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Alone Time (Giving Up)

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How do you give up your 'alone time'. I did for a while.


There just doesn't seem to be enough 'alone' time in the day. Ever since turning forty-two, something inside went nympho on me causing me to resume the masturbation routine that I had given up just ten short years ago.

I've been happily married since I was eighteen, two children three years apart, and an attentive and reliable hubby. Both kids are in college making us empty-nesters at a fairly young age. I work three afternoons a week at a law firm and my husband is a city manager putting in sixty hours a week. It would appear to most that I should have enough alone time for one woman.

Being pregnant and eighteen was a thrill for me. We were both out of high school and in college and both continued our educations throughout the next two pregnancies. I was under the impression that masturbation was an accepted practice and routinely pleasured myself about anytime I wanted to, but being still a little shy about it, made certain I was alone. While pregnant, I was at myself several times day. The bigger the baby inside me, the more pressure on my bladder, the more engorged I became.

Panty liners lasted maybe two hours during those times and my trips to the bathroom to replace them revealed thick, slippery, purple pussy lips and a clit that stuck out nicely and was impossible to leave alone. Masturbation four or five times a day wasn't uncommon. Breast feeding stimulated me as well since my nipples are very sensitive.

We both graduated, got jobs in the Midwest and raised our children. Sex dwindled to a couple times a week with all the busy kids' schedules but I did miss that special love-making a lot. The default outlet for me was masturbation and I assumed hubby was also busy yanking his thick, hard cock whenever he needed to. I certainly was seeking every opportunity to jill off whether just for a quickie or a long affair with the waterjets on the jacuzzi.

One Saturday morning I had gotten up early and padded to the kitchen sink to rinse out some glasses and get the coffee ready. Saturday mornings are our usual lovemaking time, but we had been out late and he was fast asleep. As I peered across the lawn, I happened to look through the neighbor's den window. She was sitting at their computer and although I couldn't see the screen well enough, it was obvious she was masturbating to something she was looking at.

She was wearing loose day pants and a t-shirt. The hand closest to me was buried in her pants obviously rubbing herself while the other was working the mouse. I was instantly aroused and my own hand wondered inside my panties to an already moist pussy as my finger found its mark. I moved aside a little so as not to been seen in case she looked my way. With one hand on my left breast and the other working my pussy, I was ready for some pleasure. My climax was quick and easy, but years of experience told me that the second orgasm is the best, so I pushed on for another.

About this time, I noticed a movement off to my side and I was pleased to see my husband in his boxers with a large tent. Obviously he had come to look for me. I turned my head to him and smiled then proceeded to watch our neighbor lady masturbate. Timing my progress to what I thought was hers, I came to a crashing second orgasm as she clamped her legs together around her hand and lurched with every spasm going through her. My knees buckled against the cupboard and I leaned over the sink completely involved with my own pleasure. When I looked back at the window, she was already leaning back in the chair caressing her breasts with one hand, but her other remained between her legs. I turned to face my husband, hoping to see him stroking his beautiful, thick cock, but he was nowhere to be found.

A quick trip to our bedroom and then I heard the shower going. Maybe we would shower together...? I opened the shower door a crack and was disappointed when I was greeted with a limp cock and 'what's for breakfast?' remark. I said I thought we could have a little breakfast in the shower, but he said he was almost done and needed to get some things done around the house. 'Besides, it looks like you had breakfast by yourself'. I asked him if he cared and he said that it seem we wasted a good Saturday morning.

I was dumbfounded and went back to the kitchen to finish up the coffee. I avoided looking out the window for fear I would become aroused by what our neighbor was doing. Nothing was said the rest of the day but we had a very fulfilling screw that evening while the kids went to a movie. In our afterglow, I asked him if he was upset by what he saw this morning and he said a little, that he thought he would be enough.

Masturbation was our conversation for the next hour and he did admit to masturbating a couple times a month, especially in the shower. To admit that I masturbated several times a day would have been a huge mistake, so I confessed I did it a couple times a week when I felt stressed or before my periods. We agreed on this and I went to the computer room to check email in a very disappointed state of mind.

