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Better Than Sandwich Bag

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When I was about 15 my next door neighbor, who was a little older than I, introduced me to mutual masturbation. We both enjoy watching and helping each other reach climax. We are really close friends but I don't think we're gay. I had found some porno magazines and we both looked through them as we discussed what was being done in the photos (as our cocks enlarged awaiting release). We couldn't help wondering why so many guys like to stick it in the rear. Neither of us had any desire to do that, especially to each other but, we found that we both enjoyed being in bed with each other and rubbing our bodies together. So here's what we decided to try. This technique will only work with a JO buddy that is a really good friend. It is partially based on the 'sandwich bag between the mattresses and box spring' idea. Both of us had done that together but there was no contact between us, so basically that was a solo. This technique usually follows some preliminary activity (we're both ready to move to climax). (Do the initial preparation ahead of time.) Take a plastic garbage bag, not a giant one, and from the open end cut about 20' down so that now you have a plastic sleeve open at both ends. I would suggest using a bag that was about 10' more than your waist. Flip a coin to see who goes on the bottom first, use a lot of lub on your cock and slip into the sleeve so it covers your butt. Lay on the bed, be sure to cover the bed with something that won't get stained, this can get messy. If you're like me you're not going to like the next instruction but wait until you try it. Just relax, your buddy needs to tuck the plastic down into you ass crack, nice and snug and smooth. Believe it or not, this can be a turn on to both of you. Now get some more lub (I discovered Alboleen one day in our closet-it works great) and distribute it liberally on your cock. Now lay your cock between your partners buns and hump away. Your partner can move and tighten his buns on your cock, or you can press his buns in as tight as you want. He can pump his lubed cock into the bed if he wants, the lub makes it slippery and warm on the plastic. The warmth of his body, his own movement and that fact that it is another person make this technique really hot. It won't be long before you're shooting a really big load. We've both cum together using this technique and is unbelievable. Enjoy!



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