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A Weekend With Stacy - Sunday

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The first weekend I ever shared my sexuality with another person was a weekend in the mountains with my good friend. She introduced me to mutual masturbation and oral sex, and we had a wonderful time. It started my sex life on the path it has followed to this day

This is a continuation and conclusion of the weekend I spent with my close friend-slash-ex-girlfriend Stacy at a cabin in the mountains the summer before we went off to college. We arrived Friday night and spent most of the weekend that we weren’t out swimming in the river naked in the cabin. We watched each other masturbate several times Friday night and Saturday, and Stacy jacked me off for my first sexual release from another person. Saturday night I cuddled up to her naked, slipping a hand against her warm body under her shirt, and we slept soundly.

I woke first again in the cabin bedroom, as the East-facing window lit up around the outline of the bedroom blinds. As my mind came back to me, I looked over to my right, and there was Stacy, on her side facing away from me. Her nightshirt hid her shoulders and back from me this time, as I slid over to her under the blankets.



Confident rather than cautious this time, I cuddled up behind her and found my morning wood nestling against her bare bottom. I smiled, and slid my hand under her nightshirt and cupped her bare breast. She slowly woke, letting out the a low, “Mmmmm,” and pushed her hips back to rub her ass against my hardon. We lay there for a while, not speaking, just slowly pushing against each other, my rapidly hardening cock sliding against her, and our hands playing over her breast.



Stacy shivered as I slid my fingertips back down her body, playing down her side and over her hips under her shirt. As my hand moved back up, she grabbed at it through her shirt and pulled it up to cup her breast, her nipple hardening. I could just picture the tiny grin that would be on her face, as she rubbed back against me, my cock between her cheeks. We lay there against each other, content but mutually aroused, as we gently rocked against each other and I gently groped at her. “How the heck are you always so warm in the morning?” she whispered, and I grinned and just held her closer against me, my cock at full attention. We lay there together for who knows how long, utterly content and comfortable. After a while, though, she was the one to escalate (of course).



Pulling away from me, she sat up and stretched her arms. Her back cracking a few times, she spoke. “Mnnnhhhhh… My back is a little sore. Must’ve been the swimming. Can you give me a backrub?” I just smiled. “Sure. Do you want it through that shirt, or...” Without speaking, she pulled her nightshirt up and over her head, and was in seconds as naked as I was. I would never get tired of the view of her lithe little body, moving gracefully with her breasts standing out as she tossed her shirt into the corner of the bedroom. Rolling over, she lay on her stomach, back and butt exposed, her legs poking below the blankets from the knee down. Grinning, I got up and straddled her thighs.



Looking down across her lithe, small body, I felt so lucky. There she was, all 4 foot 8 of her. I put my hands on her pale ass cheeks, making her laugh, before her laughs shifted to groans as I pushed down and rubbed up her back, pressing against her muscles. Turned out she wasn’t just making a pretext for naked massages, her back actually was tight. I slid up her back until my hands kneaded her shoulders, my cock settling between her cheeks. “This okay?” She just wiggled them back against me in response.



For the next ten minutes, I gave her as good as massage as I could manage while keeping my cock nestled against her ass. As I hit her shoulder blades she would groan, and I pushed her down into the mattress. I could feel her relaxing against me as we went, until eventually she started to roll over. I got off her and slid down next to her, face to face, hugging us together, my cock poking her in the waist so hard she looked down and chuckled at it, before closing her eyes to just lay against me. I reached up, gently rubbing her breasts with my hand. So far, so good. Over the last 36 hours, we’d shared plenty of lovely cuddles like this and watched each other get aroused and get ourselves off. She’d even stroked me to my first climax involving another person. But there was still so much more. And, confidence building, I went for it. “I want to try something...”



