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Adventures With My Wife Wearing Knickers

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Sex with my wife wearing knickers got me so horny !!

My wife and I had six years of 'us' time before our first child came along so there was plenty of sexual activity between us.

One of the things we both enjoyed was having sex while she was wearing her knickers. She would lay on the bed and pull her knickers to one side exposing her pussy giving me a great view of her beautiful pink lips all wet and glistening after foreplay. I would inch forwards and push my cock into her waiting pussy hole and penetrate her, thrusting slowly but deeply into it. This got me so horny and aroused that I would have huge orgasm's spurting my load into her. After I had withdrawn I would wait with tissues at the ready to mop up my cum as it leaked out of her, something I loved to watch.

Another favourite was for both of us to masturbate together also with her knickers pulled over to one side of her pussy. It was a joy to see her fingers go to work on her clitty & pussy hole. I would always hold back from cumming and wait for her to cum first. After she had cum she would cover over her pussy with her knickers again and I would bring my cock up to her and pull her knickers open just enough for me to pop my cock inside them and stroke it until I shot my load of semen. I kept my eyes open (not easy when cummin) as I watched a rapidly expanding wet patch appear  on her knickers as my cum soaked into them. That left her with wet semen stained knickers and cum all over her pussy.

Best of all though was a pair of fabulous crotchless knickers that I bought for her. There was no internet back then but I saw an advert for a catalogue that was for sexy clothing and sex toys etc. I sent off for a copy and found a gorgeous pair of black knickers with a slit down the middle and red lace work around all of the edges including the slit. I checked up on her size and sent off for them. I wasn't disappointed and nor was she. They were so soft and comfortable and we enjoyed many a fuck with her wearing them. She looked so damn sexy in them !! I just wanted to ravage her. Pushing my cock through the slit & into her pussy was heaven. It was so erotic and got me so hard & stiff. I would shoot into her pussy and watch as my cum leaked out of her and soaked them with some dripping out through the slit.  

She also had a couple of what were called 'Teddies' These were a lovely soft sexy one piece item just like a one piece swimming costume except that they opened between her legs where there were buttons that you undid. We would fuck or masturbate while she wore them.

Lots of fun, so erotic, sexy & arousing.

For those that don't know, elsewhere on planet earth away from the UK knickers are called panties !!



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