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Alan and Diane 03

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The threesome gets together and introduce Diane to the fun of Anal Sex!

Knocking at the back door

Alan called me this morning, he wanted my services as a model. With my wife Amy out of town again, he decided this might be a good time for me to do some more posing with his wife Diane. I had modeled with her before, and enjoyed it immensely.

I arrived, and Alan led me to a spare bedroom. The walls and carpet were both the same shade of white. Aside from his camera and tripod, the only other item in the room was a king size bed, right in the middle of the room. The bed had silk looking sheets that again were the same shade of white as the walls and floor. Perched atop the bed was Diane, nude and beautiful.

"John!" she yelled upon seeing me. She leaped off the bed, her flesh jiggling nicely as she ran up to give me a big sloppy kiss and a tight hug.

Alan was eager to get started, so I stripped down as well, and stood beside Diane. He then guided us through a series of artistic, erotic poses. We stood side to side, front to front, back to back, and in every arrangement in between. In some my hands got to massage her sexy posterior, and when I was she moaned with delight. My cock stayed rock hard the whole time, brushing against Diane during the shoot.

Alan then had me sit on the corner of the bed, facing at a 45 degree angle from the bed. Diane posed sexily in front of me, then pressed her ass against my chest. I could hear the click click click as she slid down my body, giving a squeal as she slid over my cock. She was on the floor now, on her knees facing the camera. After several more shots, she turned and began giving me a very wet blowjob. Alan took photos from many angles as she slurped and sucked leaving my crotch totally soaked with her saliva.

She surprised both of us when she leaped up and ran to Alan's side. "I want it. I want to do what we talked about earlier. Oh please, can I have it there?"

"Are you sure baby? You're sure that's what you want?"

She just nodded eagerly.

"OK, if that's what you want, it's great with me."

"OH Thank you!" she squealed, giving him a kiss. She then ran back to me, bent over and kissed me deeply. "I want you." Turning around, she thrust her round ass in my face. "I want you back here."

I bent forward, caressing and kissing her beautiful butt. "Back here? Up your sweet ass? Do you want me to fuck your ass?" I began licking up and down her ass crack.

She shuddered and groaned. "Oh yes John yes, I want your big cock up my butt." I grabbed her hips and guided them down towards my erect prick. Diane reached back and spread her ass wide, revealing her sexy asshole. I positioned my tip right at the hole. Diane gasped as it stretched and began it's entry. Slowly, very slowly she lowered her ass onto my cock. She gasped and moaned loudly as each inch sank into her back door. Her anal muscles kept clenching and unclenching, giving me one helluva erotic massage.

Soon she was all the way down on me, my full six and half inches buried all the way inside her. "Oh." she gasped. "Don't move! Let me just sit here and get used to you." Clenching my pubic muscles, I made my cock twitch inside her. "OH! John you naughty boy. OH! Damn that feels OH shit thats good."

I could tell Alan was getting off on this. He had lost his clothes, and while one hand worked the camera the other was playing with his cock. "How does it feel baby?" he asked. "Is it good?"

"Oh shit baby. Oh, he's filling my ass. It's so deep and big." Diane began sliding up and down on my shaft. I reached around her, and grabbed her big tits into my hands. I began kneading them and pinching her nipples while she gyrated her ass on my cock. She was unbelievably tight, and her ass cheeks felt so good on my crotch when she went all the way down.

Alan was now standing in front of us, his cock protruding nicely. Diane leaned forward, taking his cock into her mouth. While he grabbed her hair, he watched as her ass continued pumping up and down on my cock. "How does it feel, you hot slut. How does it feel having John's cock up your shithole?"

"Oh master, it feels so fucking good."

"What does. Say it for me you hot wench."

"John's cock. Oh, master, John's cock feels so good up my asshole. Baby your cock tastes so good. OH."

I just couldn't take it anymore. Their hot talk combined with the tightness of her ass on my cock was too much. "OH FUCK" I yelled. "I'm gonna CUM". I grabbed her hips and began pumping furiously, slamming my cock deep into her sweet ass! Diane began screaming, losing all control. Alan's prick was slapping her face as she was tugging at it.

"FUCK!" I screamed as my cock began pumping it's huge load inside Diane's sweet shithole. Alan exploded, blowing his load of jism all over his wife's screaming face. Diane's body was shaking uncontrollably as her own orgasm swept over her body. Diane fell back against me.

"Don't move!" Alan shouted. Picking up the camera, he took several shots of us. He then had Diane stand up and bend over. Spreading her ass wide, he continued clicking as we watched my cum slowly dribble out of her hole and down her shapely legs.

After a shower to clean up, we relaxed with some drinks and light snacks. Then I got to play photographer while Alan took his turn pumping his cock into Diane's hot ass. But that's another story....



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