis throbbed with anticipation as my hand inched closer to it. I started rubbing my penis and thoughts of her sexiness flew into my head. I imagined her doing a sexy as striptease for me, slowly dancing to erotic music as I masturbated. In my fantasy, she was slowly stripping, gradually taking her clothes of, piece by piece. As I imagined her taking her bra and panties off, I came really hard and my cum squirted out like a bullet. It went so far that it reached the door which was cubicle door that was a meter away.

I quickly cleaned up the mess and went off to class. When the bell for the last period rang, I walked outside to be greeted by her. She gave me one of her dazzling smiles, and my heart melted. I was smitten by her. Her deep blue eyes mesmerized me and I fell into a sort of trance. I was only awaken from this when she waved her hands in front of my face. She then said to me "Go on skype tonight ok, I have a surprise for you." I went home and took a shower then I logged on to skype. She instantly messaged me and video call requested. I accepted the video call invitation and a pop-up window of her camera burst into view. A welcome sight of her sitting at her desk greeted me and all these thougth rushed back into my mind. She suddenly, to my surprise took of her top and she typed, "Have skype sex with me sexy". I was completely taken aback, which she probably noticed since she started laughing at me. "Sure babe" I typed back. I quickly ran to my door and I made sure that it was locked.

When I got back to my computer. She was lying on her bed, wearing skimpy lingerie that I never knew she had. She spoke naughty words to me which turned me on even more. She then took of her thong and she whipped out a long purple vibrator. She turned it to ecstasy level straight away and she pumped it in and out of her pussy. This made me horny so I took of my pants and started rubbing my now rock hard cock, whilst watching her little performance. Suddenly, the video blacked out and I let out a groan of disappointment. A message flashed across my screen which read "Sorry babe, my internet is playing up. I'll make up for it tomorrow. Meet me in the first cubicle in the female toilets tomorrow at 7 am." She then went offline. I walked to my bed and I went to sleep. I didn't finish off because I wanted to be as horny as possible when she did whatever she would do to me tomorrow.

I got to school and I entered the female toilets, making sure I didn't get caught. I slipped into cubicle one and I saw that she was already there, waiting for me. She was wearing the same sexy lingerie as yesterday, which I could see past her barely buttoned school dress. She unbuttoned it with such sultriness that my penis throbbed so hard as I saw it. She took a condom out of her pocket and she unbuttoned by pants. She pulled down my boxers to reveal my hard penis. She slipped the condom onto it and she grabbed me. She asked me if I was a virgin and I said yes. She told she was a virgin to and that she was happy to lose her virginity to me, someone special. This turned me on and I fucked her so hard, just like in my fantasies. She moaned so hard, but luckily we were there early so nobody could hear.

We decided that there was to little space there so we moved to the gym showers where there was plenty of space for our little sexual conquest. She then told me to get into the 69 position and she sucked on my penis. I ate her pussy, tasting all the warm and wonderful juices that she had to offer. We got out of that position and I fucked her through her asshole, giving her anal. She screamed my name so hard with such pleasure that I pulled out and decided to fuck her to orgasm through her pussy. I did so and I penetrated deep into her with my 9 inch long penis. We both cummed and our bodies rocked with pleasure. We got dressed and she told me that she wanted to do it again.

I told we could after school at my place because I was home alone. She grinned and left. I went to class, still hard in my pant, shivering with anticipation for our next sexual encounter, hoping this next one will be just as good, if not better that the first. ** Two years on from this story, she is still my girlfriend and fuck buddy. We have passionate sex almost twice everyday for the past 2 years, One day we even did it 11 times, going on an all out sex fest. We are in need of jobs in order to pay for the condoms that we need so often. She gives me so much pleasure and I can't wait until tonight, when we will most likely do it once again.



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