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By a Total Stranger

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He was walking his dog. Just me and him alone in a huge park.


A friend I've been  talking to here asked me if there were things that I haven't done yet that I wanted. Well, I'm only just starting out n sexual exploration really, so there will be things I haven't heard about yet, but one thing popped into my head. Doing something with a complete stranger. Someone I dtold not even know their name.

so, I was in a park this afternoon. It's kind of hidden away, and unless you know the area, you won't find it. There's dog walkers there sometimes, but mostly is deserted. I g there when I want time alone, or if I want to do something sexy outdoors on my own.

I had intended to have a little outdoor public cum, but almost as soon as I sat on my favourite bench, a guy entered the park with his dog. The dog was a beautiful golden retriever and both the dog and the owner were heading my way. Fuck it! The dog came padding over and made a fuss of me, but I know some owners can be a little angry about strangers mauling their dogs, and this guy looked to me to be one of those. He was my dads age, or maybe even older. So when he got close I flashed him a big smile and said "Can I stroke your dog?" He didn't smile back, but said "ok.....but what do I get to stroke," (cheeky)

I'm not a girl to be put off by a guy who thinks he can shock me so I squatted to stroke his dog, making sure he got a good eyeful up my skirt and said, "well, I'm stroking your dog, I guess you could stroke my pussy if you like." I know Jayney has used this approach, and it most times scares people off. 

Instead, he smiled. It was a warm, quim-melting smile too! And he said "OK". I finished with the dog, and stood beside him behind the bench. We both took a quick look around t make sure no one else was in the vicinity and then he said "Really? Are you sure?" I just took his hand and guided it up my skirt. 

Fuck ME, he knew what he was doing! In seconds he had his hand in my panties, and from what I could feel, he was strumming my clit with four fingers. I wanted to wank him off, but he said "You first." So, face to face, his hand in my panties, he brought me off. It was beautifully controlled. Almost like he knew exactly when I was going to cum, and then he built me up further. 

After, I nodded to the small forest that surrounds the park. "No fucking, but I'll get you off." Again, that cunt-melting smile. I led him into the trees, and we found a spot. I unzipped him and got his cock out. It felt like velvet to the touch, and was already fully hard. Wanking him was one of the sexiest things I've done. I didn't know his name, but he was wearing a wedding ring. I wondered if he would fuck his wife later, and if so, might he be thinking about me? Would he smell me on his fingers? All the time I was thinking this, I was wanking, getting faster and faster, and rubbing my thumb over the head when his precum had lubricated it nicely. He hand an arm around my waist and he just said "I'm going to cum" in a beautiful, educated accent.

I looked down as he coated the tree trunk with his spunk. Lots of it too. He is a big cummer!

I felt really refreshed walking back home afterwards. I had a little,of his spunk on my fingers which I licked off.

Doing something with a total,stranger is now partially ticked. It won't be fully ticked until I've fucked a total,stranger, but there's no hurry. 



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