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Teaching My Little Sister

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My sister was 13 and I was 15 when we had some fun at the pool!


One day I decided to go to my local swimming pool with my little sister. We had always gone with our parents, and this was the first time with just me and her. We have an Asian background but our skin is fairly light. My sister had straight black hair that went just past her shoulders and I had short, spiky black hair. We both have brown eyes and people sometimes comment on how our eyes are bigger than most Asians. For the most part, my sister and I get along well - though there is the occasional argument.

It was quite a warm day - not too hot, not too cold. When we entered the pool there was barely anyone there - just a few families and some teens, but this wasn't too surprising as the weather was fine. She went into the female change room to change into her swimsuit and I went into the males. We came out at almost the same time. When I saw my little sister in her pink one-piece my jaw dropped! I hadn't seen her in a swimsuit for a while, so I was shocked at how fast her body was developing. She didn't have big breasts - just small nipples that stuck out an inch or two - but she had grown noticeably taller to the point where her swimsuit seemed a bit too small for her. I had on a pair of plain black shorts.

The pool was divided into an indoor and outdoor section. The indoor section contained the leisure pools, which were only a few feet deep. The outdoor section had a great 50m Olympic sized pool. We spent only half an hour splashing around in the indoor pools. Most of our time was spent in the outdoor section. For a while we just did our own thing - swimming laps back and forth in our lanes. My sister is a good swimmer and I'm a mediocre one, so our speeds were fairly similar. Anyway, after we swam laps we pretty much spent the rest of our time mucking around in the water and chasing each other. 

There was a point while I was chasing her that I accidentally caught her and my hand brushed against her boobs. I immediately apologised and quickly looked away from her in embarrassment, feeling my penis growing underneath the water. She didn't seem to mind, however. In fact, she giggled a bit, gingerly swam towards me and reached her hand under the water. For a second I wasn't sure what was going on but then I felt something touch my balls - my sister's hand! "Wow, it seems to have gotten pretty big!'' she said, making me even more embarassed. After that I didn't feel like swimming much anymore so I got out of the pool and sat on a bench. My sister followed a few minutes later.

We decided it was time to go and made our way towards the change rooms. Just as I was about to enter the male change rooms, I felt my sister nudge me and point to one of the family change rooms nearby, which didn't have anyone using them. Before I could ask her why she wanted to use those change rooms, she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the family change room and locked the door. I had never been inside one - everytime our family came to the pool I always went with our dad and my sister always went with our mum. 

The family change room was fairly basic: it only had some benches, a shower and a toilet. My sister had her back to me and was taking off her swimsuit. I watched in awe as she took of the left shoulder strap, then the right one and with both hands pulled the swimsuit down to reveal a nice smooth back and a gorgeous, cute bum! I watched as the suit slithered down her legs before dropping to her ankles. She turned her head around to face me and said jokingly ''Hey! Stop looking you perv!''. I mumbled sorry and looked down as she put her swimsuit into a plastic bag and walked towards the shower. I could hear her turn the shower on and water hitting the hard ground. I glanced up, intending to only take a quick peek, but when I saw her body I couldn't look away. Her nipples had gotten big and puffy and she had a bit of pubic hair surrounding her vagina. The water running down her body looked stunning. My penis was swelling like crazy now, straining to get out of my shorts.

I felt mixed emotions of excitement and guilt. It was nice to see a girl naked, but this was my sister. Was it right to be staring at her? Was it weird that I was popping a boner? Did she bring me in here just to have fun with me and later tell our parents? No, I thought, she wasn't that type of sister. After a minute of showering she turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. Aww, no more cute naked body. She gestured to me that it was my turn to shower, so I took off my wet shorts and quickly hopped under the shower, with my hard boner facing away from her. ''Hey, nice butt!'' she began to tease me. I turned my body around to say something back to her, but I stopped when I saw my little sister's eyes lit up as my 5 inch boner popped into full view.

''Wow, it's REALLY grown a lot from when I last saw it!'' she gasped excitedly, ''is it always like that?''. ''Only when thinking about cute, naked girls'' I said, and my sister blushed. Ha! Now she was embarrassed! She was sitting on the bench with her towel covering most of her body. She went on to ask me if there was any way to make my boner go down and I told her I had to wait or jerk off. She looked puzzled at the term and told me she had heard it before but didn't know what it meant. I explained to her that boys could stroke their penis up and down to make white stuff come out, while girls rubbed themselves to get a similar feeling, but without the white stuff.

My little sister immediately perked up, asking me to show her this ''white stuff''. I told her it would be easier if I saw a naked body. She didn't say anything - just stood up and left her towel on the bench, revealing her whole naked body in all its glory. I couldn't hold it anymore. My right hand began furiously while I used my left hand to tickle my balls and play with my nipples, alternating between them. While I was doing this I was staring at my sister's small pointy boobs and slightly hairy vagina. I couldn't believe my little sister was completely naked just a few feet from me! I stared long and hard at her pussy as I got that ''feeling'' from deep in my balls, steadily flowing through my penis before erupting from the tip. Ropes of cum shot out and landed on my sister's legs. The last few drops fell onto the floor. 

I was physically exhausted. I actually felt energy flow out of my body as I fell to my knees. My sister rushed over with a look of concern on her face. I smiled at her, reassuring her that people always feel tired after masturbating. This seemed to put her at ease and we sat down on a bench close to each other, our naked legs touching. She told me that my ejaculation was a thrill to watch and I secretly felt pleased. Then she said she wanted to try for herself. She used both hands to open the folds of her vagina, giving me a detailed peek at the tunnels inside and the tiny little clit just begging to be touched. I used one of my fingers to gently touch her clit and she let out a small giggle as I did so. ''This is what you touch,'' I explained to her. ''You can swirl it around or press it or do whatever you feel like''.

I left her to experiment. She began to swirl a finger around her clit for a while, before rubbing her whole vagina up and down with both her hands. This continued for a few minutes but nothing seemed to work. I could see my sister start to get sad and frustrated because nothing was working for her. She was aggresively swiping up and down, making the whole area red, but still nothing. Her eyes began to get watery from her sadness and she turned to me to say ''please help''. I held onto her hands with my left hand to soothe her. With my right hand I began to swirl her clit around and pressing it in, gradually increasing in strength. When her eyes had stopped watering, my left hand let go of her hands and I used some fingers of my left hand to penetrate my sister's hole.

I had only been doing this for a minute when I felt the walls of my little sister's vagina start to close in on my fingers. She gasped at first, then came a soft moan, then finally a slighly louder one. Her vagina clenched around my fingers as clear gooey liquid surrounded them, flowing out of her vagina like a fountain. I took my fingers out, keeping my right hand gently pressed on her stomach. I watched as her pee flowed out - obviously she was very excited. When all the liquid had flowed out, both of us sat back on the bench, panting.

I decided to make a light-hearted joke: ''Jeez, I thought you were potty trained'' I said with a laugh. ''Shut up'' she retorted, gently slapping my face out of annoyance, before chuckling to herself. I asked her if she had fun with me and wanted to do it again. She said YES straight away. We showered one last time, hugging each other under the water. We changed back into regular clothes and went out of the pool, stopping briefly at the pool's store to look at swimwear. As we headed home, both of us knew our relationship would never be the same again.



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