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This story happened a few years ago whilst I was abroad with a neighbour


It was very exciting to be going abroad again this summer, something new and spending time with my family abroad. I had met George on my previous visits, he was a neighbour, approximately two years my younger and we had got on well the previous time.

Since my last visit George had moved house, but luckily for me only a few blocks away to a big house.

My first day there and I went round to visit. He couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there and we got on well. His parents offered for me to stay that night and I agreed with my family's consent.

That night we played video games in the basement and chatted a lot about things we liked to do, catching up on things we hadn't known before when I had visited several years before when we were quite a bit younger.

I am not gay and I don't think George was/is either but he was a very handsome guy. That night I asked him if he knew what wanking was, he said he didn't but had heard the older kids talking about such things at the back of the school bus. I said it was a great thing and offered to show him, luckily his parents were out for a few hours so we proceeded to the bathroom.

I helped him unfasten his trousers and lower his Y-fronts to his knees and then standing behind him while he faced the toilet I hugged him from behind, clutching his penis in between my thumb and index finger. Softly I rubbed his penis until it was fully erect.

Whilst my penis was already around 15cm (erect) his was little more than two inches when erect.

With my chin pressed into his shoulder I told him to relax. I gently massaged his foreskin back and forth for several minutes until a few small drops spilt out the end. He said that he felt something and soon pulled up his pants and trousers and returned to his room.

I told him this was something he could also do on his own but he needed to be careful to clean it up, by using tissues, a towel or something.

He thanked me for showing him but did not mention it for most of the night.

Two days later I returned to visit and was again invited to stay over. Having felt a bit guilty with George being a bit younger I did not mention this incident, but later he brought it up asking me if it was usual that his penis stung.

I had not experienced such but I reckon it was due to the fact he was not physically ready to cum. His testicles were a little bigger than maltesers and as I say his penis was not that big either, he was not well developed but I have no doubt he has since grown a lot.

I told him sometimes it can hurt if you do it too much. He lied to me saying he had masturbated the day when I hadn't been there and I suggested that maybe because he was new this was too much.

I also suggested that he should only do it when it wasn't sore but that he could also do it in the bath, for a different feeling.

We didn't talk much more about it that night as we were playing video games but as we tried to sleep both of us were enduring the summer heat feeling very awake.

He was on the top bunk and I stood up, and said 'hey George, you awake?'

He said 'yeah I can't sleep'

I replied 'me neither.'

Standing on the side of the bunk bed I looked down upon the top bunk. He was sleeping chest down.

I whispered softly 'you better roll over or I'm going to shove my finger up your ass!'

I don't know why but being in a foreign country and not knowing any girls I guess I was a bit horny.

George rolled over without saying a word.

I pulled down his y-fronts and began tickling his penis, he was already semi hard.

I began to question him 'is it always this big or is it smaller usually'

Not wanting to sound small he said it normally stayed more or less the same size.

(Later when he was asleep I took a peek and this was not the case, he was even smaller)

For a while I slid his foreskin up and down, it was so small, more like a penlid than anything else, although softer and more delicate.

He began to groan quietly. I felt a bit bad because it had been somewhat my idea but at that age it was just fooling around and he never protested. I continued to pleasure him and he informed me it was coming but I told him I wanted to try it. A few drops dribbled from his pre-pubescent penis.

I bid him goodnight and we both drifted off very quickly.

This was not the end but I shall post another story.



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