Stacy opened her eyes. “Like what?” Without responding, I leaned over her, and kissed her neck. She gasped in through her mouth, a sigh escaping her lips as I continued palming her right breast and kissed down her neck to her collarbone, and across to her left shoulder. She squirmed below me, but not to get away – the sensations were driving her to shudder and thrust her chest up at me. And I took advantage, continuing to kiss down until I captured her other nipple in my mouth. “Ohhhhh yes...” she whimpered, as I tasted her nipple and rubbed my hand down her body. There was no question where we were headed, and she spread her legs of her own accord as my left hand crept down her body, to the stubble that was all that was left of her recently shaved pubes, and between her legs. I felt her wetness, already aroused, so warm and slick, and my heart sped up. It was really happening, I was fingering my friend while I licked her nipple, and she was practically begging me to continue.



Flying blind, my face still pressed against her breast, I stretched out a finger and ran it between her inner lips, feeling her slick juices. I may have been inexperienced with pussy, but I was no stranger to porn and had gotten more than a few good close looks at her bits the day before, and once I judged my finger to be nice and wet, I moved forward until I felt the tiny hard nub of her clit. But she hissed in breath through her teeth – and not a hiss of pleasure, but a hiss of pain. “Nono, don’t push hard like that. Rub gently, with two fingers...” she pulled her hand against mine and tried to rearrange my fingers, but I needed more lube. Dipping down towards her opening, I tried again. This time she cooed in pleasure when two of my fingers brushed her hooded clit gently, but before too long I dipped down between her lips again and, as if I knew what I was doing, tried to feel for her opening.



Again her breath hissed, as her body contracted away from my touch. “Sorry, sorry!” I let out. “Fine, it's fine,” she replied. “Just… be gentle...” I tried to oblige, fluttering my fingers as light as I could on her clit. But after a slow relaxation into enjoying the feel of my fingers against her, she grimaced and pulled back again. “This isn’t working...” she grumbled out, grabbing my hand in hers and stopping my motions. I pulled my lips away from her nipple, looking up at her sex-flushed but somewhat concerned face. “Sorry…” she continued, and hugged me against her. I was sad, and definitely embarrassed, but she held me tight, saying without words better than any words could that she was glad to be there despite the setback. I pulled back enough to speak. “I'm sorry too… I guess my big stupid fingers are just too rough-”



“Nononono,” she interrupted. “It’s not you. I was worried about this. I’m so fucking delicate and sensitive sometimes… my boyfriend can barely finger me. And I always always need to masturbate a couple times before he can fuck me. It’s just so much easier to do it yourself...” Now she looked embarrassed, shaken at her body’s inability to participate fully in sharing her sexuality with me. I hugged her, and kissed her again on her neck. I spoke. “Play with yourself then… I just want to feel you while you cum on your fingers...” I slid down again and replaced my lips against her teat, moving my damp hand up her body to run my fingertips over her chest and belly.



Stacy whimpered in response to my lips on her nipple and lay back, letting her embarrassment slowly fade. And after a minute of her breathing slowing and her hands drifting down her body, she spread her legs again, and slid her fingers into her pussy. God, what a feeling, to feel her chest rhythmically heave up and down against me as she pleasured herself. After a moment, all disappointment at being unable to pleasure her fully myself was gone, as I reveled in the feel of her building pleasure. Her head hung back as she left her senses behind, buried in her own world as she played with her pussy. Looking up her chest at her slack jaw as her orgasm built, I once again felt like the luckiest man in the world – and eventually, faster than the last times I’d watched her, she tipped over into climax, shaking like a leaf as she stared sightlessly up and groaned in ecstasy. Her climaxes were always so damn intense, her abs quaking and her body tensing spasmodically as she just barely managed to hold her fingers against her pussy. I kept licking her nipple as she shook, until she fell back and just stopped moving, senseless. I kissed my way up her chest to her shoulder, then up her neck to her ear. The stimulation brought her back to reality faster than usual, and her eyes came into focus on my face as I leaned over her. One of her hands, fingers damp from her pussy juices, came up to rest on my cheek.