Hubby went out to pick up the kids and was determined to abide by my words of only pleasing myself when I absolutely needed to. But I was going to take advantage of every opportunity this weekend and start on Monday. I clicked on the porn video websites and jilled off twice before they returned with his cum adding to my wetness. Oh the smell was wonderful and my pussy and pubes were matted against my skin when I finished.

I feigned ill the next morning and hubby and kids went to church and I was left alone...poor me...HA! I quickly glanced out of the kitchen window but I was disappointed to find the neighbor's den empty. Off to the shower where I spent at least an hour with my fingers and the showerhead slowly edging to two wonderful orgasms. Then another sweet climax in bed as I rubbed lotion in every crack and crevass.

They came home and announced they would go out for lunch since I wasn't feeling well. As they changed out of their church clothes, I lay in bed with one lubed finger in my pussy and the other in my ass. Since they were also going to shop, I knew I had at least four hours to myself.

The next hour I actually napped...much needed rest. Internet free porn videos are my favorite and I would list them, but I'm certain Solo Touch would not allow their publication. Ninety minutes later and two more orgasms were enough to significantly slow me down for the day. My pussy was well lubed and my own juices so as not to become sore, but there's only so much rubbing a clit can handle. I enjoyed walking around the house with my panties soaking wet and smelly.

The thought of my neighbor's antics brought me to the kitchen window again, but it was a disappointment...nothing. I then went to the table with a soda and there sat a basket of fruit. Two perfect plums sat there begging for my pussy, so I hefted them and wondered if they would fit. They got a good rinsing and then a bright idea and in the microwave they went for two minutes at power level two. Mmmm...not enough so another minute and oh they were warm and smooth as I covered them with lube. The first went in very easily and my clit started engorging. The second was no problem either and now the warmth was spreading throughout my pussy causing it to pulse.

My trusty pocket rocket was only ten feet away and was vibrating against my clit in seconds. Cumming wasn't as easy as I thought and I was at it for a good fifteen minutes, but it was lovely! I bore down on the plums which remained inside to a very long, throbbing climax. They felt so good that I left them safely tucked inside me for a while. It was that strange feeling of engorgement and having to pee at the same time...and...it kept me aroused.

Seeing that my last couple of orgasms were a bit of a challenge, I kept my mind upon the easiest and most effective way to cum...jacuzzi jets! Late afternoon I slipped completely nude in the jacuzzi and enjoyed a nice, warm soak. Had to remove the plums though because they were getting squishy. My fingers gently teased my nipples and clit, and even though I didn't need it, I wanted another orgasm to finish out the day. So on go the jets and I eased myself towards the side and let it force water between my legs just enough that my pussy was being gently stimulated.

But oh my, all of a sudden a really heavy, full feeling engulfed my pussy. It even reached my bumhole and made it clench and made my thighs burn. It was all I could do to keep the jet on my pussy and clit as I lurched forward when the first wave hit me. The spasms weren't the regular, timed pulses but instead spasmodic clenches that forced me to grip the edge of the jacuzzi or drown. Finally things settled down a little, but another well placed stream of water started it all over again...the full, heavy feeling and then intense clenching and pleasure. Three more times in a row, my head was pounding in the temples, tears washed down my face. I had to quit but couldn't and this continued for about ten minutes until I felt sick and nauseated.

Letting go of the edge, I floated back to the steps and turned off the jets. There was an eerie silence, ringing in my ears and an incredible numbness between my legs. I felt down there to make sure nothing was missing and could hardly feel my touches. When I pushed on my swollen clit, a jolt of pleasure hit me, so I pushed hard again and went into another series of very pleasurable spasms. This is the first time my clit has ever gotten that hard (but not the last) and so very sensitive. I showered and towelled off with shakey knees, but could hardly touch my pussy to dry it off.

The evening meal was light as usual with everyone around the table talking about there shopping bargains, but the throbbing between my legs presented a substantial distraction. A trip to the bathroom revealed a very puffy pussy and swollen clitoris. That night, hubbie and I had wonderful sex. He came his usual once, I came several times. Couldn't tell if they were all orgasms or just rhythmic twitching from a very sensitive clit.

Monday I was true to my promise and began a ten year sojourn of masturbating whenever I really HAD to. Sometimes it was once a day, others weekly, but never less than weekly. Then everything changed...

(to be continued)



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