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This Morning

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Have you ever made the transition between sleep and wakefulness, and realised that you absolutely have to do something sexual immediately, and that masturbation alone just won’t cut it? 


Such was this morning. I actually tried to masturbate, but it was like my body snapped at me “No! Not like this.” 

I felt achingly horny, oh so randy! You’ve no idea and I can’t adequately describe it. I had slept in panties and t shirt, and it had been a hot night, so I knew I was a little sweaty and in need of a shower, and also that I was that lovely mixture of wet and sweaty down below. 

I decided to get up, just as I was and put a wrap around skirt on and go for an early moment ring walk. I’ve learned to listen to my body when I feel like this. She always tells me what she needs. 

There were only a few people about, and one girl who I passed close to looked over her shoulder with her nose wrinkled. I guess I was sweatier than I thought. 

I knew then that I would either do something dirty, or try to get someone to watch what I was going to do....maybe both? 

Around the campus at the back where the playing fields are there are some residential homes and a fence. It’s not much of a fence, just open chain link, and in front of it, on our side, a few trees. 

Wandwering through the trees, I felt even more horny and I had decided, well, almost decided, to indulge in a little panty wetting before rubbing what I knew would be several orgasms out. 

I picked a spot and crouched down. Making sure my skirt was well out of the way I began that.....hmmm.....what should I call it? That pre-flight of self teasing that I go through before I pee my panties. 

Thats when I heard the softest of noises. Just a tiny little tap. I looked up, and in a garden a man much older than me had gently placed the spade he was carrying against his shed wall. Clearly, he had seen me, and clearly it was too late for me to demurely get up! He did avert his eyes, though, but in that second I knew what I wanted. I called to him. “you can watch if you like.” 

He glanced over his shoulder (wifey?) before picking his way through some nettles around to the back of his shed. This pu only the chain link fence between me and him. I moved too so that I couldn’t see his house any more. My world was me, the fence, him and the back wall of his shed. 

I crouched again, and ran through the same self teasing that is so necessary for me when I do this. Slowly, a few drops fell through the cotton and onto the ground. I kept stopping and starting until the pressure became unbearable. My heart was racing! Being watched! Just what I needed this morning! 

Something in me changed, though. After those first few tiny droplets, I stopped and pulled my panties aside, letting the rest of my stream go onto the ground. I could see the erection plainly and painfully tenting his trousers. 

I stood up, and a look of disappointment flashed across his face. But he needn’t have worried, all I was doing was taking my tiny bikini briefs off. I poked them through the fence to him. Again, he looked round the shed to make sure no one was around before pulling them through. 

I crouched again and this time, using one hand to ready myself behind, leaned back and began to masturbate. Yes, this was what I needed. He unzipped and got a very pleasing cock out. He smelled my panties, and what a scent he must have had. Sweat, vagina (must find a better word for what I want to be dirty) and a little piss. 

I came......came.....and came again. I knelt up and placed both hands on the fence. I opened my mouth wide, and he took a step forward. There’s no doubt that had he stuck his cock through the chain link I would have sucked him off, but clearly the movement was too much. He shot his load. Some of it did come through the fence and landed on my face and a shot went in my mouth. 

I swallowed.....the first sperm I’ve swallowed for a very long (too long) time. I suddenly had the image of his shagging me from behind through the fence. 

I backed up, and bent down. Bless him, he tried so hard to get inside me, but I guess being the age he was, he needed longer before trying for seconds. He did get in me a little, but it was plain he wasn’t hard enough. 

Walking back to my room, the taste of cum in my mouth and feeling the cool morning air around my cunt was utterly delightful. I’m going to go back to that spot. 

Breakfast, then the feeling that today is going to be a randy, horny day. Looking out of the refectory window, I saw scores of kids going to school on the last day of term. Some of the girls, as usual, had rolled their skirts up indecently high. There were lots of panties on show, and lots of teenage boys walking around clearly sporting semis. There will be a few cherries less in the world by tonight I think! 

A walk, then? There are old WWII gun emplacements around here. They’re always good for a visit if you like dirty graffiti, and I bet that more than one girl has given her cherry up leaning forward against a wall. 

The first two just made me horny again. (Yes, I know this shouldn’t turn a girl on, but it does...ok?) there is usually a smell of old piss in there, and of course, the graffiti. But the third one held a surprise. Hung on a nail on one of the walls was a pair of white cotton panties. By the size, I would say their owner was still at school.....and by the look inside them, said owner was really horny when she took them off, or allowed them to be taken off. Alongside was a date, (yesterday’s) and a short message. “Left here, along with my hymen!” Did I have a quick smell? Of course! There wasn’t a great deal, but just faintly, there was a scent of young randiness. More than enough for me, anyway. 

I leaned back against the wall, put my hand up my wrap around, and began to stroke my clit. I smelled the panties a little and tried to imagine I was this young girl. Then I put her panties on! I really got int he role play, pretending at first to resist my boyfriends advances, but getting more and More turned on before turning to face the wall, with my bum stuck out. I positioned two fingers at my entrance, and whispered “ok, you can fuck me, but pull out before you cum, ok?” I pushed my fingers in, even crying out as he tore my imaginary hymen. I finger funcked myself as I thought a desperate young teenage boy would. Then, as my orgasm approached I said (I gave myself a different name to add to the fantasy) “Oh Danni, I cant....can’t stop....ohh I’m sorry”, and I imagined he’d cum up this young girl.

My orgasm was earthy, delicious, dirty and downright gorgeous. When I peeled the panties off, I found I had left a good squirt in the crotch to mix with hers. 

Walking slowly back, I realised that I won’t be back here until late September. Although I stayed on a few weeks after the end of Uni term (to earn some money), I’ll be home in a couple of days. 

Home, alone, randy, desperate to explore my new found sexuality. 



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