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My Girlfriend's Mother One Christmas

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I ended up sleeping in the same room as my girlfriend's mother one Christmas, and she needed some help getting to sleep

This happened one Christmas when my GFs family were invited to stay with her Uncle and Aunt, and I was included in the invitation. My GFs mother (GFM) looked like a slightly larger version of her, and was divorced, so it was GFM, GF, her younger brothers and myself staying with the Uncle and Aunt. The Uncle and Aunt had a teenage boy and girl so there was quite a crowd of us.

The Christmas party went very well, and all of us had quite a bit to drink. When it was finally time for bed all the boys were herded into one bedroom, my GF and her female cousin into another bedroom,and her Uncle and Aunt in the remaining bedroom. That left GFM and myself to sleep in the sitting room downstairs, with GFM on the sofa with a duvet, and myself on a folding camp bed next to the sofa under another duvet. GFM went off to the bathroom to undress turning off the room light as she went leaving the room dimly lit by the Christmas tree lights. While she was gone I undressed and got under my duvet. GFM returned a few minutes later wearing a pale blue nightdress which was surprisingly skimpy, and in the dim light I could see her breasts moving inside it as she walked across the room to the sofa. All was quiet for a while except GFM was obviously restless and kept moving around in her makeshift sofa bed. After a few more minutes I heard her whisper "are you still awake?" I said "yes" and waved my hand so that she could see I was. As I waved she grabbed my hand and pulled it under her duvet which rather surprised me. She kept hold of my hand and held it against her body while chatting with me in a whisper. When she'd been moving restlessly she must have pulled her nightdress up because she was holding my hand against her bare body. As she chatted with me she'd squeeze my hand from time to time and every time she squeezed it she moved it a bit further up her body. By this time I was starting to get a bit turned on and I could feel my cock starting to get bigger. It wasn't long before she moved my hand on to her breast, and I took the hint and started to caress it, feeling her nipple getting harder under my finger tips. She whispered "That feels so good, it's been such a long time since anyone has touched me there". I moved my hand to her other breast and got the same response from that nipple too. She sighed and whispered "keep doing that" and I was aware that she was moving her right hand down her body. As her hand slid down her body she parted her legs slightly and let out a big sigh as her fingers reached between her legs. It wasn't long before I became aware of her hand moving between her legs in a regular pattern. Her breathing was becoming deeper and she was starting to move her hips around. By now I was hard and had wrapped my left hand around my hard cock so I could stroke it. My right hand was still caressing her breasts and my fingertips were stroking her nipples. She suddenly whispered "let me see what you're doing" so I pulled back the duvet so she could see me stroking. There was already a little bit of pre-cum on the end of my cock glistening in the dim light from the Christmas tree. As soon as she saw it her fingers on her pussy started moving faster and her breathing got faster too. Then she stopped for a moment took my hand off her breasts and moved it down to her pussy and whispered "please do it for me" She was very wet, my fingers slid easily between her pussy lips, and I soon found her clit with my now wet finger tips. I started sliding my finger tip round and round on her clit just like I did with her daughter. She whispered "oh yes, just like that". As my finger tip slid over and around her clit her breathing, her sighs and her hip movements were just like her daughter's. Her eyes were focussed on my hard cock which I was still trying to stroke with my left hand. My right wrist was starting to ache as it was at a slightly awkward angle, and I went to move so that I could get more comfortable and she whispered "please don't stop, not now, do it faster". I slid my finger over and around her clit quicker than before. She started moving her hips a lot, and it was hard to keep my finger on her clit. She said "oh yes, yes, that's it, I'm almost there" Then her body sort of stiffened and relaxed several times as she said "oooh, oooh, ooooh, oooooooh" and I knew she was cumming. She took my hand from her pussy and said "stop, it's too sensitive now" Then she said "Sorry, I always need to cum before I can sleep. You need to finish or you won't be able to sleep, maybe this will help you" and she pulled her duvet down so I could see her breasts and pussy. I started stroking my hard cock with my right hand while looking at her lovely body and watching her stroke her breasts. She said "it's so sexy watching you, I think I might be able to cum again" and she started to rub her clit with her fingers. I've always liked watching a woman play with herself and I knew I wasn't going to last long. She said "I'm getting close again", and slid one finger of her other hand inside her pussy while she rubbed her clit. That was enough to send me over the top and I started to cum big squirts all over my chest and my face" As I started to cum she said "Oh yes, I'm cumming again" followed by lots of "Oooohs" and jerks of her body. 

After a few minutes recovery she found some tissues and cleaned up the mess we'd made, then kissed me on the forehead like a mother might kiss her son, and said "our secret, OK?" I nodded and she said "we can both sleep well now. Good night"

The following morning, when nobody was looking she gave me a big smile and held her finger up to her lips.

Sadly, there was never the opportunity for a repeat episode.



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