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Another Encounter With Glen

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This is a follow-up to my 'Visiting A Sick Friend' story.


When I saw Glen at school a few days later, he ignored me and walked away when I approached him. I was hurt, but figured he felt guilty about what had happened at his house a few days before (I did a bit too), and thought he would soon get over it. This encounter had been my first with another boy, and although I hated to admit it, I had really enjoyed it. I was also fascinated with the amount of cum he had produced (I still was not producing much), and the fact that he had remained hard for such a long time afterward. His cock continued to stand straight up in his wet underwear and was still hard when I had left his house fifteen minutes later.

After a few more days, I couldn't stand being ignored anymore, so I stopped by his house on a Saturday morning to try to talk to him. As I arrived his parents were just leaving, and they sent me to the back yard where Glen was mowing the grass. The first thing I saw when I turned the corner was my shirtless friend (it was a very hot day), bending over the mower trying to adjust something. I felt a movement in my groin as I followed the line of his glistening back down to his ass crack which was clearly visible because his shorts had fallen a bit. I was very skinny at age 14, and the bulge in my shorts was quite noticeable when I would get a boner, and this was no exception. I tried to pull my shirt down to hide it just as Glen turned around and noticed me.

He stood up quickly and pulled up his shorts, but not before I noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear. I had caught a glimpse of his pubes and the base of his cock before he had covered himself up. Still trying pulling my shirt down, I said 'hi' to Glen who looked at me for a moment, and then smiled that beautiful smile of his, and came over and hugged me. I could smell his sweat and that's all I needed to come to full attention. He had to have felt my boner, but he just pulled away and invited me into the house.

We talked a bit, and I had been right, he had felt guilty that he had 'led' me to do something that I didn't want to do. I assured him in a croaking voice that I had really enjoyed it, and that I really liked him as a friend. He got up and came to sit beside me on the couch and hugged me again. It was too much for me and I just started kissing him, sticking my tongue into his mouth while gasping for air. His tongue found mine and when my hand moved down to his crotch, I found his cock head sticking out of the top of his shorts. It was very wet and slippery (which still didn't happen to me), and as I caressed his throbbing erection, used my free hand to undo his shorts.

I had a raging boner, and knew that it would soon explode with it's usual dribble of cum. I wrapped my hand around his huge cock and started pumping up and down, the pre-cum causing a slurping sound as my hand moved up and down his tool. Our faces drew apart, and as Glen panted and moaned he reached down and let my swollen cock out of my shorts and started to jerk it up and down in a frenzied way. All of sudden he let go of my cock and threw his head back, arched his back and hips and let out what can only be described as a scream. Streams of cum jettisoned from his cock slit (I counted 6 ropes), and flew in all directions. My shirt was once again soaked with his juice, but he had received most of his amazing load on his chest and shoulders.

He continued to gasp for a while, and as his body soon settled back on the couch, he turned his attention back to me. As the cum ran down his chest, he scooped it up and used it as lube while sliding his hand up and down my throbbing cock. This produced the most intense sensations I had ever had and I soon started to thrust my body up and down to the rhythm of his stroking. I placed my hands on his shoulders, feeling my hands slipping in his cum. Soon, I couldn't stand it any more and gave one huge pelvic thrust and my entire body shuddered as I had a mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel my cock spasm about 5 or 6 times, but I only shot one jet of cum, hitting Glen on his cheek.

We both sat back and let our breathing get back to normal before going to clean up. I noticed again that Glen still had a boner (and a big one), so this time I asked him why my cock always went soft very soon after coming and his didn't. He told me ever since he started getting boners they would last sometimes for an hour after 'play had stopped'. He said sometimes he had to tie it into an upright position in his underwear so no one would notice him walking around with a boner.

Seeing Glen's cock still hard turned me on again and when we got to the bathroom I reached down and grabbed it and started masturtbating him again. He said it hurt a bit, but said he wanted to see what would happen if I continued. His cock was as hard as a rock and still oozing a lot of juice, so it was easy for me to slide my hand up and down the shaft. After about a minute he started moaning, and as his body stiffened and his stomach retracted into his abdomen, he gasped for air and spewed a three foot line of cum across the bathroom, hitting the wall above the toilet. Two smaller spurts landed on my thigh and ran down to my knee. He told me that this was the first time he had come twice in a row like that.

Seeing that jet of watery cum shoot out of his cock made me hard again, and Glen tried jerking me off, and although it felt real good for a while, I didn't have an orgasm.

We got dressed and Glen returned to the back yard, with his still hard cock poking its head out the top of his shorts. I walked home with my spent cock flopping back and forth against my balls.



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