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Camping Fun

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Fiction based on a true story


Jackie and Steve had invited me camping and I was having a great time. The only problem was we had been sharing a tent for 10 days. I usually masturbate a couple of times a week, and so I was getting a little pent up. Especially when I am pretty sure I caught Steve jerking off in the middle of the night, last night. It was just starting to get light, but I could hear the telltale sound of the sleeping bag being moved gently and see the tugging at his waist.

But even if he wasn't, just imagining that he might be made me horny. I rolled on my side and slid one hand up my shirt, cupping a breast, tweaking the nipple. My other hand went between my legs, playing with my clit. But after 10 minutes of trying to hump my hand discreetly, I gave up, knowing it just wasn't going to happen. I went back to sleep, promising to do something about my itch as soon as I could tomorrow.

When I got up, Steve had already left for his hike, so I had a quick coffee with Jackie and then excused myself. I knew the area, and had the perfect private spot in mind.

As I climbed down the hill, I was getting more and more stimulated. I reached a rock in the sun, and sat on it. I began to play with my breasts, and it wasn't long before I had my top off. Carefully, I pulled each breast from my bra, letting the sun warm my creamy tits. It felt so good have them in the open. I watched as my nipples hardened under my fingers. Cupping one tit, I raised it to my mouth and licked the nipple while my other hand caressed my belly and slid down my pants. I could just reach my clit, and I started to run my finger around it. It was swelling as I played, and I couldn't take it any longer.

I stood up and undid my pant button and zipper. My breasts swung freely as I bent to slide my shorts and panties off. I had already stained my panties. Sitting back on the rock, I could see my damp pussy hair as it shone in the sun. With one hand, I began to gently rub my clit, while the other slid back and forth between my moist lips. Soon, I slid two fingers in as deep as I could, searching for my g-spot. This wasn't going to take long.

All of a sudden, through half-closed eyes, I saw movement in the bushes. Someone was watching me! I didn't know how long they had been there, but it must have been a while or I would have seen them move. I pulled my fingers out, followed by a string of juice. I had to stop, but I couldn't. I was so close and needed it so badly. In fact, knowing someone was watching me masturbate was even more stimulating. I laid back on the rock, and began to fondle my pussy. I pushed my two fingers back in, beginning to pump my pussy. Faster and faster, I rubbed my swollen button. I spread my legs as wide as I could, so that I could reach inside, while still rubbing my clit. I could feel moisture running down between my ass cheeks. My breast were bouncing hard against my chest, as I pulled my fingers out of my soaking pussy. I could hear the squish of my juices as I rubbed harder and harder. With my free hand, I pulled my lips apart, exposing my swollen clit.

The feeling started deep in my belly, moving in waves. My head went back, and I arched my back, pushing my hips out, my thighs quivering. I clenched my cunt muscles, resisting the orgasm. My breath was coming in short gasps as I pounded my swollen clit. Juice was dripping off my ass onto the rocks. I couldn't take it anymore! I gave in to the orgasm, moaning again and again. I relaxed my vagina and out rushed the clear fluid, soaking my quivering thighs, running down the rock.

I lay there gasping, spent, breasts heaving, thighs and legs shaking uncontrollably.

It took me minutes before I could sit up and reach for my shorts. I tenderly tucked my tits in to my bra, noticing they were no longer creamy white, but quite pink. Gently I slid my panties and shorts on. When I stood, my knees almost buckled. I glanced over as I pulled my shorts up, but there was no one to be seen. I was sure, however, that he would not have left the show early.

Slowly, I began my walk up the other trail.

My knees were still shaky after my orgasm, so I had to take a breather when I got to the top of the hill. Stopping at the top, I sat on a stump behind some bushes and looked back to my rock. My musky scent was all I could smell. Sure enough, I saw someone coming down the other path. I would get a chance to see my audience. I could hardly wait. Entering the clearing, was a man I hadn't seen before. But it was obvious he had seen me. He walked straight to my rock and stopped directly in front of where I had just sat. He reached down, and ran his fingers through the wet stain. Raising his fingers to his nose, I knew he was smelling the same scent of arousal that I could smell on my soaked panties. I also knew what he was about to do next. And I thought 'what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.' He had watched me, so I was going to watch him.

He undid the top button on his pants and took a quick look around, but I was hidden. When he pulled down his zipper, I saw he was going commando, so his erect cock virtually sprung out! One hand cupped his balls while the other gripped his swollen shaft. He took a couple of long, slow strokes, just to start. Gripping his shaft at the base, he paused, making it look huge, standing straight up. Then he started to play with the tip, short, quick strokes. Faster and faster, stopping to squeeze out some precum for lubrication. The sun shone off the tip, making it look much darker than the rest of his penis.

He began to pump harder, spreading his legs wide. Faster, he abused his cock. Suddenly, he stopped, chin on his chest, stomach muscles taut, staring at his hand gripping the tip, motionless. I could see it pulse in his hand, as if it had a mind of his own. He was holding back his orgasm, squeezing the tip, trying to keep the explosion in. Then with a loud grunt and thrusting his hips forward, he began to milk his shaft. Two, three, four ropes of white cum mixing with my clear juices on the rock. As he milked the remaining semen from his quickly softening penis, I got up. As I headed back to camp, I wished I had brought my Rabbit with me.



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