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Still Learning

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Girls know way more than they let on!


I wrote a while back about my Aunt Christy and how I came to live in their carriage house apartment. My Aunt keeps her saddle vibrator in my apartment so we can share mutual masturbation and to hide it from her husband when he is home. He is away a lot. All was good until my girlfriend found the machine, how she knew what it was without any attachments is beyond me, she begged me to use it. My Aunt was very specific that no one could know she had it. She kept all the attachments in the house so she could clean them. My girl friend kept begging, she swore she would not tell a sole.

I went unto my Aunt's house one afternoon under the guise needing to use some of my uncle's tools. I was never in the house unless invited and all of our masturbation sessions were in my apartment usually during the day. I searched high and low but I never found the attachments. When I reported that back to my girlfriend she was visibly pissed, she said I was not trying hard enough, she wanted to be let in to help me search. So in we went I had looked everywhere I was confident Kate would not find them. I just wanted to get things back to normal.

As we were in my Aunts bedroom I heard the hall door open my Aunt had come home from work for dinner and was about to catch us in her bedroom. I was scared shitless, my cheap apartment, my relationship with my Aunt and, the potential of being beaten to a pulp by my Uncle and an embarrassed to my family, all hung in the balance. I knew I had crossed the line and I had no explanation.

My girlfriend whispered lets pretend we came here to make love. I was like a dear in the headlights as my girlfriend half stripped us both and pushed me on the bed and started moaning real loud and yelling my name. I didn't know what end was up. When my aunt appeared at the door we both jumped and scrambled for our clothes. My Aunt with a silly grin asked what was going on. I was still in a state of shock and didn't say a word. Kate started apologizing profusely, and said it was all her fault, that she thought my aunt was the hottest thing in the world, and just wanted to make it with me in her bed. Christy looked at me and then back to my girl friend. I didn't say a word I just hung my head. Christy told us to get dressed and meet her downstairs for dinner and we would discuss what had gone on.

Between the sly grin, the invite to a meal and Christie's mock anger. I knew my worst fears would not be materialized. But my Aunt set my girlfriend straight about being in her house. This was fine with me. I knew I should not have been in her house especially not looking for sex toy attachments, that I had been sworn to secrecy on. My Aunt did do something that did surprise me, she invited Kate and I out to dinner and show, later that week. That night Christy was dressed to kill in a new dress, and heels that she normally wore out with her husband. When she wanted to get me hot and bothered all she needed to do was order out and wear a tea shirt or camisole without a bra and I was ready for fun.

She had never invited me out alone. I was wondering what was up. My girl friend was dressed pretty hot as well, but she did not look anywhere near as refined and my Aunt. We had a nice evening and Christy invited us in for drinks. Christy and Kate had been exchanging glances all evening. We got to talking about the show and agreed it was good. It was part of a series. Christy invited Kate and me to the next one. Kate said that she would have to go shopping because she did not want to wear the same thing and she said she felt underdressed. Christy offered to take Kate shopping. I started to put two and two together. I'm not sure what Kate figured was going on; I think she was planning to leverage the friendship for a ride on the saddle vibe, a toy that she was not supposed to know anything about.

Later that night I told Kate that if she told Christy she knew about the vibrator, that I would have her for lunch. (Not in a good way).

When the girls came back from their shopping trip they were getting along like they had known each other for years. Kate had a bunch of new clothes, way more than she could have afforded. Christy said Kate needed to look good if she was to be seen in public with Christy and I. Kate showed me some things later that had nothing to do with being seen in public. Christy had bought her some sheer teas and a camisole that was way to shear to be worn under a jacket. It was exactly what Christy knew would turn me on. I wondered what else they had discussed. Before the shopping trip Kate pressed Christy about didn't she get horny with here husband away and stuff like that.

Kate seemed to switch gears after the day of the shopping trip. Instead of pressing me to find the attachments, she wanted me to buy her, her own attachments. I knew Kate was not going to back down, and I figured Christy would never know. I told Kate that if I bought her some attachments, she had to swear not to ever mention about the machine or how Christy got on with her husband away, and stuff like that. She agreed so we went online and she picked out two attachments. She picked one that was the same one Christy used all the time, and one other that Christy only used when she had recently been with her husband. Kate is one that always knows what she wants and goes after what she wants who was I to argue as far as Kate knew I was just storing the machine. I figured all women must have the same tastes. I should have guessed that there was more to it.

