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My Roommate and I

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What a sexy site!


When I began college, I shared a dorm room with a roommate that, like me, didn't date much or really have that many friends. After we had been to class and studied for the day, in the evening we would be frequently bored. Rachel and I would lay in our respective twin beds and talk about guys and how we felt about certain ones, how certain celebrities attracted us, how we felt when we would see a certain one on tv.

It turned out that we had both been masturbating and bringing ourselves to orgasm since we were both just little girls. We started talking about how we felt when we got horny, how our orgasms felt, both when we were younger and how they felt now, how often we got horny, and comparing the feelings we both had.

One evening the talks we were having excited Rachel a little too much, and as she was laying on her twin bed she began to unzip her jeans and pull them off. She said that she just couldn't take all that sexy talk anymore and had to masturbate to relive her horniness, that her clit ached from all the sexy talk we had.

She had this beautiful, thick, perfectly shaped triangle of pubic hair that was jet black, in contrast to her skin that was creamy white-she put her index and middle finger over the area where her clit was, and her fingers kind of disappeared into the thick hair.

I turned over on my side and began to watch her-she looked sexy with her fingers buried in her pubic hair with her top still on-she began to slowly rub her fingers back and forth over her clit, and when she did, she started to say, 'ohh..' and shut her eyes, and began to move her fingers back and forth in rhythm.

After I watched her for just a little while, the seam in my jeans kept tugging at my erect clit, and I had to take them off and begin to rub it, which by now was literally throbbing.

I laid on my side and watched her as I rubbed my own clit-she began to shake her head back and forth when she really got into the feeling, and began to say 'oh, good...' or 'ahhhh....oh, AHHHHH...'-when she would say 'ahhhhh' she would get this smile on her face with her eyes closed, as if the feeling she was having really satisfied her, made her happy.

It was hard to keep my eyes open all the time as I rubbed my clit harder and in a more determined way-I'd always been real quiet when I masturbated, but I really got excited hearing her make the noises in response to the pleasure she was feeling.

After a while she became real quiet, and intently rubbed her clit with her eyes shut, not moving at all except for the rhythmic movement of her fingers. After she did that for about half a minute, she suddenly took in this deep breath with a loud hissing noise, 'ssssssssss'-held it in, and then raised her head up towards her belly with this super-intensely painful look on her face with her eyes closed tight and began to groan real loud in rhythm,'arggghh''arrghhhh' arggghh''arrgghh''aarrggghh'-God, that set me off so much seeing and hearing her do that, that I felt my 'rise' begin, so I turned over on my back and stretched out my legs and put them tightly together so that I could get the most out of my climax. My orgasm was so strong that I literally saw stars, and it took me a few minutes to come down from it.

After we recovered, we talked about how sexy the whole experience was, and we began to make masturbating together in the evenings kind of a ritual, especially right before we went to sleep (we were pretty exhausted after we did that anyway).

I always knew that she was feeling her rise to an orgasm when she would get real quiet-then when she would say 'sssssss' I would tell her, 'c'mon girl, that's it' and I'd watch her groan out her orgasm, which always sent me over the edge and made mine begin.

We got bold and sometimes would lay in the same bed-we would sometimes lay on our stomachs and hump pillows (the way we both learned to orgasm when we were kids), and sometimes when her butt would tighten up as her orgasm started, I would reach around and grab her butt toward the bottom and feel the strong contractions in her vagina and anus as she went through her orgasm-God, that was hot!-I would push the pillow into my crotch with my other hand to make my orgasm start as she was doing that-there was no way I could hold back my climax any longer, and I buried my head in the bed as I came.

Sometimes I would stroke her forehead and her hair as she was really getting into the feeling if we were on the same bed, or she might reach up into my shirt (for some strange reason we always kept our shirts on-don't ask me why!)and feel and pinch and knead my nipples-I would stroke her hand as she did, and sometimes I did the same for her, lifting her t-shirt up to expose at least one breast.

We did that together almost every night until the next school year, when she transferred to another school. We kept in touch, however, and later began to date and have serious boyfriends.

Sometimes we still get together and have our girl time if we're able, getting ourselves off, thinking about the sexy things we do with our guys, and fantasizing about those scenarios, and each others sexy men.

Peace and love, and many sweet orgasms to everyone!



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