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Another Outdoor Orgasm

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First, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am still a virgin at 19. Not unusual when you have been at an all-girls boarding school and live in the country as I do. Second, I have been reading a lot of Solo Touch comments lately and before I start to tell you what I did next, I want to make a more detailed comment on something.


Some people who write comments find it surprising that some girls like peeing, or, should I say, use peeing as a sexual act. Let me try to explain why I think that may be, or at least, why it is that way with me. For a man, peeing outdoors is it seems to me, a dominant and dominating thing. You stand up, for example. Your legs are slightly parted and your cock is out. It is a dominating, dominant and territorially marking event. For a girl, it is different. We have to at least remove (or pull to one side) some clothing. We squat. This is a vulnerable and submissive position. That for me is what makes it work so well. It is utterly private, and something that can be highly arousing if I am seen doing it.

Of course, when a man becomes sexually excited, he gets a hard on. Girls get wet. I for one love the feeling of having wet panties. There is also the fact that from almost day one girls are taught about never letting your panties be seen, always being clean 'down there' and so it is something of a bucking of authority too. I enjoy peeing as part of my limited sex life. It is, I know, not something everyone enjoys and I do not do it all the time, just now and then.

So, to what I did yesterday, and no, this does not involve me peeing.

This time, I went out on the hills near my home. Again, I wore that lovely white summer dress of mine. Again, nothing underneath, and again, I felt horny. This time, however, I wanted something more than to just masturbate outdoors. This time, I hoped to be watched.

I do not know what my sexual preference is. I am very attracted to male sexual imagery. I would love to hold a hard cock and I often fantasize about being fucked. Then again, I would, I think like the touch of another girl. Oh, there was a little kissing and light touching at school, so I should say that I KNOW I like it.. I would just like more of it.

So, I went to the hills near the riding stables. The building work is finished there and the place looks brand new from a distance. The horses are back and business is as usual. There were a few riders hacking out, and two girls were heading in my direction. I decided I would find a spot a little off the track, but not too far and that as they got near, I would make some noises. They would either stop or ride on... either works for me. I found myself the perfect spot. Anyone glancing in my direction.

I sat almost sideways on to the track on a fallen tree trunk. I made sure my dress was up around my waist and that my pussy was visible to anyone who may look from the track. I heard the thud of horses hooves as the pair walked up the track towards me, and I could hear their conversation. It seems that many 'nice' young girls seem to like talking dirty when they are out on their own. These two were talking about the stallions 'cocks' and 'fucking' the mares. I started to turn my attention to my clit and let out some moans. The conversation stopped and so did the horses. I made a point of not looking over my shoulder at the track I wanted to just be seen, not to interact. I began to give my throbbing clit some serious attention and just let out whatever sounds I felt I needed to.

I heard a whispered 'Look. Over there. There she is.' followed by 'Oh My fucking GOD... she's jilling off.' I let myself get into that special rhythm and pressure that I need to get me off. I slipped the dress off my shoulder and let my right breast kiss the sunlight. There was a scuffling of horses hooves but the riders didn't move on. One whispered. 'She's gonna cum... fuck that's horny!' And so I let myself orgasm in front of them. I was thinking about them astride those horses, and imagining them wetting their own panties as they pressed against the saddle watching me jill off. I wondered about their pussies, and how often each girl jilled off. Then, to trip my orgasm, I thought about what panties they were wearing and slipping my hand into them and fingering each girl in turn. (Something I have not done yet,,, well, not UNDER clothes anyway)

My orgasm rolled through me like distant thunder. As the last wave spread through me I glanced over my shoulder. Both girls were flushed and both had clearly visible nipples pressing through their tops. I glanced down and would have loved to say that I saw visible moistness, but the saddles covered that. The girls rode on quickly breaking into a canter. (Which must have helped them press their clits up against the leather!!) They were soon out of sight, but what if... what if they stopped themselves a little further on and got off?

Well, the spring is here, and summer is on the way. This year, before I go off to Uni in September, I intend to lose my virginity. I will give it to a total stranger here on my special hill. Male or female? Ah, that is the question, isn't it?



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