“I wanna make you cum,” she whispered to me.  “How do you want me?” I whispered back.  She paused, and continued in that same husky whisper. “I want you to cum on me…” My heart sped up, and I obliged her. I rose up, and swung a leg over her body, straddling her body, my aching hard cock coming to rest against her belly as I settled my weight on her hips. I reached down and started stroking myself, but before I could get more than a few strokes in she reached down, staring intently at my cock, and stroked me with both hands. “Ohhhhhhh stacy…” I moaned out, feeling her hands on me. I reached down to paw at her boobs like a moron while she jacked me, her eyes still kind of unfocused in the wake of her seismic orgasm. I thrust into her hands against her belly, breathing harder as she stared down her body at my erection. Her eyes darted up once, to my face, and she smiled, still tired and unfocused, but with a hunger.



I certainly lasted longer than the first time she’d jacked me, but it was definitely only a minute or two. Taking my hands off her breasts, I rested my weight on the bed to either side of her. “Oh god, you’re gonna make me cum…” “Yesssss… do it, do it, cum…” and that was all it took. I closed my eyes and groaned as I tipped over into climax, and my cum leapt across her belly. She gasped, not used to the volume of cum I make, but kept jacking, speeding up. I tingled, shook, and emptied myself across her body in flying rope after rope of jizz. Panting, I took a hand to hers, stopping her from continuing to jack my softening and oversensitive cock. I opened my eyes, and there in front of me was a hell of a sight. Stacy’s little body was below me, her breasts enticing even through my post-orgasmic haze. Her belly was absolutely covered in my cum, spurt after spurt having landed across her. Some of my ropes had one up between her breasts almost to her collarbone, and one lay right across her right nipple. She looked up at me, smiling.



“Wow, that was… wow,” was all I could manage. She laughed weakly.  “Look what you did to me.” “You were complicit.” “Yeah, but now you have to clean me up.” “...Okay then.” Acting impulsively, I bent over and licked at her nipple, tasting my jizz on her skin. I had, of course, already tasted my cum on multiple occasions over the years. Who hasn’t? But there was something about taking it off her body. I quivered inside as I did, moving on to lick up my jizz from the cleft between her boobs. She inhaled sharply at the contact, then put out a little moan.  I pulled up, looked her in the face, and we both couldn’t help but laugh. Kissing her on the cheek, I dismounted her body and grabbed the towel we had used as a cum rag the night before when I last came all over myself, and gently wiped her up. We lounged in bed for another half hour. There was no inhibitions left between us. We cuddled naked, ran our hands all over each other, talked about how we loved pleasuring each other and the sights of each other’s orgasms. I’ve said it before, but our time together like this was just as much a post-sex afterglow as times I’ve left a load dripping out of someone’s pussy. The feeling, the playful intimacy, was the same. We may not have taken the plunge into what everyone would consider sex, but it was just as lovely nonetheless.



Though it was just as fun and carefree as our previous day in the mountains, I won’t bore you too much with what we got up to out and about that day. We eventually got up and headed to the kitchen, still naked. I made breakfast, Stacy smacking my ass once as a joke as I flipped pancakes. It was another gorgeous day, and we took the chance to slip on our accursed swimsuits again and drive in my car down the dirt road a few miles to another river access. We must have spent four hours out in the sun, reapplying sunscreen to each other, swimming to a big rock in the river and then climbing up the rocky far shore, and finding a bunch of crinoid fossils in a layer of shale poking out of the ground. We kept them in our hands as we headed back.



Once we dried off to sit in the car seats, we got in the car to head back to the cabin. Stacy didn’t bother to wait to get back to the cabin – she stripped naked right there in the car, shedding her two-piece blue swimsuit in the passengers seat about thirty seconds after we hit the quiet dirt road. “You hate clothes as much as I do now huh?” “This weekend? I’m not wearing anything any more than I have to.” Driving up the hill to the cabin, we parked and I stripped off still outside on the deck, laying my swimsuit out to dry in the sun while Stacy grabbed the fossils and her clothes and headed in. We’d gotten a later start and stayed at the river even longer than we had the previous day and it was already almost 3 PM. As I walked into the cabin and looked at the fossils laid out on the table, Stacy was already stepping into the shower. Wordlessly, not needing an invitation, I joined her. We chatted amicably as we washed our own hair, then went quiet as we washed each other’s bodies, me going hard again as we rubbed together and held each other. I will never forget the look of her face, laying back against my chest, eyes closed with the smallest hint of a smile on her face as I reached around to cup her breasts.



