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Wanking With Cousin in Rental Car

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My cousin Tyler and I are about a year apart but we live far from each other. I live in New England and he lives in Texas. We're both pretty laid back and in shape. He's a classic goofball, though I have a sense of humor too. Anyway, this past summer I was down visiting him in Austin, where he lives. Now granted we had jerked off a few times before, once more recently, but other than that, not since we were teenagers. So one night Tyler and I were down on sixth street and I drove us back to his place. It took us a while to walk back to my rental car so we both had to piss real bad again but decided to just try and hold it until we got home. However about five minutes into the ride, as we were driving down the highway we both couldn't hold it anymore so we decided to stop real quick. I got off the highway and pulled over in some office parking lot so we could relieve ourselves. He was in the passengers seat, so we both got out and stood right next to our car doors, turned around facing behind the car and whipped our cocks out. We jokingly stared over at each other through the front seat, as both our dicks were in clear view. As we finished up pissing, both of us started to get hard. He finished pissing first and sat back down. When I finished pissing I just sat back down in the drivers seat with a now full boner sticking out of my fly. I said how about we jerk off again. He laughed and agreed and then pulled his dick out again, which was also hard. We're both pretty good size, about 6.5-7' and cut, but his is a little thicker than mine. So with our shorts still on, we both stroked our dicks, while talking about all the hot girls we saw on sixth street earlier. (We are both straight). After about 30 seconds I came all over my shorts and boxers, and unfortunately since it was just a rental car I didn't have any tissues or napkins around. I told him 'I just went dude' and he kept on going for about another minute. Then Tyler came all over his hand and boxers too. We just put our dicks back in with our boxers still wet with the cum. When we were all finished Tyler and I looked at each other, laughed, and then I started the car and we drove home. The whole thing probably lasted five minutes from when I first pulled over to when we drove away. We acknowledged it the next day again when we got in my car to drive to dinner and we both noticed I had a white stain on the front corner of my drivers seat. Some of my cum must've dripped down while I was driving us home right afterwards. Fortunately no one noticed it when I returned the car a few days later. Some other time I'll share stories of the few other times we've jerked off together before this.



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