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Army Barracks Experiences

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I recently told a friend about an experience I had while in the Army. That got me thinking about other experiences which I have never shared which I would like to tell now.


For over a year and a half I had the same bed in a barracks at Fort Hood. The room was a large rectangle with eight beds on the two longer sides. Between the beds there were temporary partitions so you couldn't see your neighbors to the right or left. But each bay was open to the center isle, so you could easily see into the bay across from you. The bed across from me had at least three different occupants during the time I was there.

Only one time in my life have I gotten an erection just from looking at a nude guy. This guy whose bed was right across from mine, had the most beautiful body I have ever seen, and one night he was parading around nude and I got hard. I was in bed so he didn't know he gave me a hardon. Most of the time I need more visual stimulation to get hard. Watching another guy jerk off will get me hard in no time. In fact, in those days I could just think about watching another guy jerk off and I would get hard and orgasm without even touching myself.

Another occupant of the bed was a nice guy named Peter. He liked to lie on his bed reading in the nude. He had a dick which when soft was about 6' long. He also had a thick bush of curly red hair above his dick. When he was lying down he had his dick pointing to his chest and it came up from his body, over his pubic hair and then down onto this tummy; the whole being in the shape of a fermata sign. So while he was looking at his book I was looking at his penis. I only saw him jerk off once. The singular thing I remember about it was that he put a bath towel on his front to catch the cum. A unique thing about him was his nipples. Most people's nipples are a shade darker than the surrounding skin. Well, Peter's nipples were pure white. One time he was wearing a mesh shirt and he came over to my bay to show me his erect nipples poking thru the mesh. Interesting sight.

John was another nice guy who occupied the bed. John was not Mormon but his most favorite book was the Book of Mormon. As a literary work he knew it better than I and I'm a Mormon. At night he was visibly anxious to go to bed and for the others in the barracks to go to bed. The others might not have noticed but I did because I knew his secret. John was a master masturbator. He knew the art of giving himself multiple orgasms. After I have an orgasm my penis goes soft and doesn't want to be touched for awhile. But after John had an orgasm it stayed hard and a couple of minutes latter he'd have another orgasm. In a 20 minute period of time he'd have 10 orgasms. Watching him was another interesting sight. I wish now I had had the courage then to ask him for lessons. Oh well.



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