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Beneath All That Hair

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A hidden, surprisingly sensual feeling.


  My wife was sucking on my nipples, which I enjoy very much one time and jokingly said how she wished my chest hair didn't get stuck between her teeth, so I told her I had to go pee, which was a lie. I stood in front of our bathroom mirror, spreading shaving cream across my chest and getting ready to shave them bare for the first time. I pulled the razor blade across my left breast, which quickly plugged up with my long chest hair and after washing it clean I continued shaving. It took many strokes, before my tit felt fairly smooth and moved to do the same to my right breast. I washed whatever shaving cream remained on my chest and admired just how nice my tit's actually looked being bare and I most definietly loved how they felt.

 I use to lift weights when I was younger and developed some large pectoral muscles, but after stopping many years ago a great deal of chest hair had grown covering them, so I actually never knew what they looked like. Once I had removed most of my chest hair I was looking in amazment at a perfectly formed set of tit's hidden beneath all that hair and as I felt them up I got one of the biggest and hardest erections of my life. 

  I got back into our bed with my heart racing and barely able to keep from cumming from this new experience and when my wife felt my breast's she said "You shaved the hair off" and immediately nursed on my nipples like never before and enjoyed feeling how smooth and sexy my tit's felt. It only took a minute, or two before I had my first hands free orgazm from her just sucking my nipple and feeling me up, while giving me such an amazing feeling of having no control over my cock and making me cum harder then ever before.

 I really like to see my tit's looking real smooth, because both my wife and I find it to be be a very sexy feeling and I do my best to always try and keep them shaved for both our pleasure. It has surely increased my wife's willingness to feel them up and suck my nipples on a much more regular basis. She get's so turned on by loving my tit's at times it's almost like a lesbian side hidden within her comes to life, but I'm not going to complain and let her have her way with me and just enjoy how great it feels.



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