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My First JO Bud - Taking Turns

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The story of my first jo bud in 8th grade


Just like any normal teenage guys, my friend Jim and I used to spend the night at each others house all the time eventually watching a lot of HBO late at night. Real Sex used to be on a lot and we would watch it together. We were probably in 8th grade at the time

One time my friend said "I really wish you weren't here, I'd be jerking off like crazy right now". At the time I just laughed and thought nothing of it. After a few minutes I could tell my buddy was kinda squirming around on the couch, not sitting still. I remember looking over at him and he basically just asked if I minded going into the other room for a little while while he jerked off. I said fine and went to play guitar in the other room. After he was done he told me to come back into the room, I made a few jokes then the night when on as normal.

A few weeks later we were hanging out again, this time on the computer chatting with girls online. After trying unsuccessfully to get some of our classmates to send us nude pics we decided to just search for some porn. Again, my buddy asked if I'd leave the room and I agreed, with one condition; that when he was done it was my turn. I left the room, he jerked off, we switched places, I jerked off, then the night continued as any other.

The next time we hung out, we were actually over at my neighbors place. At around 11pm my buddy nudges me and says "we gotta go back to your house". Confused, I asked why and his response was something along the lines of "I brought over a few DVDs, I think you'd like them." Still confused, I continued to look at him and he just said "you know, our routine..." and made a slight stroking motion with his hand. I knew what he meat and we left within a few minutes. This time we were at my house, in the basement. There was no other room, but there was a closet. We watched together for a few minutes, then he went into the closet while i remained in the room. I jerked off, and after cleaning up I told him it was his turn. I went into the closet and quickly noticed it was easy to see through the cracks (one of those folding doors). As I watched through the crack of the door I could see my friend stroking his cock. It didn't turn me on or anything, but it was kinda cool to watch. I was really just glad that I had a friend I could share masturbation with, even though we weren't sitting together.

We continued this basic arrangement of "taking turns" for about a year or so until we just drifted apart as friends. No real reason for it honestly, just hung out with other people until we never saw each other again.



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