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It may look old, and indeed, it is. It may be one of the best known seats of learning in the world, and indeed, it is. But it is populated with youngetsers. And this is not 1209 when the place was founded (Royal Charter by King Henry III in 1231). This is the 21st century.....modern youngsters....unshackled by convention, and often doing everything they could to defy convention! 


Rooms in College.....me and an English girl called Kate....late night, pizza eaten, second bottle of wine on the go. 

Our talk had ranged from boyfriends to would we ever do it with another girl (me, yes...Kate no) to what we had done in the past. Masturbated? Well, duh! Masturbated outdoors? (Both yes) Masturbated in public or been seen? (Me yes, Kate would like to....and did...but that’s another story) 

Then we turned to the dark side. It went quiet, and Kate said “I want to tell you something, but it’s rather...naughty.” I was already horny from what we had been talking about, so I figured a little more dampness in my panties wouldn’t hurt. 

Kate took a deep breath and said “I....fool around with my brother.” (Wait...what...’fool’ not ‘fooled’?) The confession rolled around the ancient oak panelled walls like a loose canon ball.

”When we were about 16, Mark and I were home one hot sunny afternoon, by our pool.” (Yes, Kate’s Family are fabulously wealthy) “it was one of those hot, sultry, airless days, and we had been irritating each other all day. I knew how to shut him up though. He has always been scared of my body. So I told him I was going to sunbathe topless. I knew he would run away...but this time he didn’t. He just said “You can be naked for all I fucking care.” Well, a dare is a dare! I didn’t think for a moment he would even look at me topless, so I got rid of by bikini top....then the bottoms. He looked at me and sneered. “You haven’t even got pubes yet!”

I told him that I shaved. He asked why.

”Because little brother, first I like having a bald cunt (I figured I’d shock him some more) second, when I get wet, it doesn’t get sticky.” 

I don’t know, but something changed, like the click of a light switch. Suddenly, he wasn’t being a dickhead, and. Wasn’t being all superior and, frankly, a bitch. 

He knelt up on his towel, and I could see he was hard. Very hard. “Can I....can I ....see? Up close?” 

I figured he could see my mound, and that would be that. I nodded. He literally crawled towards me...I liked that....and stared at my mound. I really wanted to show him everything, so I just raised a knee and let it flop sideways. You would have seen his eyes. So wide, so amazed. 

When he reached out his hand, it just felt oh, so natural. He touched me, I touched him. 

Next thing, we were masturbating each other. I came first, then he shot his load all over my tummy. 

It didn’t stop there. Within a couple of days, we went the whole way.”


Kate started at me as if waiting for me to be disgusted...outraged...or some other over the top reaction. 

Heres what I said.

”Kate, sweetie, I think that’s just about the horniest thing I’ve ever heard! In fact, if you really want to know..(she nodded) ...I’m actually wet right now. I could make myself cum in seconds from what you’ve just told me. 

And you’re not alone...

i told her what my brother and I had done. 

As I did so, Kate’s eyes widened and I saw the unmistakable signs of arousal. Actually, some of them were present while she was telling me her story. 

Had it been anyone else, I would have tried to seduce her, but she had made it clear she could never go with another girl. Still and all, we were both horny as fuck, and more than a little bit drunk. In the end I proposed a solution. 

“Look...we’re both creaming our panties, right? Why don’t we just.....” I made a gesture of reaching up my skirt. She didn’t respond. “I need to cum, so I’m just gonna get myself off. You can join in, watch or leave, but I really need this.”

i jammed my hand into her panties, and it wasn’t long before Kate did the same, her eyes tightly shut. She, no doubt was reliving a time with her brother. My eyes, however, were wide open, watching my friend play with herself. I watched every little movement, every tightening of her ass muscles until I saw her cum into her panties...which set me off. 

Over the next few months Kate and I become really good friends. We explored her statement that she could never do anything with another girl more. It turned out that when she was 16 an older family member..an aunt...had made a pass at her. “What frightened me most was that I almost responded.” 

Kate and I were never lovers in the way girls can be, but we did get to the point where we might sleepover in each other’s rooms. We might just sleep. Sometimes though, we would kiss, and masturbate each other. I never got to go down on her, and she never did that to me, but I enjoyed her taste of my fingers.

I miss her, but what I miss most is her upper class English accent. 



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