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Nude and Non-nude Beach

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A true story that happened to me last summer in a half nude beach. Hope you enjoy it.

Hi all,

I have been reading the stories here quite a long time now and I always wished something like in the stories happened to me also. And it finally happened last summer. So here is my story.


My wife and I often visit nudist beaches. I cannot say that we are fanatic naturists, but especially in the summer, we visit nude beaches quite a lot. They are always less crowded and more peaceful, so they are good if you plan to stay there for the whole day and relax.

This day, we visited a beach which was not an exclusive nude beach. You know it was one of those where both nudist and textiled people go. So the right part of the beach was for textiles while if you walked to the left part, all where nude. We lay down right at the 'border'. From where we were, till the end of the beach, all swimmers were skinny dipping. But on the right of us, and in a distance less than 10 metres away, there was a couple clothed and in their swim suits.

There was no problem at all for any of us to be seen nude or textiled. We lie there for a good couple of hours enjoying the sun and the cool breeze. My wife was topfree and sitting on one of those beach chairs while I was lying on a towel beside her, completely nude and both facing the sea.

As we both lie there with our eyes closed enjoying the sunbathing, my wife rested her hand on the chair's arm. But as I was close to her and a little lower than she (I was on a towel and she on a chair), her hand accidentally touched my dick. We both did not open our eyes and I thought that she would remove her hand, since it was not on purpose. Instead of this, she continued touching my member and after a while she started to caress my member and my balls.

We opened our eyes and looked each other. She told me, 'Your skin is so soft.'

I said, 'I like very much your caressing, put pretty soon I will have a problem, and we are in other people's common view.' We said nothing more but she continued her caressing without looking at me but looking straight at the sea.

I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the fondling to my dick and balls. She was moving her hand all over my crotch area, and she even gave me some light strokes. I started to feel my member filling up, and very soon, I was with a complete hard on. I stayed there with closed eyes feeling her strokes which were very slow. She was moving her hand up and down really slowly, taking every inch of it into account; starting from the head of it, to the base of my shaft. Every now and then, she would leave my dick in order to catch my balls. She would cup both of them and squeeze them. Then, she would return to shaft and start stroking it again.

The whole procedure was very nice and I kept enjoying it for about fifteen minutes. After a while, I opened my eyes and looked at her. I noticed that she was looking around while stroking me. So I thought that she was taking care to see if someone was approaching or if anyone could see us. So, I calmed down and made no attempt to hide my erection. I was extremely horny and my hard on was ready to explode. I let her continue her job feeling that soon I would cum, but I didn't want this to end too soon. I tried to calm myself and make this last really long.

By this time, I looked over the sea and I saw a lady swimming across the beach. She must have just swum over right in front of us. We were close to the sea. There was no doubt that she noticed what was going with us. I said to my wife, 'What the hell are you doing? I thought that you are taking care for us to not be seen? Didn't you see the lady swimming?'

She said, 'Sorry, but I was so engaged with what I was doing, that I did not notice her.' Even by this time, she had not left her hand from my dick and she continued stroking it. By now, I was even more horny than before and I could feel it on my dick; it was even harder than before.

She started stroking faster. I was a little bit more calmed now, since the swimming lady, even if she saw us, did nothing to interrupt us. So I lay my head on the towel and continued enjoying the session.

As I turned my head to the right, I noticed the clothed couple on the right could see us. It was obvious that I could be seen under my wife's chair. Even my hard member was seen from there. My dick was very big and hard by now. I told my wife about the couple in their swim suits. We both agreed that it would be better to stop and so we did, although it was quite tough for me.

I noticed that the girl of the neighbouring couple was on her side and looking at our side. She had turned her back to her boyfriend and she was looking around but from our side. From time to time, she would accidentally touch her breasts. Although she was wearing her swim suit, every now and then she would try to adjust her top but at this time, she would pinch her nipples, also.

My wife and I had stopped what we were doing but I made no attempt to cover or hide my erection. I was still very hard. I also couldn't help looking at the other girl. I noticed, also, that from time to time she would put her hand between her legs. I was sure that she was turned on. I was also sure that by putting her hand between her legs, she was feeling her pussy but she tried not to make it too obvious. Her boyfriend was occupied with his newspaper.

All this made my erection last. I figured out that there was no chance to calm down and that I needed a relief. But it was too difficult there. I told my wife, 'Let's go for a swim.'

I stood up and ran to the sea trying to hide my hard on, or at least trying to not be too obvious. My wife stood up, removed her bottoms (as she was only topfree) and followed me. As I saw my wife's trimmed pussy and nice ass, I looked over to the other girl. She placed her hand again to the inner of her long and very nice legs but she didn't remove it this time. I could see also some light moves of her hand but not too clearly.

My wife ran over to me in the sea. When she reached me she said, 'Hey naughty boy. You're still horny huh?'

I said, 'Hell yeah!'

She swam behind me and hugged me from the back. I could feel her tits on my back and her pussy on my ass. As she was holding me, she started stroking me. I was already too horny and I knew that I wouldn't last for long.

I was facing the beach and looking straight at the other girl. She still had her hand inside her legs and from time to time she would touch her breast with the other hand. She was looking straight at us without any hesitation. It is sure that she knew what we were doing but the water did not allow her to see. I was looking at her and feeling the fast strokes from wife.

Feeling her breast, her pussy on my ass and the sight of this gorgeous girl was too much for me. I put my hand over my ass and I filled my wife's pussy. I even slid one or two fingers inside her lips. And that was all. I started cumming really hard. I was spuirting ropes of sperm inside the water. I kissed my wife very hard with girl still looking at us.

I stayed in the water some time longer in order to calm down. I needed some time because although I had ejaculated, my dick was still hard. As soon as I was calmed, I made my way out of the water heading for my towel on the beach. As I was coming naked out of the sea, I saw that the girl stuck her eyes on my dick which was soft by now. I looked at her, but she kept on staring at my dick. When she finally looked me in the face, I smiled and she smiled, too.

I can tell you that even remembering the whole story now has made me horny again. Pitty that I'm in the office and I can't relieve myself.

Comments are more than welcome. Keep up all you boys and girls. Let's all have fun and pleasure.



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