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From Out of Nowhere

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Some of the boys at school were talking about this girl and got me all excited.


I was in the eighth or ninth grade when this happened. One day during lunch break I was outside talking to some of the boys in my class. They told me about this girl named Becky and told me that they had gotten hand jobs from her and she let them see and touch her boobs. Hearing this instantly gave me a hard on. Becky was a girl in our class and our same age. As I'm sure most readers know, you can just imagine how I felt. A boy my age having a girl see and touch my penis! It was a mind blowing thought, to say the least.

I started hanging out with Becky every chance I got hoping that those boys were telling the truth. Several days later, I ended up walking out of school when it let out and was hoping I could walk her home. It worked! When we got to her house, she ask if I wanted to come in. I was already hard and had been since we left school. We went in and she took me to her room. There wasn't anybody else in the house. She then turned and ask me 'want me to jerk you off'? It was true! I said 'if you want to'. She said 'sure'. Then she ask 'want to see my tits'? I answered 'I'd rather see that' pointing to her pussy area. She said 'OK'.

She sat on her bed and took off her panties. She then, with skirt raised, spread her legs open so I could see it. I then undid my pants and pushed them down followed by my underwear. I stood up letting a girl see my hard penis for the first time. I was so excited and nervous. I then went over and sat next to her. She reached over putting her hand on it and when she touched it, I let out a gasp of excitment. I then asked her if I could touch her too. She said OK so I reached over and put my hand on her pussy running my middle finger along the slit. She then started to slowly stroke my penis. I was so excited that I might had lasted 10 seconds and then I blew. I had never cum so hard or so much in my life.

Becky then got up and came back with a wash cloth and she wiped up the cum. I got up and put my pants back up and fastened them. I thanked her and left. As I was leaving, two of the boys that had told me about her were walking up the walk way. They were coming over to get a hand job from her also. They asked me how it was. All I could do was smile at them. They knew. I too continued to go back and see Becky every chance I got. Eventually, her mother found out about what she was doing and things ended. She took Becky out of school. I just remember that we boys that knew about her sure missed her.



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