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After Class

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I discovered this site a few months ago and have *visited* many times. I always wanted to write about one of my experiences but they all seem so boring compared to what I read. Until now.

Let me first say that I am not a lesbian and I have never had any sexual experience with another girl. I have been very happy with my long-term boyfriend; but have had certain fantasies about other girls (usually during a solo session), but I think that is normal and not an indicator of lesbianism.

Anyway, I'll try not to make this long. I came home from campus a few days ago early because a class got cancelled (we're approaching finals). I walked into our apartment (I share a 2-bedroom apt with my good friend) and saw Tara sitting at the computer desk which is in the front room (the only room other than the bedrooms a bath). Nothing out of the normal, except for that her face was totally flushed and and her shorts were hanging off one of her ankles. NO WAY. I tottally caught her masturbating online. I was instantly amazed and aroused. She was obviously devastated. There was no way to play it off. I mean, I didn't see her hands down there, but, trust me, we have all done it (to this site, no less) and I knew exactly what was going on, and she knew I knew.

We didn't say anything for what seemed like 10 minutes, although it was probably only about 10 seconds, and then I said, 'No big deal, we all do it. Don't let me interrupt.' I said this non-chalantly like I see it all the time, and then walked to my room and dropped off my backpack. Inside, I was anything but non-chalant. My head was totally spinning. I mean, I have heard Tara and her boyfriend have sex a million times, and I have even heard her in her room by herself before (and the bathroom), and I am sure she has heard me. But this was TOTALLY different. I couldn't believe how excited I was (not sexually, just excited normal). I didn't know what to say or even if I should go back out there or not.

I decided to go to the kitchen to get a Pepsi and when I walked in I could see the computer screen. I couldn't tell what it was, but I could tell that it wasn't porn. I went to the fridge, and said while I avoided eye contact, 'Sorry again, but my class was cancelled. I didn't mean to intrude on you.'

'That's okay. Just sort of embarrassing,' she said.

I didn't know what to say, but wanted to help her feel not so bad, so I pretended I was a lot less affected than I really was. 'Again, no big deal. What'd you do, find some hot site?' I said this as I walked toward her and the computer, realizing she had already closed out of the page. I could see now that she was looking at some music site. 'Wow, this doesn't look like it would do the job for me,' I said trying to joke. Just then, an instant message popped up on the screen from someone. I could't make out the name, but it had the phrase 'bi' in it. The message alarm rang and I could read someone like 'Still there?' before Tara quickly closed out of it.

'Oh my god, you're cybering!! You slut, what about Trevor (her boyfriend)?'

'No, it's not what you think.'

The IM window popped up again, and this is when I could read the name - 'BeckiBi' and it said something like 'Tara, I need you to finish.' I just looked at Tara and I know my eyes must have been huge. She just looked back at me. 'She's a girl?' I asked. 'Are you gay?'

'Totally not.' she said.

'Does she think you are a guy?' I asked.

'No, it's not like that. We were just chatting and then we were both horny, so we're just sorta enjoying the moment. It's not like lez sex or anything, it's just sexual. C'mon Chels, you've never done it by yourself while watching a porno of someone else doing it?'

Of course I had. I am sure most people have. But this was different. I had never done it while talking with another girl. 'C'mon Tara, are you still there?' another msg popped up.

Tara: Yes. Roommate just walked in. Oops.

BeckiBi: OMG. Does she want to join? =)

Tara looked up at me as if asking the question.

'Me? Oh my god.' was all I could say. Then I starting thinking about it. It could be pretty hot. I was suddenly becoming sexually aroused down there. 'Well, whattaya mean?'

Tara: She's standing right here reading your msg.

BB: Are you dressed?

Tara: Yes

BB: How about you both get naked. I'll do the same.

'NO WAY!' I said. 'No chance.'

Tara: She won't.

BB: C'mon. I'll turn on my webcam.

'Tell her no,' I said. 'You can, but not me.'

Tara: Nope. Won't do it.

BB: How about down to B&P?

Tara again looked up at me to see what my response would be. When I didn't say anything, she said, 'Bra & Panties?'

'You're kidding, right? You really want us to undress and chat with her?'

'You don't have to do anything. Let's just play for a minute and see what happens.'

I didn't say anything. Tara typed 'K' and then stood up to take off her top and the shorts that she had pulled back up after I walked in.

[I need to make this story shorter, otherwise it's going to turn into a book. Sorry, but I will just summarize what happened next.]

I undressed down to my undies. Nothing sexy like a thong or anything, just plain unmatching panties and a bra. Tara chatted for the both of us. Once in a while I would type something as well. We did this for like 15 minutes and nothing nasty happened, although were talking nasty and I was definitely getting 'in the mood' (wet). I knew Tara must be boiling over because she had already started before I got home.

