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Walking in on Uni Mates

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I started university this year and was relieved to get a room in one of the many little houses included in the student accommodation. All single sex, about six rooms to a house plus kitchen a bathroom and living room. So I met my six housemates in September and we all get on pretty well though I'm out most of the time. Since all the rooms or singles, the subject of wanking never came up of course. As I reckon most blokes do, we joked and stuff but other than that nothing.

I was shocked then when one day I came back from a class hungry. I made no attempt to be quite as came through the front door into the kitchen and searched the cupboards for something edible, or at least in date! I settled on cereal in the end, walked through the kitchen into the narrow hallway slurping up my Cheerios, making no attempt at being quiet, entered the living room to find all five of my house mates sitting around the TV, some on the settee, some on the floor, just having a wank!

A couple of them jumped but all of them stopped. One guy-we can call him Jim-just went 'Oh hey' and made to carry on until he realised I was just staring in shock. It would have been silent if it weren't for the moans off of the TV as I just looked at the guys and they looked at me. For those of you who are interested none of us are particularly athletic but we're not nerdy or ugly either. Everybody seemed to be perfectly adequate not that I looked very long and I wasn't threatened in the slightest, just embarrassed.

I just said, 'Sorry.' I didn't know what else to do and left, closing the door behind me and went up stairs to my room where I finished my cereal and just tried to make sense of what had happened. I heard voices down stairs so I just lay back and thought about them. It felt very weird!

Next thing I know there were thuds up the stairs and Carl appeared in the doorway looking flustered with an obvious boner in his trousers (I guess he saw no point in trying to hide it now) and said in a totally normal tone of voice, not embarrassed or shaky just slightly out of breath, 'The guys want you to come join in.'

Now what do you say to something like that!!!

I just stared at him, his face was very serious as he walked into my room and sat on my desk, his poked up and I just wanted to laugh. 'Come on it'll be laugh, everyone does it, well not with other people there but still!' he said or words to that effect. He tried to persuade me to come down but I couldn't think of anything to make me more unhorny. Well he disappeared downstairs eventually and I guess they finished up.

After that for maybe a couple of weeks there was some atmosphere in the house and I didn't like being in there for too long, I didn't have a problem with what they were doing, they just seemed a little hostile. Particularly Jim who cornered me one morning as I was leaving and warned me not to tell anyone because is he's so tough, I tried not to laugh.

Of course eventually it came to a point where we were all sat around the kitchen table talking about it, and apparently they had done before and since and it was very good and I should try it, I wouldn't but I said I had no problem with them and I wasn't going to tell anybody, which half cleared the air. We celebrated that night. I just woke up the next morning in the living room.

Everybody else was in the living room asleep as well and I was behind the settee, I woke up with a splitting headache and sat up rubbing my head. Jim was in the kitchen frying us all breakfast (bacon butties and coffee). I got off of the floor a collapsed onto the settee, which in turn meant crashing on Graham's legs. He sat up as and squinted in the light; everybody else was already awake, though they looked pretty dead.

Carl crawled over to the TV to put that on and perhaps a little predictably though it surprised me at the time the porn came on. I said something about turning it off but everyone else wanted to watch so majority ruled. We laughed at the absurd story lines as Jim walked in and out with a coffee and bacon sandwiches. When he finally sat down some woman was already masturbating in front of loads of war prisoners to try and get information out of them.

We were laughing and talking over it at first and then eventually I just realised, the room had gone quite and everybody (including me) had finished their sandwiches and was just fixated to the porn! The only difference was I was trying to conceal my boner.

I could see where this was going so I acted as if I were going to be sick and ran, clutching my stomach, though I was actually just hiding my boner up into the bathroom. Flustered I undid my trousers and had barely got my dick out when the door hit me in the back, I stumbled forward and turned to see Carl looking at me with a smug grin on his face, 'Just checking to see if you're alright,' he said. I just scowled at him.

'If I'd known you were having a wank I would have left you alone!' he shouted on purpose and lo, Jim and everybody came running up the stairs and were in the bathroom or at least the doorway before I could whip it away.

I don't know how it happened but I agreed just to go watch the porn, but I'm glad it did. Jim was the first to whip his dick out and start thrashing away at it. I just remember him going very red in the face and he whimpered very slightly. Everybody (myself included) was caressing their boners through their trousers, though I was the only one trying to conceal the fact behind the arm of the settee. That only served to make the guys look at me more!

Jim started to get really into wanking off before anybody else had even started and he began panting and twitch and then suddenly stopped short of cumming I guess and breathed. Eventually he just said, 'We gotta see what John can do,' and the guys all looked at me a laughed.

Graham went and brought the little table into the living room and dropped his trousers, everybody else did the same, and I don't know what came over me I just became very turned on and my nervous, half-hearted boner just turned to stone! I even had trouble getting my button undone to drop my trousers, and struggled to get my boxers over the top of the damn thing.

Everybody set off including myself, no rules or anything we were just supposed to shoot our wad over the little black table. Jim was the first to cum, his face went very red and he almost toppled the table as he leant on it and started to spasm shooting blobs all over the table. Next thing Graham suddenly looked very concentrated, dropped his chin to his chest and started breathing deeply with his eyes close. I just watched in awe as every muscle just tensed up and after a while of insane thrashing of is dick Graham's legs buckled and he shot one clear ribbon of cum across the black table and then just let drops dribble from the end. Jim and Graham both collapsed onto the settee leaving Carl, me and Todd tugging away.

Todd came around about the same time as me so I don't know what he was like because I just felt very warm in face and closed my eyes to concentrate on the tingles. They like always started down beneath my balls, which were becoming very sweaty by now but the sensations were heightened because I knew I was in company!

It grew into my stomach and I found my heart racing faster and faster my stomach muscles tensing; and I suddenly had to breathe out. All of my back, my fist, my arms became tense. For some reason, I began to tense my jaw my eyes still closed I gasped as the sensations stopped and became very located in my groin, the pressure built and built and BUILT! RELEASE!!! I couldn't keep it in anymore and had to moan and it was a lot louder than I had intended I actually shocked my self as I shot further than before and since! Three, maybe four, ribbons strewn across the table joining blobs and strings of cum highlighted by the black of the table!

My dick kept going for ages after the initial ribbons, tensing and forcing out seemingly pathetic dribbles of semen that just trickled over my knuckles. I collapsed onto the settee and sighed deeply. Carl was the last to come he was quite funny because he fell over! But I've had a lot of fun since then and I'm grateful to my mates for making the effort and allowing me to be part of their little group.



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