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Anal Bliss

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Hello, I have been reading this website for one year now, and I find it very interesting.

I am a black male student from Sudan. I now live in Europe in a flat that I share with my cousin Rebecca, who is another female student from Sudan and then one female student from France, Nicole. We are all just good friends and Nicole has a boyfriend, but we are not afraid of being nude in front of each other. My cousin Rebecca and I grew up in the same house and we have no secrets for each other.

In the flat, we still haven't. In the mornings when we are all in a hurry, we are sometimes all in the bathroom at the same time. Now, I have masturbated since the age of twelve, and I am still doing it. Usually I use my hands, but some months ago, I saw an adult photo of a man enjoying himself with his penis in his anus.

Now, I must admit that my anus is very sensitive, and I have stimulated my rectum from time to time and it feels good. So, since I also have a rather long penis which is about 27 cm. when it is semi-soft, I decided to give it a try one day when I was really horny.

Then came the day, and I used lube on my penis and in my anus. I stood in front of a chair, and I bent my penis downwards between my legs until the head of my penis could touch my anus.

I had already lifted my balls out of the way and put them up in my lower abdomen, the place where they used to be in my early days. So, I opened my anus with my fingers and pushed my penis head inside as I sat down on the chair. As I sat down, I felt my penis glide into my rectum. Wow, what a feeling! Then I started to rock my hips back and forth, while I kept one hand pressed between my legs to avoid my penis from slipping out.

As I moved back and forth on the chair, my excitement grew, and so did the sweet tingling that I felt in my anus. My penis tingled too.

Then I started to feel some mild cramps in my bowels. It did not hurt and they felt good and with a sweet itch, but they reminded me of the feeling you have when you need to use the bathroom to do 'number two'.

The feelings and the cramps grew stronger, and suddenly I felt like I had some kind of mild orgasm inside my bowels. But it was an 'anal orgasm' that did not make me orgasm with my penis...yet.

My penis was on fire and I wanted to orgasm with it as well. So I rocked harder and soon I was hit by another wave of anal cramps and sweet itching, but this time it was stronger. I moaned out loud, and without planning it, I pushed against my penis with my inside muscles.

Then I felt a gush of pee spurt out of my penis and into my bowels as another wave hit me. I was shocked and amazed, but totally lost in the mixture of sexual feelings that filled me.

But I realised that if I avoided a mess on the chair, I should evacuate to the bathroom. So still on fire, I stood up and hurried naked to the bathroom with an erect penis to point the way. Now like I said, I do not live alone. But this day, I thought I was alone. So I rushed into the bathroom, only to find Rebecca in the shower. She did not see me because she was washing her hair and had shampoo all over her face. But she heared me, and asked, 'Is that you Sunday?'

I mumbled something and sat down on the toilet, hoping she would finish showering soon and leave. Rebecca rinsed her hair and looked at me. Wow, that is some tower you have there, she said and smiled while she looked at my penis. As she started to rub some body lotion into her skin, and I could see her big nipples growing. My penis throbbed and my anus tingled again. I felt a pressure from my bowels and the cramps grew again.

I have seen my cousin taking a leak before, and she has seen me doing the same, and as kids we did other things in the bathroom together as well. But as an adult, I have never shared that kind of privacy with anyone even if my cousin doesn't care that much when I am around her.

Well, I told her that I had to go, and asked her to hurry up. But she likes to tease me sometimes, and this day she took her time.

She was facing me, and I could see that she was horny too. Her clit which is also rather large when erect, was like a little boys penis.

She started to sing and dance in front of me. After some seconds when a new wave hit me, I couldn't take it anymore, so I went with the flow, and gave in to the pressure. My penis were throbbing and was erect in front of us, but I also felt like I had one 'penis' inside of me that wanted to come out.

A new and strong wave hit me and the feeling of an anal orgasm came over me again. I moaned and even if I tried to avoid it, I pushed again. A spurt of urine shot out of my penis. My cousin froze and looked at me with amazement. Then came another spurt and another spasm, and as I emptied myself totally in the toilet, the feelings from my anus which were stimulated by my bowel movement, and the fire in my penis, joined forces, and I came for real in the most explosive orgasm of my life.

Even if I did not touch my penis with my hands, I shot my semen all over the place. When I looked at my cousin again, she was still standing in front of me, but now she was shaking and moaning. Both hands were cupping her breasts and she was rubbing her thighs together and crossing her legs, while rocking her hips. Suddenly she gave a long moan and colapsed on the floor, as she came.

That was one of the weirdest but also one of the best experiences I have had so far when it comes to sex.



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