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Fastest Cum of All Time

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A laundry hamper.....and literally only a couple of minutes.


Karen. Chris's girlfriend. Me in her room helping o install a new desktop computer.

Karen said "I'll make us some coffee" and went downstairs. 

I quickly scanned her room. Laundry hamper. I listen the lid and there, right on top, was a small pink thong.

Stained at the crotch. A quick smell....mmmmmmmm....fucking lovely.

Hand in panties, thong to face.....rubbing furiously.......No intention of stopping if she comes back....fuck her....if she catches me she has choices....throw me out.....watch me....join in. 

Fuck, I'm close already.....she smells wonderful. I suspect she is a virgin........this is pure cunt.....pure cream.....oh wait...a faint, so faint it's almost undetectable....scent of pee.....ohhh fuck....I'm cummminng..........

Footsteps......thong back in basket....no time for lid...let's hope she doesn't notice.

She puts the tray down and I reach for my coffee. Fucking idiot.....fingers still glistening....and......oh shi...even I can smell sex in the air.

Karen stares at my fingers for a second or two.....then she sniffs. "Oh. Er.....well.....what do we do next?"

I connect the monitor, which involves me kneeling on the floor.....and looking right up her skirt. Stop it Claire! Then keyboard, then mouse, finally, I scrabble around on the floor (disturbing a fucking huge house spider which makes Karen scream and leap o to her bed. She's lying half back, knees up...I can see her crotch......stone me....she's wet. I hold the spider in ,y cupped hands as she screams at me to get it away. 

I take it downstairs and put the t in the garden. When I come back, I notice the laundry hampers lid is back on. Does she know? 

We go through the achingly long Windows setup procedure. Sitting side by side, my left knee touching her right. This girl is none too bright when it comes to computers. We sort out Emil addresses......and I show her how to customise her homepage. Then....then I tell her not to go looking up porn! She is instantly interested so I show her a couple of sites, (not this one...yet). I even ask her what sort of porn she might like. Straight.....lesbian? To my delight she asks for both. I casually ask if she's done anything with another girl yet. She says yes! Kissing, touching breasts over and under clothes....and....touching "down below" over panties.....a couple of times.....at sleepovers. She asks me if I have done anything with another girl. I give her a simple. "Yes. Everything two girls can do to one another" and I leave her to sort that one out herself. 

I ask how far she's gone with Chris, and we end up having a good girly chat. They've kissed (well duh!) and she has given him head. (0h....interesting) "swallow." "Oh..yes. I like the taste of spunk." (Maybe she's not so shy after all) she tells me he had fingered her, but not inside. Then she tells me sh is a virgin...and scared of it hurting. I suggest she did what I did and pop her cherry herself while masturbating. I assume she DOES masturbate? Of yes.....twice a day. I tell her fine....get good and wet, and use a candle. Once it's done it's done! 

Karen looks me straight in the eye. "If you've done it with a girl....I mean...done everything.....do you fancy me?" (Careful here Claire. She knows her laundry hamper has been disturbed, and she isn't s fool.) "Fancy you....isn't the right expression. You are very attractive, and if the opportunity arose, yes, I would like to have some fun with you, but not at the risk of your relationship,wth Chris." (Well, there. It's out in the open now.) she goes quiet. "I've often thought that a girl would,know how to break another girl in better than a boy." (Yuck. I hate that expression "break me in" like I'm some fucking horse) 

I lean forward and place my hand on her knee. To my delight, she allows her knees to part just a fraction. "Look Karen. No one knows a girls anatomy better than another girl. Some girls have hymens that are barely there. Others have hymens with more than one small hole....others have hymens that are really thick, and it hurts like fuck for them. Have you have a look down there? Do you know what you have?"

She shakes her head. I let the silence hang. "Will you have a look for me?" (Bingo!) I casually tell her "sure" while desperately hoping that my pupils haven't given the game away. 

Karen gets back on her bed, feet near her bum and knees together. "Er....what next?" I tell her, again as casually as I can, to just slip her knickers off, and let he run knees flop apart. The moment she does, I am faced with a natural, hairy quim, and I decide there and then, that I am going back to this for a while. I tell her I have to spread her lips to see inside her.

I reached for her outer lips and spread them wide. Her clit is bigger than mine (bitch) and is visibly becoming erect as I touch her. I reach down a little and spread her hole, expecting to see a little rosebud of a hymen any second, but instead, there is nothing. No hymen at all. I open her further until I'm sure......and I let my thumb lightly graze her clit. She gasps, and I see cunt juices start to flow. "Well the good news is that your hymen popped lng ago! It can happen when running, riding a bike....many girls lose their hymens without even noticing." She asks if I'm sure.....does that mean she can fuck without pain? I tell her that i could prove it to her by pushing two fires inside her. She agrees. 

I'm kneeling there...literally wetting myself......all I want to do,is bury my face between her legs and lick her out. Instead, slowly I push to fingers deep in her. I do it slowly partly so she can tell me to stop, partly because this might be as close as I get to fucking her, and I want to enjoy it. She is tight though. Nothing has ever been up here before. I cheat....a little....and curl my fingers to her g spot. At the same time, I let my thumb rest on her clit so that every movement will stimulate her.

"There. You see? I'm fully inside you now. No pain? " she shakes her head. "Now, if a boy were to fuck you, his cock would stretch you more, but it wouldn't hurt, and you would feel this as he moves." I finger fuck her for a few seconds, again my thumb travels up and down her clit with each movement. I notice to my delight that her juices are flowing freely now.

I stop my movements, my fingers still deep inside her. I wait, because I'm sure what she will say. "Please....don't stop." I reply "if you're sure?" She nods and bites her bottom lip. I resume my slow, full length finger fucking. By now, my knickers are a total mess. If she touches me, and there's nothing to say she will, she will find me drenched down there. 

So, I kneel there and finger fuck her until I feel her tense, arch her back, and I feel the regular contractions of an unmistakable,orgasm. She gasps. And even utters a whispered "fuck.....oh fuck." 

I leave my fingers in place as she comes down from if before gently withdrawing them. I turn from her and quickly suck my fingers. They taste better than her panties smelled. I so want her to sit on my face! 

Karen looks so sexy lying there with her legs open. I lie beside her and stroke her hair. "There. You've nothing to worry about. You can go all the way now knowing that you will not have pain, and you won't bleed either. "

She rolls to her side and hugs me. "Is there anything I can do for you?" For a second, I actually consider saying no. But the slut in me says "yes....but only if you want to." "Guide me" is all she says. I take her hand and push it into my panties. Her eyes open wide as she realises I am shaved. Then her fingers find my clit.

She makes no attempt to go inside me, but boy, is she good at clits! 

I come very quickly, and she seems pleased to have helped. 

I drive home, smiling gently to myself because I have a pretty good idea what Chris will be doing tonight.



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