Well, Becki told us that she couldn't take this anymore and was going to 'finish herself off.' She turned her webcam on and we could see her. She was pretty and had a nice figure. She was a little bit younger than us, but not much. She took off her bra and then stood up and lost her panties, then smiled real big for the webcam. I tried to say something to Tara that made me sound surprised, but I think it came out like I was turned on (which I was). I was really going to watch another girl do herself in real life, or sorta. This was a total turn on, and I'm not gay by any means.

She played with her boobs for a while and then would type certain things. She then said that as soon as we both got our nipples hard, she would move her hand, and her camera, lower. Tara gave me that look again, like 'what do you want to do?' I didn't say anything so, she just typed 'K' and pulled her bra up over her boobs. Tara has a nice body and nice, big boobs, so they flopped out of her bra once they were free. Her nipples were arleady hard with small goosebumps on her areolas. Although I had seen her nake countless times, I had never seen her naked and sexually aroused. Wow!

Even more turned on, I shrugged and lifted my bra up as well. I have 34 B's but they seem pretty full. I also love playing with my boobs. I am very sensitive there!!!! So I pinched them and then licked my thumb and index finger and then pinched them again when they were wet. I was totally aroused, and then looked at Tara who was watching me intently. She didn't say anything, but she definitely had 'sex' in her eyes (you know what I mean).

BB: Are we perky, girls?

Tara: Yes

BB: Both of you?

Tara: Very much.

BB: Ok, try to keep up

Then Becki backed away from the camera so you could see her from her head to her knees. She was sitting in a chair and would once in a while lean forward to type, otherwise, she was leaning back in the chair. The camera was sorta dark, so you couldn't get a real good picture of her privates, but you could tell she was naked. I found it immediately fascinating.

'I can't believe she is really going to do this,' I said out loud. Tara didn't say anything, and when I looked at her, I could see that her hand was in her lap and she was dangling her ring finger over her privates through her panties. I quickly looked back at the screen and saw Becki lick her fingers and then go down to massage herself. It was pretty erotic. She closed her eyes and I could tell that this was getting her off. I could feel moisture coming out of me and making my panties even that much more soaked, then I heard a squishy sound. Yes, THAT squishy sound. I turned to Tara and she had her entire hand down her panties. Her fingers weren't moving very fast, but it was obvious she was trying to 'keep along' with Becki. I was so horny, but too embarrased to join in. I looked back at the screen.

Becki was playing with her sex and her boobs for another few minutes when she started to moan. As soon as she did, Tara let out her own moan as though she had been keeping it in. I looked at her and she was the epitome of sex - her head tilted back over the back of the chair, her left hand on her boob, her right hand inside of her panties. This time her hand was doing serious business. Squishy sounds and moand. So....I lost it. I slid my right hand down inside the waistband of my panties and immediately dove in. Very wet. Extremely wet. My middle finger came out with a ton of my own wetness. I smeared it around all the good places and joined in. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I knew right away that this wasn't going to take long.

I looked at Becki while I played, trying to mimic her movements, like a game. I was too embarassed to look at Tara who was inches from me. My breathing began to get erratic and heavy. 'Yes, Chels. Are you getting close, too?' Becki said in short pants. I just looked at her and nodded. I couldn't help but look down at her hands. One was pulling her panties aside, the other was doing its business. She was very wet and swollen. Seeing her sex like that put me over the edge, so I mumbled, 'Very close. I think I'm gonna be the first.'

'Oh no. I'm gonna come now. Right now. Right now. I'm coming!!!! Yes!!!!' Tara said this while not taking her eyes off my eyes. This immediately caused me to begin what turned out to be a two-minute orgasm. 'Me too!' I cried and began rocking in the chair. I watched her body convulse as my spasms continued over and over. The hightened sense of sexuality and excitement overpowered any sense of embarassment. We just sorta sat there for a minute with our hands still down there, letting our bodies come to a rest. Then I looked at the computer screen and saw that Becki was starting to get sorta wild. 'I think your friend is gonna join the party,' I said. We both watched her climax. It was erotic. I thought about trying to get myself to do another one, but since my orgasm was so intense, I didn't think I could pull it off without really working at it - which I was not inclined to do in front of Tara.

'I think I'm gonna do another one,' Tara said in short bursts. I watched her. I watched her fingers, I watched her face, I watched her chest breating heavy, I listened to the sounds of her fingers sloshing around as well as her panting. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. I did not come again. But every night since, I have visualized that very moment and have given myself extremely intense orgasms.

We have made two or three jokes about that since. However, I don't think it is something either one of us would initiate again. We both have boyfriends that we love very much, but let me tell you girls - THAT WAS AWESOME!!



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