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Another day at the office..I thought

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Just another day of work until something makes Friday even better.


Part of my job is to inspect buildings for the public housing projects for issues that may be safety hazards. It's probably the most boring thing I have to do, but it pays the bills. It had been raining almost everyday for about a week, but it finally broke and it turned out to be sunny and warm. A perfect day to go stand around and look at buildings.

I had done this before, and had heard stories from the managers about, drugs, and sex happening just about everywhere, especially the roof. I had also been told of shootings and other things going on. I have never been seen any of it, and today seemed like a nice day with people outside taking in the day. I was enjoying being outside too, especially checking out the girls doing the same in their shorts skirts, yoga pants, shorts and low cut tops.

The combination of being bored, and the sight of all that cleavage, camel toe, and nice buns had me walking around half hard. So being Friday I was looking forward to getting home and getting some, however I could. I had always had a fantasy about being with a working girl, who would do just what I wanted, but the idea of STD's and the fact I usually had a girlfriend, it stayed a fantasy until today. Masturbating has always been part of my sex life, and I get so hot doing it for women, and watching them do it for me. All of my partners have always enjoyed that part of our sex life.

I finished up, except I had to visit the roofs. Which is usually uneventful, so I got in the elevator and hit the button for the top floor. As the door is about to close I see this girl come running to the elevator, so I hold the door for her as she jumped on. She says "Hi" and "Thank you" I notice that she has no bra on, and here small but perky tits are showing through her loose shirt. Being in the mind I was in I had to look her up and down, which just made my cock throb a bit more. She notices that I am looking and she asks "Are you going to work?", and I replied "no I am just finishing up". Her response gave it all away as she asked if I was a cop. I new she was a working girl, and my heart was beating faster, and my cock was growing just with the idea. I answered "no I am just checking the buildings but I am done for the day" She looked at me and asked "do you want to come to my house?". With that the head between my legs took over, and I looked at her with my mouth completely frozen. She took a step to me and asked again "do you want to come to my house" as her hand pressed against the front of my jeans. She looked down as her hand moved up and down "ooohh papi, nice"

I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there, but the head on my shoulders kicked in because I had heard stories of going back to apartments and finding a boyfriend with a bat waiting, and being mugged. Her hand was moving slowly up and down my pants as she asked if she could take care of this for me for $40. At this point there was no turning back, my cock was out of control. I said "ok, but I have a better place, the roof". The idea of being with here, and possibly being caught was amazing. We rode the elevator up, and got out, but we had to climb stair another floor to the roof. We got into the stair, and I said "here is good". She stopped,turned around and her hand went back to my jeans, while undoing my belt and pants and my cock comes flying out at her. She immediately starts to stroke me, and my cock is growing harder. She said "you like my tits?" starring at her chest I said "I'd like to see them" They were small and perky, with her nipples pointing up. I reached out and started playing with them, pulling at her nipples. We were both moaning, and I wondered how much of an act hers was, but I didn't care.

She started to slip her mouth on my shaft, but I stopped her. She looked up and said "why not?". I took her hand and started stroking my shaft with it, "this is what I want". With a smile she answered "OK". I guess figuring this was going to easy. I told her to lay back on the stairs, as I stood over her. I said "I want to see your pussy", and she instantly pulled down her yoga pants with one hand. I could see she had no panties on as she spread her legs. She said "it will be more if you want this". I said "no I just want to see it" She slapped it a couple of times while her other hand is rubbing my balls. Pulling me to her, rubbing the head of my cock on her tits, and the pre-cum flowing onto her chest. I notice her hand was between her legs and she was fingering her pussy. Both of our moans got louder, I could see her watching me as I felt the rhythm of her hand on both of us. She said "Give it to me papi, I want it". My cock exploded all over her, cum shooting all over her tits. I could hear her moaning and saying "give it to me papi". I thought I would be shooting forever, my legs are buckling, and I reach for the handrail.

I look down and see her rubbing my cum on her tits saying "papi so warm...mmmm" while her hand holds my throbbing cock. For a moment I couldn't move, I just watched her as her hand slipped down to her pussy, and started rubbing again. She laid there rubbing her tits with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. I was spent from the orgasm I just had, but watching her my cock wanted more. I could hear her pussy so wet as her finger slipped in and out. A few minutes later, her body tensed up, her hips raised from the stairs and she lets out a moan. I could tell she came, as I just stood there amazed at what had just happened. We stayed for a few minutes, then realized we should move, and as I pulled my pants back on her shirt and pants slipped back on almost instantly. She stood up and looked at me, I reached in to my pocket a pulled out the money as we walked down that stairs.

I got in the elevator and as the door closed she said "it was nice to meet you", which I thought was odd. But I am thinking the building need a more extensive examination, and a couple of more trips may be needed.



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