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My Cousin and I First Time

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Ok so I'm 18 and my story happened last year... I went to our family's beach house with my aunts and cousins...

All my family had to go back to our home but I had a day off from school so I got to stay there one more day with my aunt and two of my cousins, there were two beds available, one bunk bed with two levels and one regular bed... My girl cousin was thrilled about the bunk bed and she wanted to sleep on the top bed so my aunt decided to sleep in that room on the lower bed and asked me if I could sleep with boy cousin on the same bed and I said it was okay. 

He's short skinny, light brown hair, and pretty cute... He looks and acts much younger for his age... (still playing on his nintendo ds) still hadn't reach puberty yet.

I got ready to bed and my cousin was already sleeping so I tried to be quiet and got inside the sheets without waking him up. When I was asleep, my cousin started moving like kicking and putting his arm on my chest, I was okay with that, I didn't want to wake him up or bother him so I just let him.

Then suddenly he moved his leg and put it on top of me in his sleep. His knee was touching my dick so I started to get hard. I just couldn't help it my dick was getting bigger. I tried to avoid it and moved his leg gently and then turned around and laid on my face.

My hand was upside down next to him, and all of a sudden he turned around too and laid on his face, letting his dick rest right on the palm of my hand. I was a little nervous but I could not resist and started moving my fingers caressing his small bulge down his shorts. I felt how his dick started to get an erection. I can clearly remember how his dick slowly moved and grew bigger. 

Like one minute after I started rubbing his bulge he woke up and streched and yawned, he saw that I was almost awake too, and told me he had a dream about himself playing with his penis, and he showed me his fully erect dick with his boxer shorts on. He asked me if I ever wake up with my dick all stiff like his, I said 'yes' and explained to him it was normal, he asked me about wet dreams and we vaguely talked about it. I mentioned about dry orgasms and masturbation and I told him that he will soon squirt a sticky liquid out of his penis and not to freak out when that happens (I was scared my first time) He was so curious about all the masturbation talk and asked me if I could masturbate so he could see how it is and show him on his penis.

I was pretty nervous but I told him I'd do that if he promised he wouldn't tell anybody about this. So I got my boxers off and started jacking off, my cousin just stared there. Like three minutes later I cummed all over my stomach and chest, John was amazed he got a closer look at my semen and said it was so cool that I could do that. I cleaned myself up.

Then he took off his boxers and looked at me waiting for me to teach him how to do it. He was uncircumcised and he had an almost four inch thin dick, he was fully erect when he took off his boxers.

I kind of doubted about doing it, but he insisted, so I reached his penis and grabbed it just with my thumb and index finger, up and down, caressing it. Trying not to hurt him then he suggested me to go faster just like I did with my dick so I told him to ask me to stop if it hurt. He was smiling and 90 seconds later he asked me to stop saying he was feeling really weird like a heart attack. I explained it was normal and told him to trust me so I kept rubbing until he closed his eyes and his hips started throbbing. 

His butt got tense as I told him to stay calm and enjoy that feeling on his dick because I knew he was reaching an orgasm. He did not squirt any cum but just laid on the bed surprised, still processing what just happened to him. I just caressed his chest. I also told him it was okay to jack off in private. He said it felt great and it was the funniest feeling he ever had. He also said he'd try it again another time. 

He thanked me saying that I was like his older brother, and hugged me after that, we fell asleep almost naked and close to each other. Now we are very close friends and I really see him like my little brother. 

Hope you liked my first post here. It's a real story btw.



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