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Another Sister Story Part 2

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Continuing directly from my previous story.


It was a couple of days before Angie and I had our fun again. Melissa hadn't properly lined up her own vacation, so the first week we were there, she was off at work. Luciana was left to watch us when she could. There was the first day at the pond, and then the second day Luciana took us to town. On the third day, Luciana went to spend the day with some of her old friends, leaving Angie and I alone at the house until evening.

I woke up late that morning. I came downstairs and found Angie watching TV. She was wearing a long, baggy t-shirt. I assumed she had something on underneath. She told me she was waiting for me to get up before she went off to the pond. While I ate some breakfast, Angie went about making sandwiches for us to take. As she reached for something up high, her shirt lifted, and for the briefest moment I saw the pale white of her butt. I knew immediately she was naked underneath. I felt my cock move slightly.

I finished my cereal, Angie packed the sandwiches and drinks and we walked down to the pond. This was the first time Angie and I were really alone together on the trip since our first little masturbation session. I wanted to talk to her about it, but I didn't want her to think I had been obsessing about it. I knew it was probably a one time thing and didn't want to make things weird between us. So we mostly talked about music.

We reached the pond, and much to my delight, Angie pulled off her shirt and there she was, naked as she had been the last time at the pond. I took in the gorgeous sight of her perfect little body, her tits, her round butt, her trimmed pubic patch. The tan lines drove me insane, and I could instantly feel my cock pushing against my shorts.

Angie noticed I was tenting and giggled. She didn't say anything, though, and jumped into the water. I quickly tore off my shorts and joined her, and for the next hour we swam like kids. After that, we tread water and chatted, and then we rested on the rocks for a while. We were a little quiet then.

For some reason, I suddenly felt bold. I asked Angie how far she went with her ex-boyfriend. She didn't miss a beat. 'We had sex.' I could feel my dick start getting hard again. 'Wow,' squeaked in response. 'What's it like?' Angie giggled. 'Don't be a perv, Charlie.' She looked over at me and noticed that I was again getting a boner. She giggled again, pretending to be grossed out.

And then she asked me 'have you jerked off since the other day?' I shook my head. She smiled a little and said 'well then go ahead. I don't mind.' I was a little hesitant at first. 'Are you sure,' I asked? She giggled a little and said 'yeah, I kinda need to also.' And then I noticed that her hand was down between her legs, gently playing with her slit.

That was all I needed. I grabbed hold of my cock and started jerking, watching my sister play. She watched me, and turned to her side, giving me a better view as she rubbed her clit. She began to moan again, and rubbed harder as I jerked faster. I finally came, spurting out thick gobs of cum onto the rock next to me. That sent Angie over the edge, and she started to squeal with her own orgasm.

Angie laid back and spread herself across the rock, letting the sun beat down on her. She smiled in the afterglow. I caught my breath, still jerking slightly as my boner went down, still looking intently at my naked sister. She looked at me and smiled. 'Time for lunch.'

We ate our lunch and spent more time in the pond before finally heading to the house before Luciana or Melissa got home. Angie wanted to shower, and invited me to shower with her.

The shower was a bit on the small side, so with both of us in there we didn't have much room to maneouver in. I didn't mind, since it gave me constant excuses to touch my sister. I kept touching her butt and loved the feeling of it. My cock started to get hard again, and this time Angie grabbed hold of it and jerked it. I reached down between her legs and felt her slit, feeling around until I found her little opening and sliding my finger inside. I came, she came, we finished our shower, and stepped out to find Luciana in the bathroom. We hadn't locked the door. We both knew we were in trouble.



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