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Buds Pt. 2 - Jared's Need

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Buds Pt. 2 - Jared's Need

This is part two continuing the fiction story, "Buds," It appears long, but there is alot of brief dialogue. Hope you like it!  


Dalton’s mind was flooded with thoughts and emotions as he drove home. He thought about what a mind-bending orgasm he’d just had. But it was with his friend. Does this mean he’s gay? Is Trey gay? Dalton wasn’t down the road 10 minutes when his phone went off. It was Jared.



“So Trey told me what you guys did”

“What? What the fuck?!”

“Calm down. It’s all good.”

“What did Trey tell you?”

“You got skills, bro Lol”

“That sonuvabitch”

“Don’t worry about it, man. Me and Trey do that all the time. I was thinking…”

“Thinking what?”

“Well, tomorrow Melinda is taking the baby to her mom’s to go shopping. I knocked her up again and she won’t have sex with me, like last time. Nice fucking months.  I’m horny as a muthafucka.”

“Uh, well, congrats on the new pregnancy.”

“Ha! I guess so. I need to bag it. So, I was thinking, now that you’re part of the club…”

“What club?”

“The jack off club for the three of us, you , me and Trey.”


“I was wondering if you would come over tomorrow and help me out.”

“You mean jerk you off?”


“Shit bro, this is all still pretty new to me.”

“You don’t have to worry. Melinda will be out, and my lips are sealed like a married girl’s pussy. So how bout it?”

“Uh, I need to think about it. I never thought I’d do that with Trey. What time are you thinking?”

“About 1:00, right after church.”

“OK I’m in. But you better not tell anyone, fucker, except Trey.”


Sunday arrived and Dalton was eyeing Jared nervously from another pew, but also admiring his good looks. He purposely didn’t sit next to him this time because he already felt anxious that people would catch on. It was an irrational fear. Everyone knew the boys who had grown up in the small southern town. They knew they all had girlfriends and that Jared was a dad. But still, Dalton felt a little paranoid listening to the sermon about being pure and holy. The service ended and people filed outside to their cars. Jared stood by his truck looking good in his tight dress jeans and boots and a western style button down short he wears to church. Jared just stared at Dalton while he lit up a cigarette and wondered what Dalton was going to do.  Finally, Dalton walked up and told Jared he had to run an errand for his mom but would be over in half an hour.  Jared smiled and climbed in his truck without saying a word and drove off, kicking up gravel as he turned around.

Dalton’s head was spinning as he drove down the dirt road to the trailer where Jared lived with his girlfriend. He never imagined how this weekend was turning out. He knocked on the trailer door and heard Jared’s voice say come in. Dalton went inside and was a little shocked at the sight of Jared on all fours on an air mattress on the floor, naked, with his ass facing him, and a hard on. Dalton stopped in his tracks and just stared.


“I guess I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Relax. Take your clothes off and join me.”

As Dalton took off his t-shirt and jeans and stepped out of his flips, Jared explained this was how he and Trey did it. It was called “milking,” like when you milk a cow.

“So, you want me to jerk your cock like a cow teat?”

“That’s right. And we can do a few other things.”

“Like what?”

“See that cucumber over there? I want you to stick it in my ass.”

“Fuck, you like that?”

“Yeah, haven’t you ever stuck something in your ass while you were jacking off?”


“It’s awesome. You should try it. One other thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to cum on my back when you’re ready to bust.”

Dalton was now fully naked. And fully hard. He knelt down behind Jared and inspected his friend’s asshole.

“How is that cucumber gonna fit in there?”

“Assholes stretch, numb nuts. Also, see that bottle of vegetable oil over there? Use it on the cucumber. It’ll slide right in.”

Dalton rubbed Jared’s fat balls drawing a moan from him. Then he wrapped his hand around Jared’s swollen red cock and started pulling.



“Trey was right. You do have skills.”

“I guess from all those years of nothing to do but jerking my own dick.”

Nervous laughter broke the awkwardness as Dalton continued milking his friend. Jared then suggested using some lube and Dalton poured a generous amount of oil in his hand and slathered up Jared’s swollen shaft. This caused Jared to start pumping down into his hand basically fucking his fist. Dalton was mesmerized and got totally hard seeing his friend’s large shaft, glistening with oil, slide in and out of his hand.

“Dalton, that feels sooo amazing man. Hey, any time you’d like I can help jerk you too you know.”

“Cool. Thanks. Actually I’m really enjoying this and jerking myself some with my free hand.”

“That’s awesome. I was going to ask if you’d use that free hand to stick the cucumber in.”

Dalton chuckled and said, “awright. Where’d you get such a big cuke?”

