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Not as Innocent as I Look

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I don't know why it went this way, it just did.


Everyone thinks I am a 'good girl'. I attend church regularly, I don't drink and I keep myself and my place tidy.

Oh, but if only they knew! I have two definite sides to me. One is the pure and simple person everyone sees, the other is, umm, well, a whore!

I don't masturbate that much, but when I do I work up to it days in advance. It begins, usually mid-cycle, with that antsy feeling. My miserably small breasts feel firm and highly sensitive, and I get that little knot deep in my tummy. When this happens, I also start to get wetter than usual. And that is when I start my little routine.

I wear skimpy clothes and pick my smallest, prettiest underwear, until I start going about with nothing on under my skirt! Sometimes, I will even role play for several days. Although I am 27, by body kinda stopped developing in any way when I was 16, so I can still do a really convincing schoolgirl. So sometimes I do that. I will dress up, take the bus or train, and make sure I sit in an innocent, but exposed way. Fuck, but it gets me horny. Boys, schoolboys, stare, but so do older men. I wonder what is in their minds because to all intents and purposes I DO look like a schooly. Still, I am not interested in fucking at the moment. It makes me WET!

So, damp between my legs, I will walk back to my home.

This goes on every spare minute I get for about three or four days, by which time I am usually climbing the walls ready for my release.

Last week, I chose a local swimming baths/health club. I put on my school outfit and went there, changed into a 'PE kit' and used the gym until I got really hot and sweaty, something ELSE I like.

There is a machine that makes you cross and uncross your legs and it really gets me to the point. This last time, there was another girl in there who was watching me intently as I used the machine. When I am horny, my whole upper chest and neck flushes up red and although as I said my boobs are very small, they are perfectly formed and the nipples are quite long. It was obvious I was horny!

I hopped off the machine intending to finish myself in the changing rooms. I love the sense of danger that someone might walk in. So as I got off and picked up my towel, I walked past her. She sniffed the air and said 'You're gonna jill off huh?' I looked at her and said 'Maybe', and walked out. She followed.

I wasn't going to NOT cum though. We both walked into the changing room, I opened my locker and got out my uniform and went to a changing cubicle. She walked in behind me and just said, really helplessly, 'Please, can I watch?'

I stripped naked very slowly. Her eyes widened as she saw the mess in my knickers and I tentatively started to touch myself. I have never masturbated in front of another girl before, although always liked the idea. As I got into it, I forgot she was there really until she said 'May I?' and pointed at my discarded knickers. I nodded. She picked them up and slipped her hand between her own legs and smelled me!

I was so fucking RANDY! I wanted to cum, I wanted more, I wanted downright fucking dirty! The orgasm hit me like a train, and just would NOT stop.

She, however, wasn't there yet. She was down to her knickers by this time, and had mine clamped to her face which were hot and pink. In that tight confine, I was almost standing over her which, I think she liked! Then she said 'Pee on me.'

Well, I don't know why but it suddenly seemed really horny to do just that. I pushed my pelvis forward until my pussy was almost touching her, and just relaxed into it. I saw my pee hit just above her tits and run down over her hand and into her panties. Whatever it was, it did it for her and she came long and hard. Her cum continued way after I had finished peeing, and at its very end, I was rewarded with a little kiss!

I slipped on my uniform and walked the short distance home. I smelled of sex. Don't you just LOVE that smell? Rich, earthy, dirty, depraved, beautiful, all of those things and more!

By the time I got home, I was ready for my last fantasy which is to use the largest fruit or vegetable in my place and live out a little 'forced' fantasy. I stayed in the uniform and fantasized about being fucked by a much older man.

Well, that's it for this month. I will tease myself hard for another three weeks before jilling again.



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