After we dried each other off, I in my infinite nerdiness put on a DVD of Star Trek IV and got us some sandwiches for lunch. We again lounged around in the heat of the afternoon, watching star trek and cuddling together on the couch. Our cuddles were intimate but not directly sexual, running over each others sides and hugging each other close. As the movie we watched ended though, my cock was hardening against her bare ass as she subtly began rubbing against me while I spooned her from behind. Muting the closing credits, I held her closer against me. We went quiet, a low heat rising in both of us. We knew what was coming.



I was breathing low into her neck, as my right hand came up her body and began playing with her nipple. She pushed back against me harder, rubbing my cock between her cheeks. Before long, I made a decision. My hand slowly made its way down her body, across her chest and belly, and slowly went across her pubic stubble towards her pussy. She sighed, and just raised her leg, giving me access. Trying to be as gentle as possible, at first I just cupped her mound, feeling her hidden heat. I gently played my fingers back and forth between her thighs, up to her hips, and along her outer lips. After a good three or four minutes slowly trying to work her arousal up, I tentatively, carefully slipped one finger between her lips. God, she was warm and wet, so inviting. I gently played that finger back and forth between her lips, then moved up to her clit. With a little squeak, she pushed against me even harder, her breath accelerating. It felt like everything was good to go. But, again, before too long her breath hissed in in pain. I pulled my hand away – I had zero interest in anything that she did not like. “Sorry, I don’t want to hurt you.”  I held her close. “These stubby virgin fingers can wait.” I could feel her disappointment without words, a tension remaining even as she relaxed in my arms. I was willing to move on. But she suddenly rolled over, facing me, my cock coming to rest against her waist.



“I have an idea,” she said, looking at my face, for once some nervousness in her face. “What?” “I think I know how you can make me cum, even with my stupid sensitive pussy.” I looked at her, expectantly, her face starting to blush. She continued. “Fingers are always rough on me. It’s not just you. But… A couple times now… Tongues are much softer.” I blinked. Was she actually asking what I thought she was asking? “You want me to…” She nodded. “Yes. Will you eat my pussy?” I was taken aback – I was not expecting that. “I don’t… I’ve never…” “I know. I’ll tell you what to do. Please? I want to cum for you…” Speechless, I nodded.



Stacy sat up, and I followed. Scootching her hips to the edge of the cushions, she reclined back against the back of the couch. “Get on the floor, come up close,” she said. I got down on the throw rug, coming up to her knees – and she pulled her feed up onto the edge of the cushion to either side of her hips, spreading her legs and presenting me with her pretty little pussy. Reaching down, she pulled apart her outer lips, revealing the pink core of her genitals and her little hooded clit. “Start with just a lick, between my inner lips. I’ll tell you what to do from there. I looked up at her face. She smiled, and I got butterflies. Leaning over, I did as I was told, and dipped my tongue between her labia. God, she was delicious. My first impression was that she tasted a little like my own precum, but with a tangy note that was unique, but that I would come to know well over my sex life. Maybe it’s rose-tinted glasses looking back at my first time eating pussy, but to this day I think she’s the tastiest girl I have ever eaten out. I couldn’t help but let out a hum of approval, as I reached up and rested my hands against the bottoms of her thighs, and slowly moved my tongue up her pussy. “Yeah… do that a few times… Yes… Now further, lick my clit.” I did as I was told, licking upwards and opening my eyes to see her face. She inhaled sharply, but not in pain. Her brows crinkled though, and she gave me more instructions. “Mnhhhh… Yeah, but… keep your tongue flatter. Not like you’re sticking your tongue out. Flat, like you’re licking ice cream.” I couldn’t help myself and backed up to give a little chuckle. “You’re my favorite ice cream flavor then. God you taste so good.” “Then get back there for more, dummy.” And I did.



