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A Week Delight

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Well we had the week off and we weren't going to waste it! As you have read in our other stories we are just ordinary guys who enjoy helping the other out! This weekend was no exception!

One day during the week, everyone was out of the house, and instinctively, I invited James over to 'hang.' (pun definitely intended). I had sent him a text to walk in and come upstairs. When he did this, he found me in an undershirt and briefs. He wasn't phased and just sat next to me and we chatted for a short while. Next I showed him on the big screen a compilation of some good porno clips that I had put together. These clips included, female-female, male-female, and male-male. All these clips turned us both on and we were both hard as a rock.

When I went to go shut off my t.v., I made sure to end up right were James was. I sat on top of his extended body and straddled him. I proceeded to take his belt off and open his pants up enough so I could play with his slowly growing dick inside his boxers. It was easy for him to play with me being that I was already in briefs, but we began feeling each other up and finally I put my hand inside the slit in his boxers. The feeling of his warm cock was amazing; I hadn't felt it in a long while. He eventually got to my throbbing member, and we began getting into a hot hand job frenzy! Once we took the majority of our clothes off (except for our shirts) and became more playful, reaching down and grabbing fully each other's sac and moving up to the head. I played with his head, he played with my foreskin; it was feeling amazing!

We decided to have a change of scenery, and moved to my room. We sat up on our knees and got good grasps on each other. We both knew the mind blowing 'O' to come! We kept getting closer and closer, and finally I couldn't take it anymore! I lost it...I came all over the towel we layed out, and came some on him! As he began finishing himself off, I rubbed his balls and kept my dick as hard as possible so he had a nice thing to look at and play with to get him off! When he blew, it was awesome watching his face and to watch his balls get close to his body in my hands. It was great!

In the next couple days, we had another great orgasm! James and I saw a movie, and decided to come to my house after and hang in the Jacuzzi. I had put on a man-kini and even shaved my pubes for the event. We did some small foreplay in the Jacuzzi and even had some fun with the jets which is always a favorite of James's. We made it back up to my room, once we dried up, we stood really close, facing each other and just gave each other a great back-hand hand job! Once we both got harder and things were getting hotter, James got on his back on my bed. Since he had finished himself off last time, it was my turn to give James some pleasure he had long been deserving!

I started lower on his shaft and got higher up until he was humping my hand! His face looked like he was enjoying himself as I brought him closer and closer to a really good orgasm. As I got to his pleasure spot, and began working him even harder, he began panting, humping, and moving harder. He at that point murmured 'okay, here I cum' at which point I brought my hard cock to his shooting place so I could get some of his creamy goodness on me! He came all over my foreskin and shaft and he had cum all over himself too!

It was my turn as I had him back-hand me some more and rub my balls. He worked his cum into my foreskin and shaft as he gave me a great hand-job. Shortly after he started, I recommended that he go faster until I was getting to the point of no return! I panted 'Oh! Here we go!' and he slipped his hand all over my cock and grabbed my balls harder. I was DONE! I came all over his hand and some of his belly and we both looked at each other and gave each other a nice, cheeky smile.

We quickly got our things together and cleaned up. We have an extended break for Christmashaunakwanzika so hopefully we put in some good bonding time in. I hope you enjoyed! Comment to let us know how to improve our stories for you readers! Thanks!!



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