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Always Ready...

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Okay, first the obligatory back story.
I'm a 24 y/o male, been tugging it for about 12 years or so... I'm not gay, kind of bi-curious I guess, but I don't enjoy labels nor do I worry about fitting into any particular category... Let's just move on already.
I live in probably one of the gayest cities in the world (actually, it's been voted one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world): Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Seriously, you can't walk down the street for more than ten minutes before you realize that this city is full of very uninhibited people. The great part is, in my experience even the straightest-of-the-straight here are very tolerant of everyone else's life style. There is very little gay bashing and most straight guys, myself included, graciously turn down advances from the same sex. I'm witness to this on a regular basis. Just because you're not gay doesn't mean you shouldn't fell flattered when a gay man hits on you, I just take it as a compliment and decline the advance.
So, getting to my story... I have never shared a sexual experience with another man since I was in my teens, and even then it was limited to basic exploration (ie. mutual jack off sessions /w my best friend). In recent times I've found myself re-visiting those early experiences more and more in my mind as I'm stroking off. I made a decision a while ago that I wanted to have a jerk off session with another man now that I'm older and less self-concious, but I didn't want it to be a gay man because I hoped to find someone like myself to share this with.
Anyway, after trying to use the Internet to find a guy with similar interests as myself (with no luck, just a lot of guys who wanted me to fuck them) I gave up. Needless to say this was a disappointment.
Now for the interesting part of the story. As I had mentioned, this is Montreal, so it seems like every time I go into a men's room at a movie theater, restaurant, shopping mall, etc, I catch other guys who are obviously just waiting to either: A) See cock OR B) Show off their cock in hopes that some guy will pick them up. So, I was just doing some shopping at Le Complexe Les Ailes one afternoon during my lunch hour from work, and I had to take a leak so I made a pit stop at one of the men's rooms. This men's room was actually kind of near the entrance to an office complex, so there was less traffic going in-and-out than the ones that are on the main promenade. So I step in, and I walk up to a urinal and start to take care of my business. Just then, the door opens and this good looking man in his late 30's early 40's comes in, dressed in a business suit and steps up to a urinal close to the one I was at. I'm not a shy guy, nor do I like getting too close to the fixtures in public bathrooms due to the fact that men can be pigs and tend to piss all over the floor. Because of my pre-disposition to staying as far away from the porcelain as possible, my junk wasn't very well hidden by the sides of the urinal. Now I get curious too sometimes, so I shot a quick glance over at the man next to me to see how I *ahem* size up to him in comparison.
What I got was more than an eyeful. His cock was 1/2 hard, and he was clearly looking straight at my package as I shook off the last few drops of piss and pulled my foreskin back into place. I'm not hung like a porn star, but I am a bit above average, about 7.5' or so. The most notable thing about my cock is that I'm a show-er, not a grower. I'm about 6.5' when I'm flaccid. He was kind of gently stroking himself, and I started to get kind of hard watching him do this. So I thought to myself: what the hell. I started to stroke my cock a little bit too, and then he glanced up at my face and we both kind of smiled. He said something en francais, however my French is pretty much limited to 'Je suis desole, je ne parle pas le francais', so I had to ask if he spoke English. He replied that he spoke very little English, but that he didn't really want to talk to me anyway. He kind of laughed and then gave himself a quick stroke or two before stuffing his hard cock into his pants. I was kind of disappointed because I thought that he was going to leave, but as he walked past me he said just one word: follow.
So, I stuffed my now rock hard cock back into my pants and exited the men's room with him. He led me to the top of the parking garage stairwell where there was nothing but an emergency exit. I didn't really know what this guy had in mind, but I was really horny and had to get off at this point. He pulled down his suit-pants and he was wearing a tiny pair of briefs. I could see his cock straining to get out, but what caught my attention even more was the size of his balls. They were clearly massive. And then I saw it: he was wearing a wedding ring! Now it has only been a couple of months since gay marriage was made legal in some Canadian provinces, and I could tell from looking at him that he was probably in a hetero relationship. This made me go wild... I reached over and kind of rubbed his package through his underwear, and then started to pull down his undies... He wasn't very well hung, maybe 5' and not very thick, but uncut. This was the first time I'd ever seen an uncut guy with a hard on (besides myself) and I thought it was interesting how his foreskin was a lot looser than my own. Either way, I pulled back his foreskin and stroked him for a second and then he started to undo my pants. Before long, we were both standing there in the stairwell with our hard-ons sticking straight out. He started to move down to suck my cock, but I stopped him. I wasn't interested in a blowjob; I was interested in seeing this guy jack off... He looked a bit confused, and then I just started to stroke my cock and pinch my nipple... He followed suit and started pounding on his cock as well.
After a minute he reached over and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. Even though it wasn't what I was expecting, it turned out to be pretty good so I let him continue. After a minute, I got brave and took his cock in my hand again and started to fist it. We were both getting close to cumming, and then something happened that I really wasn't expecting, and didn't really know how to feel about. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me closer planting a bit wet French kiss on me. In the heat of the moment, I just closed my eyes and let it happen. This is the only time I've kissed another man in a sexual context, and it was really quite a weird experience to feel his stubbly chin against mine. Suddenly I understood why my g/f's would get pissed off if I didn't shave every morning, it really does feel rough and scratchy... Anyway, after we pulled apart we took control of our own cocks again. Now that some of the tension had disappeared, I got adventurous. I reached over and grabbed his balls in my left hand and started to gently squeeze them. He had a really tight nut sack that held his duck egg size balls tight against his body. He moaned a bit and then shot his load all over the stairs. I had been holding off for about a minute at that point, so I took his now free hand and placed it on my own nutsack and let him kind of massage it. It turns out that all guys probably do the same thing with their balls when they jack off, because he was doing it the way I do myself when I jack off.
This totally threw me over the edge and I blew my load in about 15 seconds. Wow.
After we came, we both kind of just smiled and laughed a bit before starting to pack ourselves back into our pants. As he pulled his pants up we noticed that he had left a nice string of cum right on the crotch area. I gave him a Kleenex to wipe it off, and in my head I thought about whether on not his co-workers would notice it later that afternoon. After we had everything cleaned up we started walking down the stairs. He exited on the level that we had come out on, but I decided to continue down a few floors to the smoking lounge (I really needed a cigarette at this point, filthy habit I know). As we parted, his simply looked at me and said 'Merci'... I shot him a quick smile and a 'vous etes bienvenu' and he left.
I don't know if I'll ever try this type of thing again since it really isn't too safe to be led into a parking garage alone with a stranger who might have god-knows-what type of intentions, but this has definitely been a terrific experience for me. Thanks for reading.



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