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Almost Caught

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As I explained in a previous story, we (Pim and I ) were on a journey of discovering our sexuality. This occasion we almost got caught "pants down".....

As I explained in a previous story, we (Pim and I ) were on a journey of discovering our sexuality. This occasion we almost got caught "pants down"..... After we were comfortable in masturbating each others private parts, we became more adventurous night by night. Every night after a mutual masturbation session, I drove my bike back home... and enjoyed the smell of her juices on my fingers. It became rather addictive... and i was looking forward to tasting her pussy juices directly from the source.... I can still can remember one specific night as if it was yesterday. I had unbuttoned Pim's jeans and pulled them down so I had clear access to her thighs. I opened them slowly and started massaging her clit in the way she would like it. When I felt she was close, I stopped, teasing her and moved my hands to her hips.... I pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted her up on the kitchen sink. Spread her legs and moved my head between them, before she even knew what happened. She froze a bit from anxiety.... because she was completely exposed and vulnerable...... but her curiosity won from her anxiety. She relaxed her muscles, and opened up her flower to me...... Here I was on my knees..... centimeters away from her pleasure button..... I felt my heart pounding in my throat.... This was my chance... finally I could taste her pussy.... I extended my tongue and touched her "lips".... they were wet and swollen and talking to me....."come closer" .... "come closer" I moved my hands from her thighs to her butt and tilted her hips a bit so she opened a bit more..... I felt my tongue slipping between her lips and finally found what I was looking for.... my personal holy grail.... It only did take a few licks, when I felt her legs tensing and her breathing getting restless. She pushed my head into her pussy... and gave into it.... and came.....Wooooowwww. Pussy juices were dripping into my mouth and ..... I loved it..... I could get addicted to this.... I stood up wiped my face with the sleeve of my shirt.... and kissed her passionately.... she didn't say a word but returned my kisses and clenched her legs around me as if she was never to let me go again.... and there they were again..... the little tears running down her face..... and then I knew it was as good for her as it was for me..... She whispered "I love you" and let her body slide from the kitchen sink ... she reached down to her panties and jeans and buttoned up....she smiled.... and said now it is my turn..... off course I did NOT object.... LOL. She reached down and started playing with my throbbing dick... which became fully alert knowing what to expect.... wow was I wrong.... after a few minutes I gave her the usual warning that I was close to cum..... but this time she stopped..... Nooo!!.... please don't stop.... not now.... And then it happened she put one hand on my butt, and moved down on her knees.... and I felt her tongue flicking the tip of my penis.... She was licking the precum and every time she did so, my dick jumped from pleasure. She put her other hand around the base of my penis and I felt her lips wrap around the head of my penis, while her tongue was playing with my frenulum ... She started stroking my dick as usual but the lips and tongue gave such an extra stimuli to my dick that I was ready to come in seconds... She felt my butt tensing and put both hands on my butt and swallowed my dick as far as she dared and this tipped me over..... I came as I had never done before while she sucked my dick like a little child sucking a mothers tit..... I shot load after load, and my knees became soft.... Suddenly we heard the door squeak and open...., she stood up as fast as she could while adjusting my underwear, ensuring my dick would be hidden.... and pressed her body really hard against me..... hiding my still opened zipper. Around the corner of the kitchen.... her fathers face appeared.... telling us to say goodbye because it was getting late.... I responded he was right and I would just give his daughter a little goodnight kiss... and he left again, and went upstairs..... We have been SOOO lucky........ if he had come in just a minutes earlier... I guess he wouldn't have been so easy going. Just imagine his response when he saw my face buried between his daughters legs with her pants on her feet.... or even worse hearing her swallow the last bit of cum, with her hands on my butt and a bit of raw meat in her mouth..... I guess he must have been on the toilet downstairs reading a book (his favorite hobby)....therefore we didn't hear him coming down the stairs.... Now you understand why this memory is engraved in my brain....it was one big roller coaster of different emotions..... who could ever forget..... While writing this story, more and more memories arise from the back of my brain, but that is for next time Sleep well..... PS: after finishing this story I am wondering what my father in law did hear.... and whether he just waited for us to finish before opening the door......or did he come in much earlier without us knowing (due to our sexual arousal) and enjoy a private show..... We'll never know....



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