I licked at Stacy’s pussy, gently but with increasing confidence. My tongue was definitely more forgiving than my fingers, and she gently guided me towards what felt better. She liked gentle licks against her clit, and occasionally rubbing it between my lips. I frequently went back between her lips for more lube and soon her juices were running down my chin. Her last coherent verbal command was when I reached in with my hands to hold her lips further apart, and gently rubbed one finger across her opening – telling me not to penetrate her this time, just to lick. I followed orders, and moved my hands back up her thighs, holding her legs apart. Soon she was reduced from words, climbing her hill of pleasure, as I responded to the pitch of her moans and her rate of breathing to build her arousal higher and higher. After a few minutes I looked up, seeing her eyes closed and one hand squeezing a breast, a flush spreading across her face. Soon after, she instinctively reached down and grabbed my long hair in her hands, manhandling my head in course direction to pleasure her harder. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually eating her out, my tongue actually in my old friend’s pussy. It was heaven. My cock sagged to half-hard in concentration, but it was a sexual thrill like nothing I had ever felt before.



Before long, Stacy was completely nonverbal and just gasping and moaning erratically. Her fingers grabbed at my hair, and I had to use some strength in my grips on her this to keep them open. Her hips started bucking, her moans reached a staccato peak – and she came, screaming in pleasure. Her hips bucked, and her thighs slammed shut around my head, crushing me between them. I moved my face frantically, suckling her clit between my lips to keep pleasuring her through her volcanic orgasm. But then in a flash, I was thrown back – her thrashing arms had pushed my head back with a strength I would have never expected from her petite body, and a leg actually kicked my shoulder and I went sprawling back on my naked ass against the throw rug. Looking up, girlcum dripping down my chin, I saw her collapse sideways onto the couch, body bucking in a total loss of control that seemed to always come with her orgasms.



My cock hardened to full mast, no longer distracted and watching in rapture the sheer heat of her sexual release. She quaked in orgasm for what must have been thirty seconds, before going limp on her side on the couch. The sexual flush on her cheeks and chest started to dissipate, and she almost looked asleep. Getting up on my knees, I shuffled over to the couch. Rather than letting her sleep off her orgasm, I abandoned subtlety. Coming up right next to her, my erection practically in her face, I grabbed one of her hands, and placed it around my cock. Her eyes opened, at first unseeing but slowly coming to focus on my dick in front of her face. Instinctively she began stroking, before she regained enough lucidity to speak. “Wow…” “Wow?” “Yeah…” she continued, still on her side but stroking me with more confidence. “Yeah, wow. That was amazing…” She let go of my cock, and with some difficulty forced herself back up into a sitting position in the middle of the couch. She patted the cushion next to her. “Lay down here… I wanna make you cum again.”



I didn’t need a second invitation. At first I lay back against the armrest, my legs over hers. Feeling her sweaty body made me even harder, if that were possible. But she then slid sideways and lay her face on my hip, right next to my jutting erection, and she started stroking me up and down. Looking down at her face right next to my cock, I could not help but picture her sucking me off – but I could also not help but see that the notion was comical. It was not so much that my cock was extremely large – in length I’m about six and a third inches hard, though I am definitely thicker than most male lovers I’ve had over the years. It was just that she was so small, so slight in build with a cute little mouth that I just could not see fitting all that in.



I was not the only one thinking about blowjobs. Stacy’s eyes were fixed on my cock – and after a minute or so, she leaned in, and planted a kiss on my erection. I moaned unsteadily as she kept stroking, planting kisses up and down my length, before scootching up and planting one kiss right on my cockhead, her tongue passing over her lips as she tasted my precum. “You taste nice too,” she hissed out huskily. “I wanna suck you, but… I don’t think…” “I get it. I’m thick. It’s fine. Just… keep doing that…” I hissed out as she continued stroking me. She got down to business, stroking me as she’d learned to do over the last two days. I let out verbal encouragement, talking about how much I loved her pussy, how good she tasted, how I wanted to cum for her. It didn’t take very long to work me up to the peak of my pleasure. My eyes closed and my head rolled back, and I spoke. “Oh Stacy, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cumnnnhaaaaaahh-”



My voice suddenly went incoherent as warmth descended over my cockhead. My eyes flipped open and I looked down – and there she was, looking up at my face as her lips closed just behind the ridge of my cockhead, taking just my glans into her open mouth. The sight of the desire in her eyes as she encircled me with her warm, wet mouth was just too much, and I immediately exploded. “Mmmmnh!” she squeaked out through her nose, as the first powerful spurt of cum that probably could have reached my face filled her mouth. She could only take two ropes before she pulled back rapidly, aiming my cock up my belly for the rest to shoot across my body as she gasped and kept stroking. I groaned and covered my abs in jizz, my last few spurts running down her fingers as I twitched and gasped in pleasure.



