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A Hotel Room with a View

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The view was in my room right next to me.


I transferred to a small private high school at the beginning of my junior year. I had already developed the typical teenage bad attitude, but the student body as a whole made me smile and I soon became involved in cheerleading and all the after-school activities. My parents celebrated their empty nest by going out of town for weekend stays at Kentucky's state parks, always a different one.

One particular fall, they decided to head toward the Smokies for a weekend at whatever state park is around there. They invited me to go with them and I didn't have anything planned for that weekend, but I hated the idea of being relegated once again to the lonely back seat of my parents' sedan so, in a fit of genius, I asked if I could bring my boyfriend along. I didn't think that would fly, but to my surprise they said that was fine if his parents said it was okay. I called him right then to see if he could work it out.

Dylan and I had been dating for about six months, and together we were in a constant state of arousal. The biggest turn-on for me was turning him on, and I loved to get him going hours before we could actually hook up. On breaks at school, in an empty foyer, he would lean to kiss me and I would brush my tongue along his bottom lip, only to pull it away when his tongue reached for mine. Again I'd do it, and again, until he'd grab me and force his tongue into my mouth. Then I'd give in to the kiss and pull his body close to feel his hard-on press against my clit. We had certain restrictions to overcome everywhere we went; since our school was part of a church, there were many rules in the way of boy-girl relations, and so I learned the power of subtlety. A secret-turned-bite to the ear, a quick squeeze, the trace of my fingertip along the thigh of his blue jeans could produce a hard-on in seconds, and my pussy would react to the outline of his substantial cock with a warm surge of wetness. And so the five hour drive on Kentucky back roads was a sweet torture for both of us.

My parents got two adjoining rooms at the lodge, and each room had two double beds. Dylan got his own room and I shared with Mom and Dad. They allowed us to go explore each night until time for bed, but I think they meant for us explore the park. The first night, we went swimming in the heated pool. Several balconies overlooked the pool and when we first jumped in, a few random people watched the night from their decks. More people wandered around the grounds and some carried ice and snacks back to their rooms. I didn't dream that we might be left alone, but my pussy tingled at Dylan's near nakedness and my hands longed to feel his wet skin. We stayed a foot or so apart talking and splashing each other, and we didn't notice the people again until we looked around and they were all gone.

Seeing that we were alone, Dylan took the overdue opportunity to pull me close and deliver a deep and horny kiss to my waiting mouth. My arms wrapped around his neck and my body clung to his as he grabbed my waist and held me effortlessly in the water. The slick fabric of his swimming trunks did little to disguise the shape of his cock, or detract from the shivery sensations that I felt each time its head passed over my swollen clit. As the urgency of our kisses increased, I was achingly tempted to pull my pink bikini bottom to the side and let him fuck me right there. But then I thought about protection, and in that split-second of rationality I whispered that we should go back inside.

My parents were awake and quiet; Mom reading the Bible and Dad watching TV. Dylan and I went to our respective bathrooms to shower, and since it was still early, around eight or nine p.m., I was allowed to watch TV in Dylan's room until Dad called bedtime. Mom went on to sleep and Dad dozed to the local news (like I knew he would), so I was able to sneak the adjoining door closed without being noticed. Damp and drowsy from the swim, Dylan and I did lay on the bed and watch TV for a while. We both wore shorts and tee shirts-minus underwear-for pajamas, and I cuddled up towards him and threw one of my legs over his as we settled in. While we lay there I absently began to rub my bare foot up along his leg and back down. Later I learned that Dylan had developed a foot fetish because of me, but then I had no idea what suddenly inspired him to take my hand and place it on his fast-growing cock.

I pressed on the tip firmly with the ball of my hand and felt his shaft's hardness beneath my fingers as I slid my hand down its length, cupping his balls before returning the pressure to the head. He pulled his shorts down and I grabbed his cock as it popped above his waistband and began to stroke it with the same, slow pressure. He moaned with every movement and appeared as turned on as I had ever seen him. I had often fantasized about watching him jerk off, so when he put his hand on top of mine, I slid my hand away and his took its natural place. Without hesitation, I pulled my shorts down and slid my fingers past the golden brown hairs to circle and flick the hardened hood of my clitoris while I watched in awe as my boyfriend manipulated his cock with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. His grip was surer than mine had been and he pumped his fist at least twice as fast. He lay his head far back on his pillow, eyes shut and mouth opened, and he seemed to have forgotten my existence, which was exactly what I had wanted.

Meanwhile, my pussy had responded to the fantastic view beside me with a rush of sensational wetness, and along with Dylan's heavy slap - slap - slap and low moaning came my own liquid-slick rhythms and deep sighs. I dipped my finger in my juices and brought it up to circle my clit again, then used both hands to spread my pussy lips apart and look down at my clit hood, pink and swollen to the size of a small grape, peeking prominently above my mound. I slid my right hand lower and thrusted my middle finger inside my pussy, amazed that the soft, tight canal could be so burning hot, while I flicked and circled my clit with my left hand.

When I took in the whole scene, my arousal immediately jumped to another level. Both of us were in full abandon now, pleasuring ourselves in the most intimate way, using both hands to achieve the desired sensations. Electric warm tingles radiated from my center as I whispered, "tell me when you're going to cum."

"Are you going to cum?" he asked.

"Soon," I moaned.

The excitement in our words caused our movements to speed, and seconds later Dylan breathed, "Oh baby...I'm going to cum..." His fist pumped faster and his moans grew louder and then loads of cum shot from his cock and landed in long strands on his stomach and across the bed. At this sight of his shooting cum my electricity surged into a series of "oh"s and "oh god"s and finally "oh my god I'm cumming!" My orgasm shook me with its intensity and duration and left me in wonderful, laughing shivers on the bed.

Dylan and I lay soaking in the afterglow until we noticed the time and the condition of our selves. We had just gotten clean and readjusted when there was a knock at the adjoining door. Without waiting for a welcome, my dad opened the door and told me to get to bed. I kissed Dylan goodnight, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed with my mind on replay. I waited for my dad to start snoring before I slipped my fingers into my wet slit and brought myself to another powerful orgasm fueled by my first view of a boy jerking off.



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