“Dad’s garden.”

“Man he sure grows em big, just like his boy here.”

Both guys laughed as Dalton retrieved the cuke and asked Jared how it should go in.

“Put plenty of oil on it and just stick it in.”

“The narrow end I’m assuming.”

“Yeah, start with that end.”

Dalton took the long cucumber and covered it in oil like he was jerking Jared’s cock, then put the narrow part up against Jared’s puckered hole and pushed.


“Hey dude, I though you said it wouldn’t hurt. Sorry.”

“No problem, it just takes a minute to get used to the size. This is the largest one I’ve tried yet. Just aim it and shove it in quick.”

Dalton did as he was told and placed the end of the slippery cuke right against his friend’s hole and shoved it in using the palm of his hand on the back end to pat it in deeper. This brought a loud yowl from Jared who slammed his fist on the air mattress and threw his head down.

“You alright? Should I take it out?”

“No! Don’t. It feels great. I feel so full. Just keep jerking me.”

Dalton again did as his friend said and milked his cock, now dripping with precum, as he slid the cucumber around in his ass in and out.

“Shit dude, that feels so fuckin good! Trey was right when he said you had mad skills.”

Dalton blushed a little at the compliment but he was pleased with his new standing with his two closest friends in the world as a guy who can give expert hand jobs.

“OK, I’m getting close. Keep milking and work the cuke in deeper. It feels amazing on my prostate. “

Dalton alternated between slow twists around Jared’s oily shaft and jerking him fast. Working the cucumber in his ass the whole time. Jared announced he was getting close. He hadn’t cum in so long this was going to be a quick one.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Aww shit! Here it goes!”

Dalton’s fist was flying up and down his buddy’s greased shaft pre was spilling on an old shower curtain Jared has placed on the air mattress to make clean up easier. Jared’s whole body was shuddering from the build up and Dalton saw his big balls moving around and pulling up like guys do right before the creamy release. And what a release it was. Between Jared’s loud moans Dalton heard the splat, splat, splat, of ropes of thick cum hitting she shower curtain. Jared’s asshole had clenched on the cucumber and it was moving in and out on its own with each pulse of ejaculation.

“Aw fuuuuuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jared yelled as his breathing finally started to calm down and he returned to his senses.

“Jared, there’s so much thick cum. Dang you shot a load.”

“I told ya man. Melinda and I haven’t had sex in a week and this was first chance to jack off. Thank you sooo much for helping me. “ Jared then lowered his upper body to the mattress and grimaced, squeezing his sphincter muscles which forced the cucumber out with a pop. It was so slippery it slid across the room from the force of the expulsion.

“Quick, scoop up some of my jizz and use it as lube to jerk off and shoot on me. “

Dalton reached between Jared’s knees and scooped up a glob of his thick warm spooge and put it right on his own hard cock and used it to jerk.

“Fuck that feels good. Your cum is so thick and slippery. I’m gonna shoot soon.”

“Here, let me flip on my back so you can get it on my chest.” One thing Jared really enjoyed when he masturbated with Trey was getting Trey’s warm spew sprayed all over his body.  Dalton straddled Jared with his knees on either side of his hips and threw his head back. His eyes rolled back in his head as he let out a groan, “I’m….cumming!” With several grunts, he shot his load out, but the first rope missed Jared’s chest and landed squarely on his face just below the eye. The other spurts went all in Jared’s little patch of dark chest hair on his sternum and some got on his nip.

“Aww shit!” Dalton exclaimed as he started coming back to earth, his cock still draining cum. Jared scooted from under Dalton and sat up so both boys now were facing each other, naked with thier legs crossed.

“Man, I’m sorry, I was aiming for your chest and almost got you in the eye.”

“No worries, man. That orgasm was fucking amazing and obviously yours was too. “

Dalton couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with his friend who had a rope of his cum still plastered on his face. The strand extended from his eye down along the his cheek and covered the corner of his mouth. One glob was dangling from his chin and was swinging around when Jared talked. This sight made Dalton laugh and Jared started to laugh too, then scooped up the cum on his face and fed it into his mouth.

“Mmm tastes yummy,” he said, smacking his lips.

The two boys toweled off and hung out naked for a while talking and sharing some drinks and snacks before Dalton got ready to leave.

As Jared pulled on a pair of boxer shorts, he said, “You know Trey is talking about the three of us going fishing way up the river at that spot we hung out at that time.” He flashed his eye brows a couple times to suggest this could be a chance for all three of them to get frisky.

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that,” Dalton said with a smile as he turned and strode out to his truck. That smile didn’t leave his face for the whole drive home.



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