I only got to lay there undisturbed for a few seconds, before I felt Stacy leap up from the couch with some urgency and run across the cabin to the kitchen. Opening my eyes, I heard the sink run as she filled a cup with water and drank. Looking over, I saw her slowly downing a plastic cup, holding it in her cummy hand. Once she finished, she grabbed some paper towels and wiped her hands off, coming back to the couch with more for my belly. “Sorry,” she said with a grin as she came back. “You cum SO MUCH. I needed some help to swallow that.” Shaking a bit as she wiped up my cum, I looked up and saw a fleck still clinging to her chin. “You missed some.” My mind spun at what I had just seen, out of it as she kept talking with a smile as she finished cleaning me up and put her wadded up paper towels in the trash. Walking back to the couch, she told me to scoot over and we cuddled up together, me again spooning her from behind, but my soft and slightly saliva-damp cock nestled between her ass cheeks this time.



We again basked in our afterglow, my mind spinning even if I was grounded in our post-orgasmic intimacy. We’d just gone down on each other! So new to me, so wonderful, so strange… and so right. We were quieter this time, holding each other close. After twenty minutes or so, Stacy got up, stretching her lithe body in that lovely way I would never get tired of. “I’m getting tired… maybe we need a walk.”



The two of us slowly got up and about, and I slipped on my swimming trunks while she grabbed her swimming bottoms and a loose T shirt. We headed out, and slowly walked along the dirt road, towards a trail-head into the woods. She slipped a hand into mine, and as we walked, we talked. We talked about how nice the mountains were, how glad we were to get to be there together, how much we liked seeing each other cum, how strange it was that giving each other head felt so right and so natural despite us having rather vehemently decided we were not right for each other when it came to dating. I was excited at my first experience of oral sex, and she smiled at my enthusiasm, her having first experienced that almost two years previously before she and I even dated. This whole conversation feels emblematic of our strange but wonderful intimacy we share. I am so lucky to be able to feel so natural and at home with her, and to this day one of the things I love most about being nonmonogamous is that each relationship has the freedom to just be what is is, rather than fitting along a predetermined trajectory. We could just be what we were to each other, and it was right.



When we got home we of course immediately stripped, and I got us out some chips and hummus for a light dinner. As the sun went down we went out into the clearing, this time not even bothering to put clothes on, to set up a campfire. We sat and stood around the campfire naked, cooking marshmallows and building up the fire and letting it burn down repeatedly. Holding her bare body next to mine, as we looked up over the campfire at the stars appearing, was magical. Stacy and I finally headed to bed after midnight, for the last night of our trip. Once we washed some smoky smell from our faces and brushed our teeth, for once she didn’t bother to put on anything to sleep. We just jumped in bed, both naked as ever. My cock hardened instinctively given what always happened when we went to bed, and she laughed. We shared one more round of casual masturbation, though she said her pussy was a little sore from all the attention she’d gotten that day. So she just lay on her side, idly playing with a nipple while watching me jack myself to climax, inspired by her gorgeous body beside me. Wiping me up with my towel, she couldn’t help but speak. “God you cum so much. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. So fucking hot.”  We cuddled up under the covers, content.






Monday morning came, but there was no languid morning mutual masturbation this time. Our alarm clock went off at 7:30, and we had a timetable to follow to get back home at a reasonable time. Pulling ourselves out of bed, we decided that we needed a shower so we didn’t smell like sex when we got home. At least that was nice, holding each other under the warm spray, me kissing the back of her neck and her grabbing at my inevitable erection. Once we got ourselves dried off, we went around the cabin, putting everything away that had been scattered by our presence. We didn’t bother putting clothes on as we worked, cleaning up, putting supplies away, gathering garbage to take to the dump. We found that the sheets we had used were, shall we say, stained, and we had to re-make the bed. Stacy laughed, blaming it all on me, while I protested that I was hardly the only one producing sexual fluids in that room.



