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Sandrine's Panties (2)

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So this is where I was: standing in front of a floor mirror dressed in my friend's dress and one of her set of silky panties and bra. I could not resist to bring myself to a fabulous orgasm then by seeing me in this sexy outfit. But it was then to realize she was standing at the doorway, not knowing how long she was there watching me.

I was so flushed red to be 'caught' in her clothing despite what we had earlier on her couch. I almost wanted to apologize and started to take down the dress off my back. But she came to me saying 'don't be silly, Tania, let me look at you in that dress!'. She spun me around by the shoulders and made me face the mirror once again. She was like 'You really look good in it, I don't really get to see you often in a skirt to be honest, it's a shame.' I went back on blushing and smiled at her through the mirror since she was standing behind me. I could only notice her closeness to me, her breasts pressed lightly on my back and her pelvic area against my butt. I still noticed she was wearing that same tank top and white cotton shorts, thinking of these reminded me of our love adventure of a few hours ago.

Sandrine smiled again and was like 'So, how does the dress feel on you right now' while she was lightly padding my shoulders. I could only return her smile and told her it felt good on my skin. I felt warmth across my body and especially between my legs again. She pressed her body closer to mine, her padding turning into soft touches with her finger tips. She then lowered her touch from my shoulders to the top of my breasts. She started to run little circles around my nipples then pinching them through the fabrics of the dress and the bra. My only response was to moan and tilt my head into the cradle of her right shoulder.

I looked back at the mirror and saw her left hand on the image going down from my breast to my thighs. She started to rub the skin of my leg and inched up to the gusset of my panties. She had no problem to feel how wet I was already from my previous orgasm and have become from her touch. She started to press down between my lips through the panties and draw little circles over my clit. It was so sexy to see her moves in the mirror. She then engaged her hand inside the undies and found my throbbing and ready clit. Starting gently and then more firmly, she pressed on it and rubbed it faster and faster. I could feel a huge one coming soon!

I think I surprised her when I was able to slip my right hand inside her shorts and panties. My fingers were greeted by a very wet slit and huge clit. I could not resist pressing on it and rub it like she was mine. This only took us both a minute to go into a huge orgasm. After we recovered, we simply held on each other's arms and said nothing for a while.

Nothing more happened that night though, we simply went to bed together, still wearing what we had on our backs and holding each other. I really don't know what it means for us now... we will just have to see and take it one moment at a time...



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