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Abusive Roomy

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I'm still a virgin and still single. Never had a boyfriend that I wanted to go all the way with - but lots of everything but!


And masturbation-jilling-wanking-rubbing one out-how I LOVE the names for it, has always been something I did alone, at night, under the duvet, and above all very VERY quietly.

Apart from having a younger brother who tried to spy on me every chance he got, I just kept it to myself.

Until Uni, that is. When my older sister got into the same Uni, first years had their own rooms. When I got there, I found I was expected to share. The girl they put me with was bossy and thoroughly unpleasant. (I thought it might have been nerves and she was establishing her territory) She demanded the bed behind the door because she said it was more private and she didn't like the sun on her in the morning. She also demanded the lions share of the wardrobe too.

So that first week was tense-REALLY tense.

On the Thursday, I was feeling like I needed to give myself some attention. It was late-around midnight, and I just couldn't sleep. I was wet as anything, and my clit was doing that dull, throbbing thing-you know what I mean.

I looked over to Alison's bed, but it was in total darkness, and for a moment I tried to determine if the was asleep by her breathing. I figured she was.

So, what the hell, I was the queen of silent wanking anyway. I spread my legs and even that-even just knowing what I was about to do caused a flood of extra wetness. I slipped my hand into my knickers and holy crap-I WAS every bit as wet as I thought. Then I found my sweet little bud and started to work it. My left hand sneaked up under my t shirt and found my right breast and its perky little nipple. (I have very small breasts, but let me tell you, they sure as hell work!)

I was getting really into it. In my mind I was wanking off my ex (He was a MASSIVE cummer and I loved being able to do that to him. When he blew his load, it went everywhere, usually hitting me in the face, tummy, anywhere.)

Then, from the darkness.....

'You dirty little bitch. You just couldn't leave it alone could you? Well, don't stop on MY account-have at it. Rub your disgusting, dirty little cunt. Go on. I SAID DON'T FUCKING STOP YOU SLUT.'

So, I didn't.

'You really ARE the most disgusting little bitch I have EVER met. You know, Anna, I could SMELL your snatch the moment you walked into the room tonight. Do you EVER wash it? I bet its really grungy down there. You truly ARE the most dirty, worthless piece of fuck-shit I have ever met.'

I have NEVER been talked to like that. I was boiling, no, WHITE hot mad but also turned on like never before. I came so hard I actually felt wetness pulsing out of me, but like I say, I was also Sooooo fucking angry.

The moment my cum had finished, I leapt out of bed and threw myself at Alison. 'YOU FUCKING BITCH'. I had intended to oh, I don't know, pull her hair, slap her, ANYTHING. I got the first slap across where I figured her face would be, but instead, I felt my hand slap her right across her bare tits. She had moved up her bed so her head was hanging off the pillows. She was also masturbating. That first slap and she said 'Oh fuck-AGAIN'

I slapped her again and again across her tits. What made her cum was when I almost missed and the very tips of my fingers caught her nipples.

For the next week, we would verbally abuse each other. I think we were both thinking along the same lines when, three weeks later, I felt her slink into my bed as she was talking me off. I didn't need my own hands THAT night to have several really hot cums.

I don't think we are friends or, for that matter, that we even like each other. In fact, I think the opposite is true. I am repelled in a way. When she fingers me, I both love and hate it at the same time, but I can't deny the awesomeness of the orgasms she gives me.

Alison, I learned, loves to be verbally abused too. The number of times I have felt her pussy convulse around my fingers while I tell her how much I fucking hate her, the feel of her and the smell of her cunt-well, its lots!

Outside of our room, around campus, we do not even acknowledge each other.

Now and then, we will meet in the library stacks and it might suddenly, in the blink of an eye turn into a fast and furious wank. One of us will just jam our hand into the others knickers. No pleases, no asking. When the orgasm happens, the other just breaks off sometimes even before it has finished and walks away. One time, she jilled me into an orgasm in the chapel choir loft. I came so hard that time, I wet myself. She left me there with soaked knickers, and pee all round my feet, sneered and walked away.

Strange, huh?



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