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At Camp

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I went to summer camp in Pennsylvania all throughout junior high. When I was in 11th grade in high school I became a counselor for the junior high group.

The camp was very rustic with groups of cabins in the woods surrounding the washhouse where there were toilets, running water and electricty. There were only three showers for all the guys in the camp, located near the main messhall. I have great memories of waiting around naked or in my underwear for the guy ahead of me to finish up. Saw lots of morning chubbies there.

When I was a camper I guess I was too tired at night to notice the squeaking beds. As a counselor, however, the very first night when I made the guys turn off their flashlights I laid down and not 10 minutes went by when I heard one of the beds start to squeak. Now there were eight beds in the cabin in total, so it could be any of the guys on the other side of the room-I didn't want to make a big deal of it so just kept quiet. Soon enough I heard the squeaking speed up, then stop-must have shot his load. I got pretty hot imagining one of the guys covered in fresh hot jizz, and wondered what he did with it. Was it Matt the soccer player from Deleware, or Franky that guido kid from downtown Philly? Or it could have been the shy nerdy guy Phil from Maryland...

Anyway, incredibly, about 15 minutes later I heard another bed start to squeak. At this point I was annoyed at being kept awake and also pretty horny since I usually jerk off every day. So I figured, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I pulled sleeping bag down and poked by dick out the fly of my boxers and went at it. Since I'm uncut I don't need lube so I can usually be pretty quiet. However these beds were ancient-cots really, and no matter how steathily I tried to stroke it, the bed squeaked. I think I heard another bed join in, so I just went at it. I stifled a moan as I shot a load all over my chest and boxers...then just went to bed. Since there was no electricity I didn't have to worry about anyone turning the light on to reveal my mess.

The next morning, I broke the ice by saying 'Damn these beds are really hard and uncomfortable, and crazy squeaky-hope I didn't keep anyone awake!!' I think this made other guys feel less shy since they had an excuse to make the bed squeak. For the next two weeks after lights out you could hear several beds squeak away. On a hot night the smell of splooge was overwhelming, luckily there were huge screen windows and a steady breeze to air it out. Besides some of these guys wore the same clothes every day if I didn't beat them over the head with their dirty underwear-junior high boys are pretty nasty when left alone!

The following year some of my campers were a bit more daring, but that's another story.



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