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My Finger Slipped Into Her Vagina by Accident

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Another story from a client.


When I arrived on Oahu, right out of college at age 23, I had nothing to do other than my job, which took only 40 hours a week. You really notice time off when you don't know anyone. So, looking around for an activity, or a group to get involved with, I saw the Waikiki Acrobats practicing on a grassy lawn in Ala Moana Park. Parking my rented moped, I walked up to them, and they invited me with open arms. Literally!

They guided me into a few configurations in which I was precariously balanced on some guy's knees, had some woman being propped up on my hands, and so on. In a way, it was a bit too personal, almost embarrassing. Like dancing with strangers but worse. More intimate.

And yet, these people were friendly, and they accepted me, so I found myself hanging out with them every day after work.

Not too far in, maybe two or three weeks, I had a beautiful, young, skinny, dark-haired beauty named Lilly sort of cantilevered on top of me. Her breasts were amazing. Not terribly larger, than bigger than most Asian chicks. My hands were on her upper thighs, which I found terribly arousing. Still, I managed to keep from popping a boner, because I'm sure everyone would have noticed. All I was wearing was a T-shirt and shorts, the same as everyone else.

I was kind of thinking I could almost see her crotch from my angle. I could see a few straggly, black hairs around the edges of her panties. Terribly exciting, especially for a young guy who didn't have any girlfriend at the time.

As often happened in this acrobatic stuff, she slipped, and I did my best to catch her. I have to admit, it was probably as much to prevent myself from getting fallen on, as to protect her. In any case, I acted fast. Reflexively. My right hand slipped along her thigh, pushing her shorts aside as she started falling, and my index finger felt something wet. My finger was in, or at least on, her vagina. The exact details I don't know. She rolled off to the side, and I rolled along with her, so she wouldn't fall hard on the grass.

I was so terribly embarrassed, I'm sure my face turned bright red. All I could say was, "Sorry."

Almost like a guy, she said, "Oh, no big deal, brah," got up, and walked away, to another group of acrobats next to us.

But my head was fucked up. I don't know whether anyone else saw that. I was certainly hoping they didn't. In retrospect, I think there's no way anyone could have seen it clearly enough to know what happened.

On the ride back home, I kept smelling my finger, hoping to catch her scent. All I could smell was the scent of the moped handlebar grip. Thinking what happened over when I got back to my little apartment in Waikiki, I immediately jerked off, and ended up coming twice that evening before my roommate got home.

I didn't show up in the park for the next couple of days. I just couldn't face Lilly. Finally, I got up the gumption to show up. Perhaps she had been more embarrased than she let on, because although polite, she did her best to work with the other acrobats for the next couple of weeks. I sprained my ankle one day, and when I recovered several weeks later, she was no longer there. Shortly thereafter, I quit hanging with the acrobats. It turns out, I wasn't very good at it.

Plus, I had found other activities, and I found a new apartment. I had been happy about getting my own place, with no roommate. For one thing, I'd be free to wank whenever I wanted. When I arrived, the girlfriend of the guy who rented it before me was still there. She was another super-gorgeous Asian girl, but I was like, "What the fuck?"

She was in tears. She had nowhere to go, and no money. I let her stay on the couch for two days while she figured out what to do. On the third night, she crept into my bed, asking if it was OK. How could it not be? I didn't kick her out.



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