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Tell me how.


after reading the story, "tell Me How," A friend of mine thought it would be neat if I would write him a set of instructions that he could follow to have a really good orgasm, and then he could tell me all about it. I thought it would be neat too, and the following is what I wrote. See what you think, or even give it a try for yourself.

I thought I'd try your suggestion and write out some instructions for you to have a good jackoff cession. So, here goes.

First, make sure that you load up your computer with a long playlist of really hot porn files so you'll have some extra stimulation. You might want to get a towel. This could
be pretty messy! And of course some lotion. Now take off all your clothes except for your underwear, and sit back in your chair. With the fingers of one hand, begin rubbing
up and down your shaft very slowly. When you start to get hard, use your other hand to squeeze the head through your underwear. If you don't wear underwear, you can do this without
them, but it feels better with them. Wrap the fist of your squeezing hand around the head and squeeze and release pretty quickly, (about 4 or 5 squeezes per second.) Keep rubbing
your fingers up and down the shaft with your other hand. Do this for a few minutes and see how it makes you feel. Does it feel like it could get you off?
Now take your underwear off and sit back down in the chair. get your lotion and squeeze a little in to the palm of one hand. Now with your lubed hand, take your cock in your fist
and begin stroking up and down very slowly. You will want to apply a slightly firm grip. Tighten your grip as you go down, and loosen it as you come back up. You might also
find it pleasurable to thrust your hips upward as your hand glides down your shaft. It might also feel good to rub your thumb over the head as you come up. With your other hand,
play with your balls and explore between your legs. Rub your fingers over your asshole, and then play with your balls some more, all the while stroking nice and slow with your
lubed palm. Bring yourself to the edge several times. When you don't think you can hold back much longer, put more lotion in your hand. You'll want a little extra this time.
Now rub your palms together, then take your cock between your palms. Squeeze your cock between your palms as you move them up and down your shaft. You
should be very very hard right now. Actually, I wish I could lay you back and do this for you. Anyway, now begin rolling your cock back and forth between your palms. You'll
want to do this very fast. Just keep rolling it, and thrusting your hips upward, pushing your dick further into your palms. When you feel you are about to cum, go ahead and let
it fly. This will be one of the strongest orgasms you've ever had. I sure wish I had a video of it complete with sound! Of course, it goes without saying, that the longer you make your cession last, the stronger your orgasm will be. If you try it, I'd love to hear all about the results. I always love hearing about different jackoff techniques.



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