The attachments came in about three days Kate asked me daily if they had come in. I was tied up working crazy hours with my summer job and I knew if I told Kate they were in she would be at my apartment in a flash. Kate never is over when I out and I did not want to miss the first show so I put her off for a few days. The first day I had off was the day after our next night out with Christy. I let it slip that day that they came in. I half expected Kate to cancel our date with Christy, but it did not happen. Kate wanted me to pick her up because she would be too jazzed to drive. The evening went well, the girls kept meeting glances and giggling. It was making me uncomfortable, but they both assured me it was a girl thing.

After the show Christy invited us in for drinks again. Kate said she had an early morning and asked me to 'take her home'. Christy asked me if I was available the next after noon to move some furniture. This was a euphemism we used to mean our masturbation sessions originating from the fact that when we set up the machine in my apartment we had to move the coffee table. I figured I'd be ready for another go by then, and said to call me at three. I knew Kate's excuse was not true. There was no way Kate was going to delay her first ride in the saddle. I went along. We got in the car, and I asked where to. She wanted to go to the pharmacy to get some 'supplies'. She bought lube and massage oil and energy drinks. I figured I was in for a wild night. We got back to my apartment I went in. Kate waited a few minutes to make sure she would not be seen by Christy and snuck in. She already had her panties off when she came in and she was down to that sexy camisole, garter and stockings faster than I could get the machine set up.

Normally when I have a female guest overnight I turn on the light by the door so Christy knows I and the machine are not available. I thought about turning on the light but did not want to show Kate to be a liar about having to go home, so I left it off. Besides Christy and I had an appointment the next afternoon. There is no way she would be over tonight...

As I stripped, Kate lubed up the silicone finger on the machine. I turned on music to drown out the sound of the machine; it's pretty loud when it is turned up. Kate fiddled with the controls absolutely giddy with excitement. She settled down on the machine, and ground away without even turning it on. She was in a world of her own. I clicked on the machine and started massaging her tits through her silk top. It was on like 10% of max and she was lost in a world of her own. I alternated between massaging her and tweaking the controls she nodded and shook here head to give me direction. She lasted a lot longer than I thought she would, but when she came she screamed. She shook uncontrollably whimpering and sighing for more than a minute finally turning off the machine to catch her breath.

I got up to get us some drinks and as I turned I saw Christy in my recliner in only her silk robe with one hand on her breast and the other between her legs. I involuntarily screamed a little myself, which brought Christy out of her trance. I asked her how long she had been there and she stammered 'almost long enough'. She had her bag of attachments beside her she obviously wanted to move furniture before tomorrow.

Kate still trying to catch her breath crawled over to the bag on the floor and took out Christie's attachments one by one. Until she found the finger she swapped it out on the machine and lubed it up and came over to the chair where Christy was still rubbing away.

She took Christy by the hand and led her to the machine. I took off Christie's robe and loaded my hands with warming massage oil. I started working her shoulders, neck and tits and she worked the controls. Kate oiled up her hands and started to work on my prick. My heart was going a mile a minute. I worked away until I lost my load on Christie's back. Kate lapped it up and shared a kiss with Christy. This sent Christy over the edge. The girls took turns on the machine for the next three hours. Until exhaustion overwhelmed the energy drinks. We all had turns at the controls. The Girls agreed that running the controls themselves leads to the fastest orgasm, but my control leads to the most intense orgasm. After two years of practice with Christy I've learned when to back off.

It is not clear to me how much who knew when, but neither girl seems to have a problem with the setup. The ground rules for Kate as far as nothing beyond kissing and masturbation with Christy are the same as Christie's rules for me. Apparently she had a fling with a girl in her dorm before me until things started getting serious. Kate says no guy can do cunny as good as a girl. Kate is kind of bummed about Christie's limitations, but she doesn't want to blow a good thing.



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