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Big Load for a Little Lady

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Hey guys...I'd really love to hear back from you if you possess the wonderful talent described below.


Let me just start out by reassuring you guys out there who are self-conscious about your equipment's size or performance. Yes, size does matter to some girls. It can, in fact, be too big! I oughta know, my ex-boyfriend was so large down there that I had to resort to stroking his cock with my hands when we had sex. It hurt too much to have him inside me! I guess it didn't help that I'm 4'6' and 82 lbs. I'm just about the size of the smallest Olympic female gymnast. He used to say it looked so hot to see me stroking his shaft with both hands, because it was too much for my little fingers to wrap around.

Anyway, the first time I masturbated him we were on a secluded spot of beach just before sundown. I was absolutely floored by the size of his cock as I pulled it out from under his shorts. It was so perfectly beautiful! I stroked his shaft until it was totally erect. I massaged and stroked his cock and toyed with his asshole with my finger. Every time I pressed upward on the area between his balls and his asshole, he moaned and his cock would drool out the most delicious, clear fluid. I was just as turned on by this as he was!

He had me do this several times, and each time, he'd ooze his precum. His eyes were closed by this time, and he began gently rolling his nipples between his fingers. Less than a minute later, he had me stop stroking and to just hold his shaft firmly near the base. He drew in a long, deep breath, and I knew the end was near. I was on my knees with his cock pointing slightly upwards. He began to moan loudly, as his shaft swelled in my hands. I could actually feel the cum riding up his shaft with my palms! Then, he thrust his hips towards me, and sent four magnificent arcs of cum over my head and onto the sand behind me. My hands began milking his load in a rapid motion, and I directed the rest of his cum onto my body. I slowed my speed on his cock as his orgasm waned, but he quickly had me speed up again, telling me he wasn't finished cumming yet. Not three seconds later, his cock began spewing out more cum, this time the consistancy was thick and it kind of oozed out in large globs. It felt wonderfully warm and slick between my fingers.

When it was done, he kissed me and told me I'd just about milked him dry. My mind still reeling from the size of his ejaculation, I asked if he'd had two orgasms. He told me that he hadn't had but one orgasm, and that the first several shots of cum were from my massaging his prostate with my fingers. I asked if he always ejaculated that much cum during an orgasm, and he told me that I was the first one to make him cum that much. He did say that when he masturbated alone, that he regularly would shoot copious amounts of cum, especially after a long time since his last session. As we began walking back to the pier, I looked behind me and saw four wet trails of cum some four feet away from where we were standing.

Now, I've got a question for you guys. Are there many of you who have these types of orgasms, where it appears that you're cumming twice, but in fact, it's really one continuous ejaculation? I'm just curious, because I've been with my share of men, and my ex is still the only one I've been with who possesses this talent. I have to say, I really miss his cumloads, as spectacular as they were. Too bad his cock was just too damned large for me to enjoy!!



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