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Building Up, Then It Happened

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Another story from a client.


So Bill and I are both software engineers. We work in the same office. Over the past four years, we've gotten to know each other quite well. He's kind of silly, and so am I. I mean, we enjoy twisting sentences around, humorous styles, and little jokes. We started texting each other during the workday, even though he's in the next cubicle from me.

We went to lunch together a few times. One time he texted me that he wanted to try bowling - something neither of us had ever done. I told my wife I was going to go bowling with Bill, who she knew only from my descriptions, and she was favorable, telling me I needed more male friends.

We went bowling. It was fun. I was finding Bill quite likable. He looks good too. Women would love this guy, but like me, he's married. He still has kids at home. Mine are both in college.

Whereas I'm average height, and in fact average in every way, Bill is tall and thin with a full head of curly black hair, and a matching beard.

After four years, we were still texting each other twenty times a day. Sometimes, we'd include pictures, mostly stuff we found on the Internet.

The pictures started out innocent, like kittens, bridges, children, you know, the things of the world.

One time, feeling a bit friskier than usual, i sent him a picture of a young thing in a skimpy bikini.

He found another pretty girl in an even skimpier bikini.

Both of us being competitive sorts, we couldn't leave well enough alone. I sent a picture of a woman on her hands and knees, facing away from the camera, with a string bikini that may have covered her asshole itself, but only a stripe, less than a centimeter wide. You could clearly see the darker ring of skin leading to the anus, the light radial wrinkles, and a bit of a cameltoe of her vagina.

He wrote back, "I want to masturbate right now."

Even for us, that was pretty risque.

But I couldn't just leave it.

"Me too."



"Yeah, at lunch."


"My house."

Suddenly, this was becoming too real. His house was only a block away. His kids were in school and his wife at work.

My heart started pounding in my chest. The forty minutes between that text and lunchtime were the longest forty minutes in my life. I felt as sexually charged up as just before the first time with my wife.

The texts continued.

He identified himself as 'bi.' I had no idea, but that bold admission only hardened my penis in my trousers one more notch.

I addmitted 'bi curious.' I wasn't even sure if that was the right term. I had never done anything with a guy. The closest I ever came, if you can even call it that, was one time during a physical, with an old, gray-haired, but friendly doctor, when he was examining my testicles for lumps, I started getting erect. The doctor noticed and just said, "Don't worry, that happens all the time." (I masturbated plenty of times remembering that exam. One time, the doctor's office, his face, and my situation came to mine when I was having sex with my wife, and drove me to a premature orgasm.)

Well, lunchtime finally came around. We walked over to Bill's place. We started by sharing our personal picture collections on our phones. He handed me his phone, and he got mine. Both of us had gathered girl pictures from the Internet. But he had pictures of a few men, too. I noticed all his men were older than he was. They were around my age. Except for one guy in his early thirties. I did a double-take. It was a picture of a man standing sideways with an obvious erection. My heart took another leap when I realized it was Bill.

Looking over his shoulder, he said "Oops," but didn't seem particularly embarrassed.

I was the one to break the ice. "Does it really look that big in person?" It wasn't very large, but I thought he'd enjoy the compliment.

"Well..." and with that he removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear. A very nice looking penis, already erect sprang out.

I didn't need to say anything. The best response was an action: I took off all my clothes, as he continued by removing his shirt.

Now, here we were, two men, one in his early fifties, the other in his early thirties, stark naked, both with erections.

Within minutes, we were sitting on the side of his bed stroking each other. We both orgasmed as if it was something we did every day, put our clothes back on, headed back to work by way of the cafeteria to bring sandwiches to our desks, and all was good. Very good.

We do that pretty much every day now. Well, every workday, and not if one of his kids is home sick, or out of school for vacation. Our wives know. His keeps asking to watch us, but somehow, I'm reluctant. I'm happily married after all. Maybe one of these days. She's a bit rounded, but a real looker, and with a great sense of humor.

My wife is relieved. As she got older, she became less interested in sex. She's happy I have another outlet instead of pestering her. 

So, that's the story so far. Things keep evolving. Like, we read about a technique for extending orgasms right here on SoloTouch, so he and I have been practicing that. Generally, he'll have me lay on his bed, and he'll masturbate me for a while. Then, we switch and I do the same for him. We try not to cum, but stay on the edge for as long as possible. Neither of us has had an extended orgasm yet, but the continued practice is very enjoyable. 



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