Once everything was pretty well squared away, I cooked us some eggs and sausage for our last meal at the cabin. Sitting down naked next to my friend on a bench at the table, I felt like I had to say something. “Thank you.” She beamed back at me. “I should be thanking you! I loved it here. I had so much fun.” I put my hand on her bare leg. “No, really. Thank you. I am so glad I got to try sex with you here, like this, for the first time.” I’m a sappy idiot. But she put down her fork, and turned to straddle the bench, and hugged me tight. “I’m so glad I could be here. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”



We cleaned up the last of our stuff, and as our final act even after turning out the lights, pulled on a full set of clothes for the first time in two and a half days. We complained with every single piece of cloth. We piled up everything into the car, put in a European metal CD, and drove off.  After forty minutes or so Stacy’s cell phone had reception again, and she texted our families to let them know we were on our way – and called her boyfriend again. He certainly got an earful, Stacy first talking about the stars and the fire pit and then describing in some detail me licking my own jizz off of her nipples. My face got rather red, and she put him on speaker for a few seconds to congratulate me before going back to talking directly to him. I fervently wished I could have had the confidence to tell him about her cumming so hard from my tongue that she kicked me over onto the floor. Again, the confidence for that sort of thing only came with more experience with non-monogamy in my twenties.



She hung up, and we continued our journey. My immediate embarrassment fading, we talked and talked for hours. Our easy intimacy was only deepened by this weekend. As I reached her family’s house and dug her bag out of the back of the car she hugged me, the top of her head still below my chin, then pulled at my shoulders to make me bend over. I did – and she planted a kiss on my cheek, before turning to go home. The spot tingled, somehow charged with meaning. We had never kissed once since breaking up in high school, and while I had definitely kissed her neck and cheek while we shared mutual masturbation and oral sex that weekend I realized she had not reciprocated. I could feel the meaning in that gesture. We were not right for each other romantically and never would be, but we were right in some other way, and would always, ALWAYS love each other in our own way. My stomach fluttered as I waved goodbye, got in the car, and headed home.



We visited that place again that summer, but with other old high school friends, and didn’t get to play with each other. It’s not like anyone male or female wore much in the way of clothes when we went there in groups, and it was lovely and some of the best weekends I’ve had with some of the best people I know, but we didn’t get to share each other like that again. In the fall we went off to different colleges 3,000 miles apart. We kept up with each other – through breakups and figuring out polyamory on both sides, through academic troubles, through me enthusiastically coming to terms with my bisexuality, we talked about everything almost daily by text chat for years. The next summer, we got the chance to get back together, and arranged another cabin trip. It was a fantastic reunion, but with one key difference. Having had the chance to experiment more freely, Stacy had slightly altered the terms of her open relationships. From then on she and I were still utterly emotionally and affectionately intimate, but she decided she would be keeping orgasmic play to people she was actively dating (generally non-monogamously). It just generally worked better for her. We never regretted what we got up to when we were 18, but it was a chapter in our relationship that would not recur. We still went to the cabin alone, and replayed our constant nudity and sleeping cuddled up against each other bare, but never repeated our sexual explorations. We didn’t need to.



This is not a sad development. To this day, my relationship with Stacy is special. Though she lives a continent away, we talk almost weekly. I will unabashedly say I love her to my long-term boyfriend and girlfriend, and she will say the same about me to her husband. We tell each other everything, mundane and sexy. And when we get to see each other it’s like no time has passed, no matter that we are now approaching twice the age we were when we shared that weekend together in the cabin. We draw looks as we walk down the street downtown when we get together at her place, her husband holding one hand and me holding the other. She will still sleep with me in my bed when she visits my apartment, cuddled up naked and burying her face in the crook of my neck. We are, and will always be, special to each other and we treasure the time she got to introduce me to the world of sex.




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