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My Friend with Benefits, More About Her

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Emily, although being a friend with benefits, isn't what you might call overtly sexual. (Nothing like my sister in other words.) Oh she fucks now and then, but isn't very adventurous. It's always in bed and, although it can get pretty passionate, it's only ever missionary or from behind. One afternoon, I was telling her about Claire and some of Claire's masturbadtory adventures, and it seemed to spark something


I had been telling Emily how much Claire like masturbating outdoors. Ok, our farm is fucking huge and there's plenty of places we can go for a wank and not be disturbed. But sometimes, I told Emily, Claire liked being watched by strangers. Men, women, anyone. She gets a buzz out of other people seeing up her skirt, or seeing her panties, and especially seeing her play with herself.

Emily squirmed a little in her chair, so I carried on.

I told Em about the time Claire had masturbated for two boys near a school fence, and one of the boys ended up by being sucked off by her. I also told her that Claire likes to wet herself sometimes. This made Em sit bolt upright, and I thought I'd fucked it up.

"What? You mean she, she pees in her panties?"

I nodded.

Fucking hell, the silence that followed was really awkward. I could see Em thinking hard about it, and then she said, "You know, that makes sense. I can see that." Again, another silence.


"I'd like to do it outside. It sounds really horny." As she shifted in her chair, I could see her panties and they were visibly damp. Guys get really good at getting panty flashes. From the moment we realize there’s something nice up there, girls panties are a fascination. Well, they are for me! I've been an avid panty-spier since I was 14.

No time like the present. I suggested that I take Emily home and let her either wander the farm, or I could maybe show her a place! Since she doesn't know our farm well, she asked me to guide her.

Once there, I took her to a pathway and said, "Go along there until you see a style. Climb over that and you'll be in a large field of wheat. You can do it there. Tell me what it feels like.”
Emily bustled about, putting stuff in her bag. (Girls never go anywhere without a fucking bag!)

Then I drove her home.

Once through the house and the farmyard, I showed her the path and off she went.

Ok, so I hadn't been particularly straight with her. In the middle of the field I'd sent her to is an old barn. We don't use it, but it's a listed building. It stands there unused, but it's good for sex, as Claire has told you. I grabbed my high-quality video camera and ran another way to the barn.
Emily took so fucking long, I thought she'd gone somewhere else. When she finally hopped into view, she'd made herself a little crown of summer flowers. She climbed the style, giving me a lovely shot up her skirt, and approached the barn. For a moment, I thought she was going to chicken out and come into the building. In the end, she stopped about 20 meters off. She was near enough to make a dash for it if someone came by, but far enough away to do it in the field.

She stood there for a moment and then the fun began. She stroked her body, especially her breasts through her top, before taking it as well as her bra off. I saw through the camera how she was breathing deeply and her nipples were so hard. She tweaked them, plucked at them, and then she undid her skirt. She just stood there for a moment before she opened her legs a little. I could just imagine her scent! I know it so well. Emily has one of the most delicious pussy scents I've ever known. It's like a freshly mown summer meadow. Then her hand disappeared into her panties. Her other hand worked her breasts and my cock was like a fucking tent pole! How I wanted to rush out and fuck her brains out, but this was her moment.

Then, she finally plucked up the courage to do what I thought she might do. She took her hand out of her panties, looked around once more, then looked down at her mound and peed! Fucking hell, there is something horny as fuck about a girl wetting herself. I wanted that stream on me.
Then, when she'd finished, she just stuck her hand back in and wanked herself to a visible orgasm. I saw her shaking, convulsing, and she was saying, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," over and over.
That done, she rummaged in her bag and produced a different pair of panties and some tissues and proceeded to clean up.

Then she retraced her steps.

I left my camera hidden and ran hell-for-leather back to the farm yard. I needn't have run! She took as long coming back as she did getting there. "Good?" I inquired.

She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Better than I could have possibly imagined. Next time, I want you to take me somewhere where I can flash.” Meanwhile......

She led me to my room. Once there, I peeled her panties off and buried my face between her legs. That lovely sexy scent of her pussy was augmented by the scent of her pee. I sucked her off before fucking her. I so want her to pee on me, but I will have to tread really carefully. Em has always said that, "Some things are private." I have to respect that.

But damn, she really is something, this girl. Soft, loving, and sexy as all hell. She’s even keen to experiment. I know she has even talked to Claire about what it's like to be with another girl.

Claire said, "It was obvious she was getting horny, but she didn't make a move or show any sign that she wanted to do more than just talk about it. But I'll bet you anything you like she wanked off about it later."

Oh Emily. I really think I could be with you for the long term.



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