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By My Mom's Side

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I've never known my Pa, but my Mom and I have always been close, so this brought us closer.


It had been nearly three weeks since my 19th birthday, and my mom and I were talking over dinner. A roast she likes to cook, with pork, roast potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, etc. We live by the coast, a few miles from the nearest town, and have only each other for company when not in school or at work. This was one of those occasions where you catch up, enjoy company and all.

We were talking about how I was growing into a young man, and that I'd have girls all over me and stuff. I confessed, quite embarrassed, that I hadn't had a girlfriend yet. Mom assured me it was okay and that my time would come. Then she asked me if I masturbated; I was caught well off-guard, and blushed beetroot red. I knew what it was, but hadn't tried it. I'd only looked at one or two porn websites before; that was my whole love life.

We finished our roast soon after this awkward conversation, and mom went upstairs while I scraped the dishes and put them into the sink.

Mom came downstairs in a long silk nightdress that you could almost see through and I noticed she had on some slight underwear, but no bra. I felt my penis stiffen a little and felt embarrassed. Mom called me over to the couch, and invited me to cuddle up to her. She embraced me from behind, and smoothed my hair---she knew I enjoyed it a lot. She asked me in a knowing voice if I'd ever seen a woman's breasts before; I confessed to having looked at a pornographic website a couple of times. She laughed and said that it was okay, she meant in real life. I told her no, and she told me that it wouldn't be too far away.

I felt a stirring in my groin after this talk of breasts and porn, so instinctively reached for my crotch, gently rubbing my jeans. I felt Mom's hands envelope mine, as she soothingly asked if her little young man was all aroused. She told me she didn't mind if I played with myself, that she'd seen men do it before and wanted me to be happy whenever I could. She gently unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then stretched open the waistband. I didn't have a clue what to do; I just knew my penis was very hard. Guiltily, I asked Mom what to do. I asked her if she could show me.

Mom turned me around so I was facing her. She told me that in society it is deemed wrong for moms to be sexual with their sons, as sex could lead to all sorts of religious stuff. I told her it was okay, I wouldn't be doing anything like sex! She pulled my jeans down to my ankles, and I kicked them off as she slid down my underpants. She grasped my hardened penis with her right hand, and held my bottom with her left. Slowly she slid her cool hands up and down; instantly it felt amazing. I looked to see what she was doing, but my eyelids felt heavy. I closed up to Mom, my body wriggling a little each time she slid up or down.

Something made me want to use my mouth; I found myself suckling one of Mom's boobs, and she gasped in a relaxed sigh. Then suddenly my body was overtaken by a massive tingle, which turned into a shaking and I felt a huge sensation like I'd peed. It felt like I was getting to some lovely feeling, but had it taken away at the last minute. I opened my eyes and realised Mom's nipples were hard, and her belly was wet. She smiled and told me I had come and was it nice. I didn't lie; I told her I felt like it hadn't really worked. She reassured me that often happened, and that I'd learn with practice. I blushed, kissed her on the cheek, and got bold. I asked her if she could try again.

She told me she had no problem with it, but told me she could make it a lot nicer if we went to a more relaxing setting. She turned off the television and walked up to her bedroom, taking me by her hand. She dimmed the lights so it was quite dark, and stood alongside me, pulling my shirt off and taking her nightdress off. She lay back on her queen-size bed and invited me to lie next to her. I could make out the outline of her body and exposed breasts. Very soon my penis was hard again; harder than before. She was on her front and told me to lie on top of her, face down. With a bit of wriggling, we were lying so that my penis was between her legs and she was holding it with both hands from her front. She encouraged me to move my hips back and forth, masturbating me again. As she performed the amazing massage, I moved up and down her body, it felt awesome.

Within a few fantastic minutes, I felt the release begin, but this time it was very intense. Soon I came and this time it was stunning. We were both quite wet and sticky. I thanked her a lot.

She told me that she was always there for me, and wished me the best of fun masturbating whenever I felt like it. She told me to take a shower and to experiment; I did just that, and came twice more before finally washing, drying and sleeping naked alone.



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